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1.Violet are a 7 piece melodic post-hardcore band from Derby (UK). In 2010 the band released their debut album "Eleven, Eleven" the album is up for free download on
-http://www.purevolume.com/violetvbirds The band have played with the likes of Flood Of Red, Dividing the Line & More.
Jonny Nelson - Vocals
Charlie Bass - Vocals
Sam Bass - Guitar/Vocals
Joe Middleton - Guitar
Tommy Cotton - Keys/Synth
Robbie George - Drums
Liam Westnidge - Bass

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There are several bands/artists known as Demolition. (1) A Canadian hardcore punk band (2) A UK punk, (3) a Japanese Thrash Metal band and (4) an Irish American Hip-Hop duo made up of the MC Euyo & the DJ Drama. (1) Demolition are a Canadian band from Barrie, ON that play hardcore punk in the style of Altercation, Agnostic Front, and early Madball. They have released one demo and have members from the now broken up band, Planet Danger.
(2) UK Punk:

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There is more than one artist(s) with the name Iconoclast 1) Iconoclast formed in the early 90's in New Jersey amidst a flourishing of diverse hardcore bands, such as Rorshach, Born Against, 1.6 band, Native Nod, Policy of 3, Merel, Greyhouse, Chisel. They recorded their self-titled first 7" for the Ebullition label, followed by a split 7" with the band Merel. Ebullition also released their 'Groundlessness of Belief' 7" and a discography on CD.

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Painting Petals On Planet Ghost

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost is a new project featuring space feline brothers, Maurizio & Roberto Opalio, and their longtime partner-in-crime, Ramona Ponzini. Ponzini also appeared on a duo album with Roberto last year, Praxinoscope. With that in mind, don't expect this to sound like My Cat is an Alien with an extra collaborator. No, Painting Petals on Planet Ghost traverses new ground, staying away from the extended splendid cosmic explorations that MCIAA have become known for.

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There are at least nine bands called Envy: 1. Since their formation in 1992, Envy (エンヴィ) has become a dominant band in the independent hardcore and screamo scene in Japan. Their music has evolved over the years to incorporate hardcore, screamo, and most recently, the epic tendencies of post-rock. Envy is characterized by their ability to master screamo's loud-soft dynamic to evoke both crushing brutality and gentle beauty, often within the same song.

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Lucy & the Caterpillar

Lucy Conroy is the singer and musician behind this beautiful folk band, Lucy & the Caterpillar. She resides in a little town called Todmorden where she runs a vintage clothes shop; Lucy & the Caterpillar Vintage! She's a huge fan of Doris Day and beans on toast. Shes supported the likes of Get cape, wear cape, fly, Kate Nash, Scott Matthews and many more.

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