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===there are more than one artist named "Gestalt" ---1)
Gestalt was formed in 1982 in Lyon. The group draws from the musical Pantheon where Jim Morrisson and Léo Ferré, Hawkwind and Béla Bartok cross, and the most inventive formations of the moment, like Tuxedomoon or Mechanic. In this asserted eclecticism, it is especially its own way which Gestalt seeks. That of a dark energy rock'n'roll interfered research in the compositions.

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Monox is a death metal band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in 2002. According to the band members, Monox was created due to their wish to stop being merely passive consumers of music; they wished to create it as well. For several years, they experimented with what kind of music they can create when five of them play together. In 2007, they settled on their own style, and a new era of Monox emerged. The current band lineup is as follows:
Tonko - vocals
Dorian - guitars,clean and backing vocals

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There are at least 2 bands named Horrid:
1) A death metal band from Italy
2) A blackened death/thrash metal band from the USA (California) ----- 1) Death metal band from Varese (Italy). CURRENT LINE-UP:

Belfagor - Guitars
Max - Bass
Matt - Drums (Necroflesh)
Satras - Vocals (Nightward) FORMER BAND MEMBERS: Vocals:
James (1990-1999)
Robert ( -2006) Guitars:
Alex (2001-2002) Drums:
Draughar (Khephra)
Mick DISCOGRAPHY: Eternal Suffering (Demo 1992)
You Are Mine (Demo 1994)

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There are more than one Band with this name: 1)Voltron is a UK Funky / Chicago House / Disco band signed to Discobelle Records / Silverback Recordings 2)Voltron is a 5-piece heavy metal, sludge, noise-rock-band from Berlin, Germany. They released several albums / CDs. They performed lots of shows for about 5 years. They toured Germany with Kint in 2008.
They are signed with Raddatz Records. 3)Voltron is a cybergrind band that were on the Drum Machinegun comp put out by Relapse Records.

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Adrenicide is definately one of,and arguably,the only known Crossover band in Britain. Formed in Jan.2003,the core of the band has always comprised: Nuno Evaristo, and Neilson Armstrong, two old school fuck-heads, on a mission to make pure 80's Hardcore/Crossover, just like the bands they grew up listening too. Adrenicide is of course the bastard son of this union. With absolutely no consideration for modern trends,Adrenicide first unleashed their own savage brand of kick-ass Crossover in Jan.2003.

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There are at least 3 artists with this name 1)Despite their ties to the incestuous Anathema/Cradle Of Filth/My Dying Bride family tree, and their geographic origins, West Yorkshire Extreme Metal act NAILED bear little resemblance to predecessors who have hailed from the same fertile Northern breeding ground. Instead their sound draws influences from the Florida and Swedish Death Metal scenes, whilst also accepting the baton from British grind forefathers Napalm Death and Carcass.

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There is more than one artist with this name:
1. A metal band from Canada
2. A hardcore band from the United States
3. A death metal band from Indonesia
4. An electronic group from the United Kingdom
5. A thrash metal band from Colombia 1. Canadian war metal band born out of the ashes of Conqueror. The music relies on heavy distortion, Blasphemy inspired riffs and pitch-shifted vocals. The band rarely tours as members are all very separated. J. Read (drums) lives in Edmonton while Pete Helmkamp (live vocals & bass) lives in Florida.

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