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Solefald is a metal band from Norway that was formed by members Lars Are "Lazare" Nedland and Cornelius Jakhelln in August 1995, with Lars singing and playing keyboard/synthesizer/piano and drums, and Cornelius singing and playing guitar and bass. The meaning of the band's name is best explained in an interview from Century Media Records website. Lazare states "Solefald is an old norse word for sunset. We "stole" it from a painting by the Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen. Tags: 
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Rasmus Gardell, known professionally as Rasmus, is a Swedish electronica and breakbeat music producer who is sometimes mistaken for the Finnish band of the same name (this led to The Rasmus adding a 'The' at the start of their name). Rasmus released the album Mass Hysteria (1998) and the album Serious Pranks (2000), two breakbeat records that were released on Bolshi Records. Rasmus has also had various singles including Punk Shock (1998) released under the same label.

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Feeding the Canadian metal flame, CAUCHEMAR plays haunted doomy metal with French vocals and a heavy occult vibe. Their first release, "La vierge noire" MLP, includes 5 songs of ancient metal darkness. The warm, unpolished production and the eerie atmosphere will transport you to the darkest parts of antique cemeteries. Pounding rhythmic percussion, earthy guitar tones, mystical female vocals and intricate changes in textures in this record open a new passageway to the soul of pure metal.

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Black Sixteen

Black Sixteen was formed in London, UK in late 2010 by songwriter Amir Khan (formerly of grunge-rockers 'Unusual Pets') on guitar, accompanied by Matt Burn on the drums, under the temporary moniker of 'Rain Hits Concrete'. The current line-up was completed with the addition of Alex Brock (previously in 'The Moscow Undergound') on bass and Laura Sepp (from Estonian metal outfit 'Label Of Guilt') on keyboards in early 2011.

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There are several artists which have used the name Totem
1. A doom metal band from the United States
2. A death metal band from Poland
3. A metalcore band from Russia
4. A blues rock band from Uruguay
5. A punk band from Germany
6. A DJ from Norway
7. A doom metal band from Finland
8. An ambient musician from France
9. A rock band from the United States 1.US Doom metal band. Now known as Jex Thoth

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Emil Bulls

Emil Bulls is a crossover band hailing from Munich, Germany , which was founded in 1995. Current members:
Vocals, guitar: Christoph „Christ“ von Freydorf
Bass: Jamie „Citnoh“ Richardson
Guitar: Stephan Karl „Moik“
Guitar: Andy Bock (since 2009)
Drums: Fabian „Fab“ Füß (since 2003) „This is the time, this is the place for great revenge. This is the day to say fire-fuck you.“ „It’s over now. ... It’s unbelievable, now I just feel newborn.“

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Giant Octopus

Giant Octopus is the name of two different artists.
-Giant Octopus (the band) is a four piece rock group from Petaluma, California.
-Giant Octopus (DJ) is the hip-hop electronic project of Ryan Tamborski, who is also the vocalist for the band with the same name. Sometime this project is referred to as DJ Giant Octopus. ------ Giant Octopus (band) is the pseudo-super group consisting of the not-very-popular comical acts Vern Fonk and the Funky Four or Five Minus One or Two, Nick Wan Nation, and SxMxIxLxE.

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