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Six Claw Paw

Six Claw Paw are a 4-piece hard rock band hailing from Exeter and Teignmouth. The band came onto the rock scene in late 2009 when guitarist Olly Peters and lead guitarist/vocalist James Fitt got together after James answered an online ad to start a band. They were soon joined by drummer Jack Williams and bassist Mat

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There exist five acts with this name: 1. A side project of Lycia members Mike Vanportfleet and fellow member David Galas
2. An atmospheric/ambient/raw dark/black metal with vocals reminiscent of early Burzum.
3. A Finnish rock band
4. A death.blues London, UK band
5. A techno act from sweden. -----
1) In the midst of an incredibly prolific time for the band Lycia during the mid-'90s, bandleader Mike Vanportfleet and fellow member David Galas found time to create a side project...

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Red Remedy

Band Members:
Zach Evans - Vocals/Guitar
Leigh Czerwonka- Guitar
Adrian Booth- Bass Guitar
Jess Rossiter- Drums Forming in late 2008, Red Remedy spent a year road testing their tunes all over NSW before hunkering down with producer Lamar Lowder (Jerk, Poweman 5000, Yothu Yindi) to record their debut EP on vintage analogue equipment (whenever funds would permit) at Sydney

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We All Need Heroes

We All Need Heroes first came to life July 2008 when Danny and Dave met at Rich Bitch Studios in Birmingham. After several line-up changes and auditions, the band completed its rhythm section with Adam on drums and Steve on bass. We All Need Heroes were then completed with the addition of lead guitarist Rich in October 2009. With the full line-up set, including influences ranging through Soundgarden, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Shinedown, Motown and many others, it was time to take the music to the masses.

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Spiderbait are an band formed in 1991 in Finley, New South Wales, Australia which consists of Mark "Kram" Maher (drums, lead vocals), Janet English (bass, vocals) and Damien Whitty (guitar). They have had two top ten albums and another three albums reach the Australian top 40. Their song Buy Me A Pony was #1 on the Triple J Hottest 100 for 1996, and the group enjoyed success with their 2004 #1 Australian hit cover of Black Betty.

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