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Heavy Metal
United States of America (Hollywood, California) Line-up:
Vocals - Jill Janus AKA DJ Penelope Tuesdae
Bass - Eric Harris (ex Skeletonwitch)
Drums - Carl Wierzbicky (ex Darkblack)
Guitar - Blake Meahl (Professor)
Guitar - Ian Alden (Professor)
- Back from the Dead to Kill (Single 2007)
- Off with Her Head (EP 2010)
- Eight of Swords (Single 2011)
- Spell Eater (Full-length 2012)

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Ingrid is a name of at least three acts: 1) A hardcore duo from DC with two former members of Mass Movement of the Moth. 2) Named after the famous film star, Ingrid Bergman. Her parents ran a cinema (and still do) and Ingrid grew up watching movies which she says were a major influence on her decision to become a singer. Films sparked her imagination and fuelled her ambition to communicate strong emotions to as many people as possible. She started acting, painting and singing, soon to discover that for her music was the most powerful form of expression.

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Broken Twin

Broken Twin is the synonym of a young woman (Majke Voss Romme) with good stories to tell and a magical way of doing so. Drawing upon the eerie sounds of the Northern hemisphere and musically influenced by acts such as Feist, Nico and Anthony and the Johnsons her simple setup of bass, piano, guitar, vocals and percussion intertwines in a whirlwind of creaking pianobenches, floating vocals and cantankerous guitars.

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There are several bands with the name Sheol: 1. Sheol was a hardcore band from Alvin, TX who's members went on to form By the End of Tonight. 2. Sheol is a melodic death metal band from Italy. 3. Sheol is a black metal band from Poland. 4. Sheol is a Blackened Death Metal band from Leeds/Bradford England. For the UK sepulchral death metal act use שְׁאוֹל instead.

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The Moho

4 Piece Classic Rock n Roll band from winchester UK "widely tipped winchester 4 piece" are known for thier fresh blend and breed of much influenced rock n roll from over the yeas. Fusing elements of Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Little Feat with more modern revivalists such as Jet and The Black Crowes along with the ability to simply write great songs like Codplay and the greatest Beatles they give the great exploration of rock n roll a whole new beautiful twist.

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