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Bart Skils

Bart Skils' career started in 1995 when he moved to Amsterdam and started working for Outland Records. First playing in Amsterdam's legendary Mazzo club he became resident with his own weekly Voltt nights. Known for his smooth mixing and dynamic sets he steadily developed into one of Amsterdam's finest and most respected DJ's. His style ranges from techno to electro, always funky and danceable. He is also founder and host of the highly respected Voltt and Traffic events, both situated in Amsterdam.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Cabin is a melodic band from Louisville, KY. Very mellow and soulful music. Haunting lyrics. One of Louisvilles best up and coming. Plays regularly at Headliners. 2. Cabin is a funk/pop/rock group from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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KATALEPSY was born in 2004 in Moscow then forefathers played death metal in the other bands and decided to do something new. The first demo FEMICIDE brought the first victims to the altar of brutality. KATALEPSY became stronger and began to foray outside Moscow.
In 2007 they gave birth to their debut full-length MUSICK BRINGS INJURIES and the blood was spilled in the circle pits and mosh-battles all over Russia.

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Refree es el alter ego de Raül Fernandez (Ex-Corn Flakes, ex-Sitcom, líder de Élena y periodista musical), uno de los personajes más inquietos de nuestra escena independiente. En 2002 publicó su álbum de debut "Quitamiedos". En Francia fue elegido por la exigente revista Magic! dentro de los 20 mejores discos internacionales del año, y Les Inrockuptibles destacó su espíritu lírico y preciosista. En Norteamérica...

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Ric Sanders

Ric was born on 8 December 1952 and brought up in Birmingham. He joined Fairport Convention in 1985. The violin was Ric's first love and he took up the instrument as a youngster. His first professional engagement was in 1972, touring Europe with Stomu Yamashta's Red Buddah Theatre. During the mid-1970s Ric was in demand as a jazz soloist and worked with, among others, Michael Garrick, Johnny Patrick and legendary jazz pianist Jaques Dieval.

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Brilliant Mind

Brilliant Mind are a band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the north east of England. They formed in early 2009 out of the members of Newcastle band "New Vinyls". Brilliant Mind are: Paul Tallent- Drums
Josef Timlin- Guitar
Kate Edwards- Keyboards
Calum Lynn- The Vocals
James Martin- Bass

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Sleep Parade

Sleep Parade are a band from Melbourne, Victoria that formed in 2004. With the release of 'Things Can Always Change' Sleep Parade have evolved into a heavyweight contender on the Australian prog-rock scene. A Flawless, world-class album".
Nick Snelling Beat Melbourne three-piece Sleep Parade's debut album Things Can Always Change was released in April 2008 through Shock Records. The bands plans include spending the rest of this year and through till the end of summer touring the album and playing to crowds Australia wide.

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