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There seems to be several groups called "Chupacabra" 1. Chupacabra is a female rapper from Detroit, Michigan signed to Esham's Reel Life Production label. In 2011 she released her debut album "Addict" that featured CEO of RLP Esham. 2. Canadian / band with male/female vocals. They Broke up around 2001.
The band: She-Ra, Dave, Corey, Andrew, Brian, Tristan, Anthony, and Chris Tired Of Talking To Shadows 7'' (1999, Bumpkin Records)

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Originating from Newcastle in 2008 Violence has been working hard to make a name for themselves in the Newcastle hardcore scene and has just recently been featured in Reverb Street Press. They deliver a full and heavy traditional style of hardcore while maintaining a distinct originality particularly through front man Glen Mountford

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No Love Lost

4 artists under the name No Love Lost. 1) Australian hardcore band. Who have just released their debut album "Unleash The Shackled" on Dog Fight Records. 2) Buffalo, NY hardcore band. For Fans Of: Bane, In My Eyes, Comeback Kid, Gorilla Biscuits. Currently recording a split EP with Buffalo's newest hardcore sensation Controversy.

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Flotsam and Jetsam

Two artists have recorded under this name: band formed in Phoenix, Arizona. Active (as Flotsam and Jetsam) 1983 - Present. Originally named Paradox then Dredlox until Mark Vasquez and LL Cool Kevin Horton joined the band and changed again to Dogz. Bassist Jason Newsted joined in 1982. He came to Phoenix with his band Gangster from Detroit on their way to California they broke apart while in Phoenix. Kelly saw Ak sing at his high school talent show. Singing "The Goodbye Girl". One Summer they were in the same summer school class.

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Grim Demise

Grim Demise are a thrash metal band based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. The band was formed by two ex-members of the now defunct band Seventh Eve, Richard and Luke (Pendo). They decided to leave because as the band's main songwriters they had begun to write material that, according to the other members, did not fit in with the band's melodic sound. Shortly after their departure, they began the search for a bassist.

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Abandon Hope

There are two bands called Abandon Hope.
1) Abandon Hope are a Melodic Metalcore band from Derby, UK. The band was formed in late 2007, influences span from Azriel, Architects, The Eyes of a traitor to Maylene and the sons of disaster and The Plight. Songs on The End (ROUGH)
2) Abandon Hope plays old school trash metal and heavy metal. The band was created in the sommer of 2002 by singer Hommel and guitar-player J

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"A single bullet in the head of freak. Music about corruption, terrorism and war." Exocet was launched in 2008 by the versatile labelfounder/producer/dj René Klimaczewski (aka Klima). He is known to insiders especially for his collaboration with the esteemed Architect. The latter was started by the also prolific Daniel Myer of haujobb. Since both are based in Leipzig (Germany) it was inevitable that their ways crossed. Result was in 2005 the up to now most appreciated Architect work The Analysis Of Noise Trading.

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1) Brimstone is a Swedish power metal band with "death metal" vocals of Jan-Erik Persson which takes them far from being a traditional metal band. The band started under the name Havoc, releasing 2 demos before changing name to Brimstone. The band released only one album called "Carving a Crimson Career" in 2000. The track list as follows: 1. Breaking The Waves
2. Pagan Sons
3. Autumn
4. Carving A Crimson Career
5. King Of My Kind
6. Tunes Of Thunder

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Krow can refer to: 1) A thrash/death metal from Brazil.
2) A video game music remixer from the OverClocked ReMix community. (for him please fix your tags to TheKrow!!
3) A french dark ambient project
4) An italo-disco group.
5) An american rapper.

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1. Whiplash is an American thrash metal/speed metal band. They incorporate speed and New York style thrash into their music, with thrashing guitars, hooks, driven drumming and screaming fast lyrics. The band formed in summer 1984 when Tony Portaro and Tony Scaglione joined forces, recruited Tony Bono on bass and released their first CD, "Power and Pain", in 1985 on Roadrunner Records.

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