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Grumbling Fur

Partners in crime:
Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo, Mothlite, Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses, Æthenor, live Sunn O))), etc.)
David J. Smith (Guapo, The Stargazer's Assistant, Amal Gamal Ensemble, etc.)
Antti Uusimaki (Mothlite, PANIC DHH)
Alexander Tucker (solo, Ginnungagap, etc.)
Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle)
Arrtu Their debut album is Furrier, soon to be realeased on Aurora Borealis Records. Psyche!

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Solo project by Asa Osborne, guitarist from Lungfish. Zomes is a new solo project by Asa Osborne (Lungfish, The Pupils, Tear Jerks). A lot of people don't know this but Asa punched Keith Levine in the face a few years ago and uses one of Levine's teeth as a pick on this album that straddles the valley between Seesselberg and library music... Zomes is the new solo project of Lungfish guitarist Asa Osborne...

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. A technical/experimental death metal band from Australia.
2. An atmospheric neo-prog/metal band created by members of Cynic, from Miami, USA.
3. An independent progressive rock band from Edmonton, Canada.
4. A dreampop/electronic/ambient band based in Staffordshire, UK.
5. A hardcore breaks/nu rave act from London, UK.
6. An electronic/ambient artist from California, USA.
7. An Egyptian/British rock band based in Cairo, Egypt.
8. Mistag of the soundtrack to the video-game from Valve Corporation. See below Tags: 
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The British trio of Agincourt made one rare, privately pressed LP in 1970, Fly Away. It's nice second-tier British folk-rock, and though the adjective "haunting" is overused in description of this genre in general, songwriters Peter Howell and John Fernando really had that aspect down, with a greater pop savvy than most people working in the U.K. folk-rock field. Woman singer Lee Menelaus rounded out the trio, which smoothly integrated both male and female lead and background vocals.

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Gary War

"Soundtrack to the middle of the end of all things. As if someone were to make a field recording of Michael MacDonald's time-share burning to the ground. A survivalist murdock champion who's out there somewhere...with a blue vest, a carton of Marlboros, extra socks, Clif bars, and a fully-functioning, factory-installed cassette player blaring pristine recordings of Keith David's voice."
-- the king egg
(reprinted with permission)

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White Arrows

Lead singer of White Arrows, Mickey Schiff was born blind. At the age of 11 after years of gradual eye exercises and otherworldly determination, he regained his sight. Someone who has experienced and achieved this is undoubtedly going to be profoundly effected and perhaps understandably, a degree in Business Studies was not ever going to be an option for Schiff when he came to select his subject for college: he chose Ritualistic Shamanism.

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