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There are multiple artists that go under the name Dumb. 1) Dumb has been involved with the Finnish underground hiphop scene since the very early days. Two cassettes, "Dumb Shit!" and "Shotgun Karaoke EP", have been released on Anti-Party Music and the first proper album "Paperwrists" was released in December 2010. In addition to his solo efforts, Dumb has featured on the Blue Phantoms Network collective releases.

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Tacoma are a heavy rock band from Sheffield. they are often compared to the likes of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Audioslave. - In 2006 they changed the lineup adding 2 new guitarists and are now known as subNOVA

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Mark Thomas Tremonti (born April 18, 1974) is an American musician and songwriter, best known as the lead guitarist of the American rock bands Creed and Alter Bridge. He is a founding member of both bands, and has also collaborated with many other artists over the years. His debut solo album, All I Was, will be released in July 2012. The first single of that album is 'You waste your time' and reached the iTunes rock top-10 in multiple countries.

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Coattail Riders

From the drummer of The Foo Fighters comes Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders. A small side-project turned into a fully fledged album. The front man and drummer, Taylor Hawkins, quotes it as "an accident". Other members include Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction, and also played with Taylor with Alanis Morissette) and an enigmatic "Gannin" on bass.

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Takida, a five piece rock band from Ånge, Sweden, started out in 1999 and they have worked hard to get where they are today. They have been touring all around Sweden and built quite a reputation as a solid live rockband. Their fanbase is growing as we speak. Their first demo Old was only produced in 500 copies and sold out immediately, Old was recorded in year 2000. It was followed up by the EP T2 (2000), the full length album Takida (2001), the ep Gohei (2003) and the ep Thorns (2004).

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Stand Down

There is more then one artist with this name.
1.Stand Down Vancouver BC Canada.
2.Stand Down, Uk 1. Doubling as the album’s single and title-track, Villains Parade (released 2007), is a provocational, multi-layered anthem that kick-starts the album into full throttle. With three years since the release of their 6-song EP (released 2004, the Vancouver BC Canada-based rock band is ready to intoxicate and immortalize a path they’ve only just begun to pave.

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1/ Endo were a four-piece nu metal/hard rock music group from Miami, Florida. The band formed in 1995 with Lou Orenstein, Diego Ponsa, Reggie Barret, and Gil Bitton. A local production company, "Concrete Management", signed the band in the late 90's, where they opened for such bands as the Foo Fighters and Static-X. They were later signed to DV8/Columbia Records, and released two major albums in Evolve (2001) and Songs for the Restless (2003). The group also appeared at the Ozzfest Tour in 2003.

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