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Sienna Skies

Sienna Skies are a six-piece act from the city of Sydney, Australia. Forming early March 2006, the boys started out with a clear passion and mindset to create an electrifying sound they could call their own and expose it to as many ears as possible.
Since their inception into the music world the band has seen great development in their writing, live performance and individual musicality.

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The Aurora

The Aurora are a 4 Piece Indie/Rock Band From Wagga Wagga, Australia and a Japanese indie-rock band, which was formed in 2004. Japanese THE AURORA:
Hayato Kimura - Vocals, Guitar
Takuma Yamada - Drums?
HIDEO - Bass Australian The Aurora:
Felix Colman - Vocals, Guitar
Nick Dawes - Guitar, Keyboard, Synth
Joel Mcgann - Drums
Zac Cunningham - Bass Guitar

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The Knockouts

There are several artists named "The Knockouts" ; - A band from Stockholm, Sweden
Success has followed THE KNOCKOUTS, stealing the trophy for the Best Punk Album at the American Independent Music Awards and with the single ‘A Lie Like In Natalie’, on high rotation on radio. They have been on the biggest European rock festivals such as P&L, PiP, West Coast Riot, Azkena Rock Spain, and more.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) An American melodic that appeared onto the music scene too late to make any sort of lasting impact.
The group was formed by brothers, and former Brunette band mates, Johnny (vocals) and Joey Gioeli (guitar). They recruited former Bad English members Neal Schon (guitar, best known for his work in Journey) and Deen Castronovo (drums). Ex Doro and David Lee Roth bassist Todd Jensen rounded out the band.

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Human Cull

Formed in Huddersfield, UK, in mid 2006, Human Cull are a fledgling metal five-piece spreading their wings over the Yorkshire live circuit. Following a slight line-up shuffle during the summer of 2007, the Cull have found themselves playing further afield from their hometown, with gigs in Halifax, Leeds and Manchester leaving a lasting impression on the lucky few that caught them and a hunger to witness them again.

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Helsinki Seven

Hi, we're Helsinki Seven, we are 3 guys who play a kind of Punk Rock, Alt Rock, Pop Rock, Post Punk, Noise. We write songs that we like to play and we sing lyrics that are catchy so we don't forget them when we play. We have recorded all our own releases, which makes us proud and we have been on the Radio. We gig swap with other bands that we like, we even give bands a place to crash after the show. We've played alot of shows, always give 100% and we believe in the spirit of Punk Rock.

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Jacco Gardner

Jacco Gardner is a neo-psych/baroque pop multi instrumentalist from The Netherlands. He creates a unique sound by combining the sounds of harpsichord, strings, flutes and other classical instruments with raw psychedelic effects. His music is influenced by artists like Billy Nicholls, Duncan Browne, The Zombies, The Beach Boys, Curt Boettcher, Pink Floyd, Bo Grumpus. Jacco released his debut 7-inch single in february 2012 called 'Clear The Air' with 'A House on the Moon' as its B-side on Action Weekend Records.

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