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The Exploited are a Scottish punk band from the second wave of UK punk, formed in 1979. They started out as an Oi! band, before transforming into a faster street punk and hardcore punk band, only with a heavy political influence. From about 1987 on (around the time of Death Before Dishonour) they changed into a crossover thrash band. Formed in Edinburgh by ex-soldier Wattie Buchan, they signed to Secret Records in March 1981 and released their debut EP Army Life.

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Ramming Speed

Playing their first show in January of ‘07, Ramming Speed have since loaded into just over 200 basements, living rooms and piss stained bars around the US. While the band’s first release, the “Full Speed Ahead” 7”, touched on issues such as pizza parties and fake tan smell-good girls, the band returned home from heavy touring with a different mind set. Ramming Speed experienced in six weeks what many bands never come across in a life time.

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Cats and Criminals

rob, dyl, robin, ross, james and john formed cats and criminals in london in 2007.
our early demos have received raves from the blogs, bbc radio and the metro. having perfected our show we are now writing and recording as much as possible in our bedrooms. new recordings will be ready soon

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Alessio Ballerini

Alessio Ballerini, sound designer and electroacoustic musician, uses a computer and other devices to create experimental, electroacoustic, minimalist and multi-stratified sounds.
He explores real and imaginary landscapes by using field recordings, guitar, piano and digital composition, so that the sound finds its beauty in the harmonic ambient substrate.
He has been a member of the cinematographic group Postodellefragole since 2004. In 2009, together with Pietro Baldoni, he created Abellira, a production studio for soundtracks, sound locations and sound design for multimedia products.

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Musica Diablo

Formed in January 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil and currently featuring Sepultura's Derrick Green on vocals, guitarists Andre NM (Nitrominds) and André Curci (Threat), drummer Edu Nicolini (Nitrominds) and bassist Ricardo Brigas, MUSICA DIABLO was created out of the desire to play pure oldschool crossover thrash. Their self-titled debut album, Musica Diablo was released on May 28th 2010 across Europe on both CD and MP3 download, headed by lead-single Lifeless.

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1000 Scars

Rising through the ashes of their previous band Headwound, which Newman666 (vocals & guitar) established in 1994, after recruiting Chezscar (bass) and Matt Mayhem (drums) a natural transition started to take place, allowing the band to have a more organic element to their previous hardcore industrial style, and brought about the birth of 1000 SCARS in 2004. It was with this spectrum of influences from all three members that gave them a completely unique sound which set them apart from the majority of the bands working the underground extreme music scene... Tags: 
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Hirax is an American band from Buena Park, California. Starting in 1984 under the leadership of vocalist Katon W. De Pena, the band played in Los Angeles and San Francisco with the other new thrash metal bands of the area such as Metallica, Exodus and Slayer. The band was a clear example of the thrash/speed metal/crossover genre. After releasing some demos, Hirax signed with Metal Blade and debuted with their first full-length, "Raging Violence" in 1985. The band was composed of Katon W. De Pena (vocals), Scott Owen (guitar), Gary Monardo (bass) and John Tabares (drums).

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There are two (and quite possibly more) bands by the name Julia, 1) Julia was an american / band, active in the mid 1990's.
Their style resembled the frantic sound of eastcoast (more specifically DC) emo, complete with octave chords and dark, yet melodic, basslines, thundering and slow drumming and intensly emotional vocals. On many occasions it sounded like Mathew was about to break down. Some members were playing on Lumber. Members:
Mathew Yeager (Vocals)

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