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Double Thumb

"The music of opiate fuelled dreams. Intricate, yet elegantly simple, the work of Double Thumb is inventive and utterly spellbinding... A taste of 'Nocturne' and I was hooked, lost in addiction"
(KK, composer and producer: worked with Brian Eno, Bjork, Cat Stevens, KT Tunstall, Sting and other current legends) "With its dreamlike harp arpeggios and wispy, discordant synth lines "Nocturne" takes no prisoners right from the get-go.

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martian coppe'ski ... * owner / founder of her label : mango + sweet rice : * has interviewed numerous artists 4 her tv + radio shows 4 japan , from james brown / madonna / michael jackson / bob marley / ray charles / sting / robert palmer / brian eno / brian ferry ... u name it ....
( in the late 80's b4 she started her own label in 1995 ) * has collaborated w/ plaid / ex. orb kris weston / vadim / Q-bert / mark B / tipsy / atom heart : senior coconut / kettel / nobukazu takemura / audio active / swamp / radar / nicolas sykes of no u turn .... + moreeeeee !

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Cornelia: 'Oxygen is my friend.
Without her, you could say I just wouldn't be.
My song... our song, that you hear - it’s a relationship. Our conversation.
The air and my chest meeting at some half way point in my throat. So, this is what I do. I write songs, and in turn they rewrite me.
I sing them.
I sometimes play them... or just play with them. The song needs to be played with; it has its own character and feel. Like plants, rabbits... they all need that arching fresh air to function. Sound sweet sound, whether I'm up or down.

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Gaby Amarantos

Gaby Amarantos is a singer and dancer from the city of Belém, in the northern state of Pará and comes from a family of Samba dancers. She's recorded a few CDs, a DVD, has been featured in newspapers and magazines and has made several appearances on Brazilian television shows. Her music sounds like a mashup of 90s Euro rave, moombahton, cumbia, and the kind of Hispanic electro-pop you hear in discos on holiday when you're out of your mind on budget cocktails. Like Gloria Estefan with techno knobs on – or rather, Glozzer in a clinch with Technotronic.

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Tina Mali

Tina Mali is about recording the emotions in the moment she creates her songs, leaving pure melodies.
She has crafted a dynamic expressive and atmospheric sound, likened to Bjork, Kate Bush and Tori Amos, with unique melodic hooks and thoughtful, challenging lyrics. Previously signed to Sony, Tina’s new project is attracting a following in the UK and beyond. Her music is currently play-listed on Radio FM4 across central Europe. She has been gigging in and around London with a live line-up of hammered dulcimer/ yang quin, tabla, djembe, darabouka, guitar, keyboard and bass.

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