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OD (also known as Omid ), Los Angeles underground hip hop producer OD is also the name of a Swedish indie artist from Stockholm. His latest album became available at in January 2011. His music has been compared to Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen, but the sound in some of the songs also puts him among more electronic sounding bands (very popular in Sweden at this time). He himself refuses to label his music or restrict it to any certatin genre.

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1/ Endo were a four-piece nu metal/hard rock music group from Miami, Florida. The band formed in 1995 with Lou Orenstein, Diego Ponsa, Reggie Barret, and Gil Bitton. A local production company, "Concrete Management", signed the band in the late 90's, where they opened for such bands as the Foo Fighters and Static-X. They were later signed to DV8/Columbia Records, and released two major albums in Evolve (2001) and Songs for the Restless (2003). The group also appeared at the Ozzfest Tour in 2003.

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1) Death metal band from Aberdeen, Scotland featuring Sid previously of Korpse. Current line-up: Andy - Vocals
Baz - Bass
Paul - Guitars
Sid - Guitars (Korpse)
Callum - Drums 2) Hardcore band from Orange County, CA, formed in 1993. Discography: Written in Stone - 1993 - Nemesis Records
Abandoned - 1994 - Lost and Found Records
Shadow of Doubt - 1995 - Lost and Found Records
Bonesaw/No Escape (split 7" vinyl) - 1995

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There are at least FIVE bands called AD:
1.) AD is a 'mathmetal/hardcore' band rom L.A, in the vain of bands like Botch, Deadguy and Disembodied, whilst also showing sludge and crust influences in their music. 2) AD is a music project by Jarbas Agnelli and Waldo Denuzzo, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jarbas is a film director, owner of AD Studios. Waldo is his partner, producing soundtracks for most of the spots directed by Jarbas. In 2001, they released their debut album, AD (Trama). Jarbas produced and directed 4 music videos for the band, "Tools", "Contact", "Get Down" and "Call my Name".

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Broken Bones

Broken Bones is a British hardcore punk band. Formed by guitarist Tony "Bones" Roberts in 1983 after he left Discharge, Broken Bones played an important role in influencing the emergence of thrash metal. The band themselves later adopted thrash influences. The original lineup was comprised of Tony's brother Tezz (also a former member of Discharge) on bass, Nobby as the vocalist and drummer Bazz. Their first single release was the January 1984 "Decapitated". The follow up single "Crucifix" was released in May of 1984.

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Opium Dream Estate

Opium Dream Estate (O.D.E.) is a musical project based in Paris, France, founded in november 2006 by singer/multi-instrumentalist Sébastyén D. (also involved Orchid's Children, The Funeral Warehouse, Saison De Rouille, Vostok Station and running Seventh Crow Records). Though Opium Dream Sound’s sound is rather difficult to describe as it is filled with many influences (ethereal, goth, neofolk, indie, neoclassical, etc.), it can be identifiable as (mainly) ethereal and neofolk. Sébastyén D. defines Opium Dream Estate's music as ethereal dreamwave.

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Not a band that minces their words, Loathe are on the cusp of a new rung in their ladder. After having released three EPs over the last 5 years, their new, full length album, entitled ‘Despondent By Design’, is currently being recorded and will be released by the end of summer. On the live circuit, Loathe are a constant appearance, having not only cris-crossed the UK many times over, but shared stages with the likes of Evile, Detonation, Sabbat, K.O.Kaine, SevenYearsDead and Let ‘Em Bürn.

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