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Crispy Ambulance

Crispy Ambulance were formed in Manchester (UK) in 1978 by Alan Hempsall (vocals), Keith Darbyshire (bass), Gary Madeley (drums) and Robert Davenport (guitar). Following a self-released debut single From the Cradle to the Grave (Aural Assault, 1980) the band joined Factory Records. Singles Not What I Expected (Factory, 1980) and Live on a Hot August Night (Factory Benelux, 1981, produced by Martin Hannett) preceded the album The Plateau Phase (Factory Benelux, 1981), and final single Sexus (also Factory Benelux, 1981).

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There is more than one artist named Frustration: Formed in september 2002 by members of the parisian "happy family" Anteenagers mc, Teckels, Operation S, No Talents, Steve & the jerks, Four Slicks, Les Terribles & Warum Joe. Frustration have decided to explore the dark, cold, sad but tense side of rock'n'roll. Influenced by postpunk & coldwave bands such as Crisis, Warsaw/Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Fall etc...Frustration is more a modern band 80's oriented...

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There are four bands named Candidate: 1. Candidate is a currently active Brooklyn, NY based rock band, often described as Bends-era Radiohead making out with The Replacements. To date they have released one album, A New Life. Candidate's songs are catchy, poetic, passionate and concerned with heartbreak, heartache, survival and triumph. 2. Candidate are a folk-influenced indie band from the UK, comprising brothers Joel and Alex Morris, together with Ian Painter and Chris White. The band have released four albums on their own record label, Snowstorm, and are working on a fifth, Oxengate.

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There are at least 2 acts under the name Tales: 1/ Tales are a Prog/Pop/Math/Rock inspired Drum ‘n’ Strum Duo from Birmingham, UK.
Luke MacGregor-Dignan and James Harrison (Guitar/Vocals and Drums respectively) have done away with traditional pop structures, focusing on compositions with a narrative theme, creating dynamic musical journeys that are defined by tensions and releases rather than verses and choruses.

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Marine were a shortlived Belgian crew who found home in the post-punk movement in the UK.
The sleevenotes in this LTM release even credit their "frantic funk" sound as as an influence on Josef K. It's easy to see why on this compilation which encompasses their entire studio recordings but considering they only released four singles that's not really saying much. The group appreciated The Clash (the 'London Calling' style howling on 'Animal In My Head' and 'Remember Caribou') but from listening to third single 'Same Beat' a closer relation to their sound is Haircut One Hundred.

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Die Selektion

Cold synthie lines, analogue sounds, a dynamic trumpet and a strong, leading voics. Influenced by the dark side of the 80s Minimal / New Wave, Die Selektion sound familiar to bands like Schwefelgelb, Nitzer Ebb, 1000 robota of partly Hurts. Die Selektion are Hannes Rief / Trumpet, Choirs & Glockenspiel Max Rieger / Synth, Sequencers & Backing Vocals Luca Gillian / Lead Vocals & Synthesizer Discography 02/2011 -"Kühle Lippen", EP, 50 CDs
04/2011- "NOIRE", EP/Minialbum,

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