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Mater Suspiria Vision

Mater Suspiria Vision was oddly born in early 2010, suddenly impacting everyone around. No one knew where it came from, but suddenly a series of videos from the band debuted all over YouTube, leading up to the band's video release on DVD and VHS. A week later, 'Second Coming', a CD-R off of Disaro was released.

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DJ Madd

After making his first moves in dubstep a couple of years back, Budapest born DJ Madd’s name has since been saturated within the scene. Quickly gaining support from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Skream, Breakage, Joe Nice, Martyn, 2562, Ikonika and many more; his tunes can already be heard in various sets and leading dubstep radio shows around the globe. DJ Madd’s first release ‘Numbers’ hit the world by storm...

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Bisons is a little project found in January 2006 by two friends whose ways diverged into different directions. Music was connecting them where ever they've been, that's why they decided to create their own music project when Far O'Brian (lyrics, vocals, drums, percussion etc.) left their hometown. A few month later Ewan McEwan (guitar, ukulele, lyrics, vocals, drums etc.) also left their hometown in eastern Europe, but he didn't end up in the same place like Far. That's why they only record songs via World Wide Web and professional computer technology.

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The Black Delta Movement

The Black Delta Movement started in July 2010. The lineup consists of: Matthew Burr- Guitar, Vocals
Dominic Abbott- Guitar, Vocals
Keith Bentley - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jack Brown- Drums They had their first gig at Hull's Freedom Festival on the 11th September and have gone from strength to strength from then.
With influences spanning from The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to The Doors and The Beatles.

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Milton Nascimento

Milton Nascimento (born 26 October, 1942) is a singer-songwriter who is considered one of the icons of Brazilian Music. Nascimento was born in Rio de Janeiro, and grew up in Três Pontas, Minas Gerais. His mother was the maid Maria do Carmo Nascimento. When he was just a few months old, the boy was adopted by the family for whom his mother had previously worked: the couple Josino Brito Campos (a banker, mathematics teacher and electronic technician) and Lília Silva Campos (a music teacher). He lived in the boroughs of Laranjeiras and Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro.

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Fredrick Stanley Star

Fredrick Stanley Star is a Cardiff based 5 piece group of avant-garde musicians; Alex Williams, Dan Messore, Jo MacGregor, Stephen Linehan and William Hughes. Despite all hailing from Loughborough the band for the most part met in the wilderness of the Pembrokeshire coast. The band describe its musical style as ‘progressive shanty’. Heaviside Layer, the debut album, is being released on fellow Cardiff band attack+defend’s imprint Shape Records.

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David (DJ Leptit AKA Shotu) is an electronic dance music producer from France who has been an active member of the psytrance scene since 1996. He started DJing in 2002. Securing his spot as a “night psychedelic” act, Leptit came up with his musical project called “Shotu”. After successful collaborations with artists like Jahbo, Grapes of Wrath, and Barak he put together his first compilation “Twisted Vision” in the summer 2006 which received excellent feedback from around the world.

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