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Die Selektion

Cold synthie lines, analogue sounds, a dynamic trumpet and a strong, leading voics. Influenced by the dark side of the 80s Minimal / New Wave, Die Selektion sound familiar to bands like Schwefelgelb, Nitzer Ebb, 1000 robota of partly Hurts. Die Selektion are Hannes Rief / Trumpet, Choirs & Glockenspiel Max Rieger / Synth, Sequencers & Backing Vocals Luca Gillian / Lead Vocals & Synthesizer Discography 02/2011 -"Kühle Lippen", EP, 50 CDs
04/2011- "NOIRE", EP/Minialbum,

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There are currently four known bands and artists named Eva; (1) Eva's debut came in 2001 when Moni and September recorded their version of "Plastic Passion" appeared on "Prayers For Disintegration", a polish tribute to The Cure by Black Flames Records. In 2002 Moni formally set up the band EVA with September (bass, programming) and Azyl (guitar) and recorded a 7 songs demo (in 2004 added another 2 songs). EVA's style is strongly influenced by early eighties coldwave.

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There are at least 2 acts under the name Tales: 1/ Tales are a Prog/Pop/Math/Rock inspired Drum ‘n’ Strum Duo from Birmingham, UK.
Luke MacGregor-Dignan and James Harrison (Guitar/Vocals and Drums respectively) have done away with traditional pop structures, focusing on compositions with a narrative theme, creating dynamic musical journeys that are defined by tensions and releases rather than verses and choruses.

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Trust is a name of at least seven acts: 1) A Toronto, ON, Canada duo of Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski, formed in 2009. Their releases include, singles: "Candy Walls" (Mar 2011, Sacred Bones) and "Bulbform" (Sep 2011, Sacred Bones) LPs: "TRST" (Feb. 28, 2012, Arts & Crafts). Sites: Discogs and MySpace 2) A French band, formed in 1977 by Bernie Bonvoisin and Norbert Krief. The band disbanded in 1984, but have often reformed for one off shows and have been more steadily active since 1996.

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Born out of the dark thoughts of a world that could have been... PROJECT:KOMAKINO began as the solo music project of Kris Kane in March 2007. The project follows a simple manifesto, purely; “To Konstrukt” PROJECT:KOMAKINO was unveiled at the now legendary Experimental Circle Club in April 2007 and was received with high acclaim. Kris went on to play a number of gigs with the like minded up and coming of the time, such as Ipso Facto, Electricity In Our Homes and Ulterior.

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Be Forest

Be Forest is a three-piece band from Pesaro, Italy formed in 2010.
Lineup consists of: Costanza Delle Rose (bass, vocals), Erica Terenzi (drums, guitar, vocals), Nicola Lampredi (drums, guitars).
Their sound is a characteristic mixture of with and .
Their debut album Cold. was released in 2011 by label We Were Never Being Boring.

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