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Originating from Newcastle in 2008 Violence has been working hard to make a name for themselves in the Newcastle hardcore scene and has just recently been featured in Reverb Street Press. They deliver a full and heavy traditional style of hardcore while maintaining a distinct originality particularly through front man Glen Mountford

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Wreckage is the name of more than one artist. 1) Wreckage was a Belgian thrash band with two demos: Sight the five from 1994 and Confusedfrom 1996. They are currently split up. 2) WRECKAGE is the band of TONY LESTAT from the USA, who was a very active man in the late 80s/early 90s Gothic-scene in the USA. His bands LIKE WRECKAGE and the follow-up WRECKAGE were very active and here we get a fine collection of rare and unreleased tracks of typical US-Death-Rock at its best.

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Having taken their wares across the vast span of North America, New Zealand and Australia Daysend have fused an array of musical genres to create a hard edged yet melodic metal sound. The explosive Sydney five piece rocketed into existence in 2003 with all the passion and determination that has propelled them to the very top of their country's heavy music scene. Later that year the band released their debut album, 'Severance' which was voted by listeners of high rating radio station Triple J as Number One Australian Metal Album of that same year.

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Polish hard rock / metalcore / nu metal band created in Bydgoszcz in 1999. Already released 4 albums: No One (2000), Procreation (2001), Black Star (2003) and The Rising (2008). Present band members: Chupa, Metokles, Bartas, Mihau, Demolka. None (AKA %20) is also the alias of experimental sound artist Peter Andrew Lopez.

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There are three artists/bands which goes by the name Heller: 1. Heller was Serbian thrash metal band. They were part of the Big Three (others included were the Bosnian ''Bombarder'' and Croatian ''Evil Blood'') Their music is primitive and raw, and lyrics about satanism, war etc. Great band if you're into old school thrash metal. The band was formed in 1985 by Attila (real name Atila Milojković - guitar and vocals) and Kole (real name Kosta Bogdanović - solo guitar); the others performers was Deda (real name Zoran Miladinović - bass guitar) and Müller (drums).

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There are six artists/bands called Outrage: [1] Japanese thrash/stoner metal-band
[2] Australian hardcore band
[3] New England hardcore-band
[4] Long Island 90's hardcore-band
[5] Drum & Bass DJ
[6] Austrian death metal-band (1) Japanese thrash metal-band Outrage were formed in the early 80’s by Yosuke Abe (guitars), Yoshihiro Yasui (bass), and Shinya Tange (drums). They've led the Japanese rock and heavy music scene for 20 years and still with their energetic releases and live shows.

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Die Hard

There are more than one band with the name Die Hard. 1) Pre-Integrity Cleveland hardcore band, released a 12" titled Looking Out For #1. 2) Oldschool Thrash/death metal band fom Sweden. In November 2005 Harry (bass) formed a band with the intention of bringing the spirits of the past back to life. New album Conjure The Legions out spring/summer 2012. Thrash Til Death 3) A band from Moscow, Russia playing some weird psychedelic stuff.

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1.Mutant is a west London based thrash metal band that have been going for 4 years.
They have had there music on various compilation CDs and gig regularly.
There most popular song to date, "Psycho Surgery", was released on Earache Records "Thrashing like a Maniac" Compilation last year.
They are currently recording a new E.P which is scheduled for release in February 2009 and have a UK tour coming up in April supporting the mighty Evile.

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