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Numerous artists have performed under the moniker "People": 1) A Japanese Psychedelic Rock band formed in 1971, who recorded a Buddhist concept album. Guitar god Kimio Mizutani plays guitar on the album.
THIS PARTICULAR RECORD IS THIS ONE. 2){Note: This band is actually called "People!" (with the exclamation mark) and not "People" (without the exclamation point) References to this group should be moved to the entry for "People!"}.

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There are at least five artists who use "J" as their name. 1. Jun Onose, or J, is the former bassist of the Japanese band LUNA SEA. He was born August 12, 1970. He still plays bass, but also sings lead vocals in his own band. 2. J is a rapper from Stuttgart. He made his first appereance on the "Lass Spitten EP" from Ronald & Ca$.
At the time he was working on a mixtape called "Mein Mixtape". 3. J is a South African rock artist, making his 2006 debut with the album "Closure" released by Just Music. The album is notable for being released on CD and USB memory stick.

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é›…-miyavi-, (Takamasa Ishihara, born in Konohana-ku, Osaka, Japan on September 14th 1981) is a Japanese artist and guitarist. é›…-miyavi- is the ex-guitarist of Dué le quartz. During his time with Dué le quartz, he was called Miyabi, meaning elegant, but when he went solo, he changed his name to é›…-miyavi- (late 2002). In late 2004, he changed it again to MYV. However, he is still listed as "é›…-miyavi-" on both his official website and on magazines.

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There are several artists called Anna:
1) Anna Santos (Spanish/Japanese) of Latin band BON-BON BLANCO, who solos as "Anna"
2) German pop band (written "AnnA")
3) 90's Rock band from Croydon, England
4) Techno Project ("Schneewittchen EP")
5) Swiss rap artist (Debut: "Still Young", 2006, muve/Musikvertrieb)
6) Ukrainian nu-metal band. 1) Anna Santos is the vocalist of Latin band BON-BON BLANCO. She releases her solo work under just "Anna".

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The Dynamites

There have been at least five bands called The Dynamites.
1. An instrumental/beat band from Sarpsborg, Norway who excisted from 1958-1966. They released two singles on the Troll label and did a tour of East Germany in 1965. Two of the members went on to the group The Divorced.
2. A garage/R&B/freakbeat band from Basel, Switzerland.
3. A 60s garage rock band from Japan (????????) which featured a slide guitar (unusual for a Japanese band at the time).

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Rollo is a solo project of an (apparently) anonymous artist, ferried onto record by legendary Boris drummer Atsuo Mizuno. Rollo released his debut, Pinhole, in 2007. Second album 3 arrived in 2010. Each album is limited to 500 copies on vinyl from Inoxia Records. He creates psychedelic-infused folk music, playing guitar and singing on most of his songs. Atsuo also created the visual art for the albums.

Rollo on Last.fm.

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Suga Shikao

Born July 28, 1966 Suga Shikao [スガシカオ] is a former office drone (working in the advertising industry) turned producer, vocalist and lyricist. He lists his influences as mostly soul, funk, and R&B artists like Sly & the Family Stone and Prince, and of late has been influenced by Damien Rice to take an interest in UK rock.

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SOIL & "PIMP" Sessions is an energetic Japanese club jazz band that have started to receive international recognition. The band consists of six members: Shacho ("agitator"), Tabu Zombie (trumpet), Motoharu (sax), Josei (keyboards), Akita Goldman (double bass) and Midorin (drums). The band was born out of Tokyo's club scene in 2001, when Shacho and Tabu Zombie started including live jam sessions in DJ sets. Gradually the other members were invited, the band line up was finalised and the DJ sets dropped.

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