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Christopher Eatough

Christopher Eatough is a Manchester based singer/songwriter who hates that tag but enjoys it when people compare him to Ryan Adams. Quiet, reflective songs about love and loss make up the majority of his catalogue. Having been born and raised in a sleepy East Lancashire town, he emerged onto the music scene at the tail end of 2008 with 'The Shadowlands EP', recorded on a shoestring budget in the back of a disused scout hut.

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Tankus The Henge

Superlatives are used far too frequently in the music business, but Tankus the Henge truly are the ultimate feel-good band. They come from a background of vaudeville and gypsy carnival, but it’s coupled with a commercial songwriting nous and flair for showmanship that makes them even greater than the sum of their parts.

Blessed with a charismatic cast of characters, Tankus the Henve are uplifting, uninhibited, eccentric, wondrously energetic and beautifully tuneful.

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Horse Latitudes

Sludge/doom metal band hailing from Helsinki, Finland in 2009. The band’s name is taken from a song by The Doors, which appears on their second album Strange Days (1967).
Horse Latitudes currently have on EP and one full length and are signed to Aurora Borealis. Current Lineup:
Heidi - Bass, Effects
Harri - Drums, Vocals
Vellu - Bass, Effects

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Rat City Riot

Rat City Riot was formed in 2003 with the sole purpose of rocking. Throughout many trials and tribulations, broken down vans, cancelled shows, and stolen equipment they kept true to their roots and it finally worked out for the better. Rat City Riot signed a record contract with TAANG! Records out of San Diego, CA in late 2004 with the scheduled release of "Dirty Rotten Games" set as January 15th 2005.

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The Cape Of Good Hope

Howard - Vocals & Drums
Stu - Guitars, Synths & Vocals
Tom - Guitars
Willis - Bass & Synths
Pop/Disco/Indie/Rock "Bromsgrove’s The Cape Of Good Hope have managed to pull off the trick all bands with a penchant for spazzy American influenced post-hardcore should in order to rise above an otherwise arty mire of noise; they infuse their eclectic and expansive music with melody at every turn. In the the last minute of ’Peepshows And Discos’ this is to such an extent it’s almost impossible not to imagine a baying crowd of thousands being sent into rapture by the looped vocal refrain.

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Jon Snodgrass

Best known for being the singer of Armchair Martian and half of the singing in Drag The River, Jon Snodgrass is slowly becoming one of the more popular alternative country/punk musicians still actively playing music. In 2007, Jon launched a Myspace page (claiming he stole the idea from friend Joey Cape), which will host the dates to upcoming solo recordings/tour dates. Jon also appears on many of his friends projects including songs from Bad Astronaut, Joey Cape, Lagwagon, and Two Cow Garage.

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