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Bleeding Hearts

Folk, punk, rock! Unique sounding band with 5 albums: 'Fly In The Face of Fashion', 'Anarcoustica', 'Merchants of Propaganda', 'Time, Change and Continuity' (10 year celebration album), and the latest, 'Politics and Love, Sex and Understanding'. There is also a 5 track EP, Bose Liebe, one of many FREE downloads available from their website ( Please check out their Myspace (

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Mr. Irish Bastard

Irishman Mr. Irish Bastard, or that f@@@ing bastard, as he is fondly known to friend and foe alike, writes drink-drenched songs that capture the spirit of the country and the raw energy of his punk roots. It's rough, it's dirty and it's straight from the heart. The boys and girl have released "St. Mary's School of Drinking" and "The Bastard Brotherhood" in February 2008. The band is now going to hit the road, drink, party...

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The Mahones

The Mahones are a Canadian Celtic punk band, whose blend of Celtic folk with alternative rock was a popular draw on the Canadian live music circuit in the 1990s. The band was formed in Kingston, Ontario in 1990 by Fintan "Finny" McConnell and Barry Williams, as a one-off band for a St. Patrick's Day party. According to their website (, the name was chosen to rhyme with The Ramones.

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Fake Problems

Fake Problems first documented their sound on the 2005 album Watching the Bull Get the Matador, though it had some electronic undertones rather than just the twangy country-folk-rock later releases would showcase further. Originally planned as a solo outing for vocalist/guitarist Chris Farren, Fake Problems hail from the Southern coastal vacation town of Naples, FL. Occupying the space between alt-country, folk, and indie pop with an added dose of punk D.I.Y.

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The Singing Loins

AUTHENTIC RAW FOLK FROM THE MEDWAY DELTA, UK The Loins are Chris Broderick on vocals, Chris (Arfur) Allen on guitar and Rob Shepherd on banjo, mandolin & acordian, with John Forrester on occasional stand-up bass. Chris Broderick & Chris (Arfur) Allen started The Loins as a raw, stripped down acoustic duo in 1990. The Loins' song writing is steeped in the British & European traditions of Punk, Folk, Music Hall, Character, Chorus, Cabaret, Melodrama & Buffoonery.

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The Orphans

The Orphans refers to several different bands: 1) An American punk band formed outside Philadelphia in West Chester, PA in 1995, but disbanded in 2000. They reformed in 2004 and January 2008 for a few reunion shows.
Andrew Baxter - Drums
Tom Johnsen - Guitar
Drew Petersen - Bass, voice
Erik Petersen - Voice, guitar, mandolin
(Erik Petersen also puts out music as Mischief Brew, and runs the label Fistolo Records LLC.)

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