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There are more than one artist with this name: 1) Architects is a progressive metal/hardcore band from Brighton, England. The were first signed to In At The Deep End Records followed by United by Fate Records(UK) / Distort Inc (Canada). They are currently signed to Century Media Records. Architects released their debut album Nightmares in May 2006 and toured with the likes of SikTh, Beecher, Johnny Truant and The Chariot.

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Acid Snake

Acid Snake is a Metallic Hardcore band from the Gold Coast/Brisbane in QLD, Australia. Beginning in early 2010, the band has two releases - the "Pariah EP" released in March 2011, and "Acid Snake: The Sun Distortion Sessions" live demo released July 2011. For fans of bands such as; Converge, 108, Cursed,Trap Them, Tragedy etc. Current Lineup

Vocals - Harry Acid
Guitar - Darcy O'Connor
Drums - Alex 'Sko' Skocic
Bass - Todd Heriott
Guitar - Dan Young

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Tiger Lily

There are two artists with the name Tiger Lily. 1. Tiger Lily is an Hardcore/Sludge/Doom band from Fresno, California.
Members include Creature (vocals), Moose (bass/vocals), Bear (guitar/vocals), Zerg (guitar), and Rat (drums). 2. "Tiger Lily" was an early incarnation of the band "Ultravox". The band was formed in 1973 in London, United Kingdom on the initiative of vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist John Foxx (born Dennis Leigh).

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Affiance, meaning to betroth in trust and confidence, is a 5 piece band from Cleveland, Ohio. They formed around 2008. Their lyrics touch on deep political and religious themes and the band wrapped up a recent full US tour with their friends in Across The Sun and No Bragging Rights and gained tons of new fans in the process. Most importantly, scoring a record deal with Bullet Tooth. They released their debut album, No Secret Revealed, on December 2, 2010. Dennis Tvrdik - vocals
Brett Wondrak - guitar

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Towers was formed in 1983 when Ben Schorr fell off a bridge and subsequently spent six months in physical therapy. His recovery trainer was a gypsy named John Lertch who taught him how to play the ukulele. Shortly thereafter, Lertch's millionaire uncle, D. Thomas Kaplan, died, willing to John his entire fortune under the condition that he release a platinum album by his twenty-seventh birthday. Lertch wasted no time in assembling his ukulele prodigy, along with stage magicians Craig Woods and Greg Fowler, to form Towers.

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One count of guitarist, drummer, vocalist and bassist - IDYLLS. Two years of heavy experimentation and member reconfiguration lead to a lucid birth in early 2011. Three tracks of absolutely scathing temperatures, 'Amps for God/Plague Hell' is but a sliver of the desperately violent catharsis to come. Post-life. Pre-cemetery. Sun Distorted.

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Scarred By Beauty
SCARRED BY BEAUTY from Copenhagen Denmark is a colorful band. Cold and melodic, embracing and groovy or blue and relaxed - the sound is a unique product. Driven by high spirit and deep friendship Scarred by Beauty combines the love for each other and friends, for Copenhagen and most of all the love for intelligent and carefully thought out music in a most interesting way.

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