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Straight Line Stitch

Armed with an unstoppable work ethic and a musical vocabulary that stretches from face-ripping metal to soulful, stratospheric rock, Knoxville, TN, quintet STRAIGHT LINE STITCH are poised to grab heavy music by the horns with their Raging Nation/KOCH Records debut, When Skies Wash Ashore. Though just 11 tracks in length, the album packs more dynamics and diversity than many bands’ entire catalogs. Not surprising, then, that the five individuals that make up STRAIGHT LINE STITCH have spent a lifetime honing their craft to reach this point.

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Aleera are all about the music, they love writing heavy tunes that people can listen to and remember. They love gigging and wish they could be doing it constantly. Some of the bands they've played with are: Annotations Of An Autopsy, Trigger The Bloodshed, Viatrophy, The Eyes Of A Traitor, The Argent Dawn, Heart of A Coward, Surfaces, The Casino Brawl, Fei Comodo, Sanzen and Heart In Hand..

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Ace Mafia

Ace Mafia was formed by Geos 'Mr. Daniels' who was writing some tunes, later joined Richie Faulkner with amazing guitars, then K. Ghibli couldn't do any less vocals wise and Bruno Agra who besides executing excellent drumming also produced the first album, Ben was the last member to join in.
In March 2010 the first Album 'Vicious Circle' was released with many gigs including 'Hard-Rock Cafe 'n' O2 Islington Academy. April 2011 Richie Faulkner Joins the legendary Judas Priest!!! with out quiting Ace Mafia, just a little break, so Kay is back to do the Rhythm guitar. Tags: 
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Angeli Di Pietra

belgian band that makes folk metal and handed out free demo's at paganfest, thank you for the demo's ^^ What do you get when you mix metal with the terms “power” and “folk”?
Angeli di Pietra, of course!
This Antwerp-based band came to life in 2002 and after a rocky start found the members to complete their goal of world domination. Even though their first demo-offering, “Songs of Solace” (2004) didn't match up to the band's expectations, it provided the learning process needed to really kick some ass by improving the songs.

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