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Former Franco-Canadian Power Metal project created in 2004 by Alexis Woodbury (guitars, music, melodies & lyrics) and Julien Bazile (voices, melodies & lyrics). The project ceased to exist in 2005, as now its two former members have launched their own projects (Synthesia for Julien and Instanzia for Alexis)...

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1. Shrapnel (crossover/hardcore/grind band) formed in 1998 and comes from Almada, Portugal. Lineup:
Ricardo Pedro - Vocals
João Madeira - Bass
Nuno Silva a.k.a. Franjas - Drum More info: 2. '79 Powerpop/glam/punk band from USA with Phil Caivano and Dave Wyndorf on vocals. The band dressed in army camouflage, sang about fighting in Vietnam, and employed wild stage theatrics.

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Samothrace initially came together out of friendship made through involvement in DIY Punk/Hardcore/Metal community. Although currently based in Seattle, Washington, their hometowns span from New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. Their lyrics, albeit poetic, are rooted in the ideals of social change, political incoherence, and a bleak but positive outlook on life... intended for those who've taken back their breath and risen on their own and those who wish to do so. Samothrace is an evolving beast. Keep it heavy... keep it underground. Heavy music for heavy times.

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Thingvellir was formed fall, 2005, by Freyr Flodgren. They haven't recorded any albums or singles yet. In spring 07, the drummer and the singer left the band.
The remaining members recruited a keyboardist, a new bassplayer, a new leadguitarist and the former vocalist/leadguitarist grabbed the microphone with both hands. A new Thingvellir saw the first daylight.

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There are at least twelve bands known by Fragile: (1) Fragile (from Japan): a powerful jazz fusion trio formed by Koich Yabori (guitar),
Masatoshi Mizuno (bass) and Kozo Suganuma (drums). (2) Fragile (from England): a Yes cover band that often tours through Europe (sometimes with Steve Howe). Members are: Steve Carney (vocals), Jon Bastable Jnr (bass), Mitch Harwood (drums & vocals), Tom Dawe (guitar & vocals), Max Hunt (keyboards) and Robert Illes (lead guitar & vocals).

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1) A Japanese Sludge/Hardcore punk band who are best known to western audiences as having done a split with Boris 2) An acappella folk / gospel group based in WV formerly known as the Missing Person Soup Kitchen Gospel Quartet whose albums include "Put Your Loving Arms All Around Me", "Bare There Were They" and "Stirring It Up" 3) A Christian Hard Rock band from United States fronted by Barren Cross's Mike Lee.

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A Den Of Robbers

Isaac (ex Leng Tch'e & Bob's Bizare Bazaar) and Stijn had been trying to form a new grindcore band for a long time, but in September '06 they teamed up with two racers from Kruagre/Crust Deluxe, Dieter and Jonas. The foursome was quite creative and January '07 the band felt that the time had come to think about gigs, recordings and most of all, a name. After a long search Isaac came up with 'A Den Of Robbers'.

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Societal Shift

Societal Shift are a political-thrash band from Hull in the UK. They formed in early 2008 and almost immediately started gigging, before self-publishing their debut EP entitled Bring Out The Dead in November 2008. Lineup:
Josh Crosse - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jon Alsop - Lead Guitar
Joe Cowey- Bass Guitar
James Cash - Drums Old Members:
Dan Murphy - Bass Guitar

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Lazarus Clamp

The members of Lazarus Clamp live in Birmingham, Leicester, Derbyshire, London, and Aldershot. Lazarus Clamp began playing under that name in Leicester, in 1994, when Michael and Andrew first met. They have since played with Giant Sand, Cat Power, Chris Brokaw, The Mekons, Songs:Ohia, Richard Buckner, The New Year, Thee More Shallows, Laura Cantrell, Mice Parade, Him, Telstar Ponies, Kitchens of Distinction, A Minor Forest, Black Heart Procession, Bob Tilton, Left Hand, and Herman Dune.

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