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Damon & Naomi

Damon & Naomi are an American folk-rock duo formed in 1991 by Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, both formerly of Galaxie 500. After Galaxie 500 completed a tour of the US supporting The Cocteau Twins, guitarist and vocalist Dean Wareham quit the band, forcing the cancellation of an imminent Japanese tour. Damon and Naomi had recorded a few tracks before the split and these were released under the name Pierre Etoile by Rough Trade (UK) in June 1990.

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The Wake

There have been at least 3 bands called The Wake, including a Scottish post-punk band, an American goth band and a Finnish death metal band. 1. The Wake were a Scottish post punk and later indie pop band, founded in Glasgow in 1981 by Gerard “Caesar” McInulty (formerly of Altered Images), Steven Allen and Joe Donnelly, who was later replaced by Bobby Gillespie. Steven’s sister Carolyn Allen soon joined, and remained in the band until its end.

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Bleach is the name of more than one band; There is a blistering all-girl Japanese rock trio, an American rock group (see below), as well as a British group (see below). They all redirect here. == Bleach (JP) == Bleach (alternatively called Bleach03 or Bleachmobile) was an all-female punk trio from Okinawa, Japan. The members included, Kanna on guitar and vocals, Miya on bass and Sayuri on drums. Kanna was the primary lyricist. Citing artistic differences, Bleach disbanded on June 10, 2009, less than a month before the release of their final album "bleach stone."

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Young Hunting

There are two bands with the name Young Hunting. 1. A Los Angeles-based quintet, originally formed in 2007 as a duo comprised of Hari Rex and Ilya Malinsky, who remain the band's primary songwriters. In late September 2010, they released a 7" EP containing the tracks "Into Yr Mind" and "Sonata". The EP was self-funded, but is being distributed by K Records of Olympia, WA. Currently, they are recording a full-length LP which will be out in 2012. http://younghunting.bandcamp.com 2. An experimental musick project based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Phaedra may refer to a number of artists. 1) Phaedra is the musical persona of Norwegian artist and singer Ingvild Langgård, making music that blends dream folk, wooden instruments, psychedelia, medieval hymns and reversed singing, among other things. Her first album, The Sea was released by hailed independent label Rune Grammofon in january 2011 on white vinyl, cd and streaming/mp3 - a conceptual album being the first part of a forthcoming trilogy. The album tells stories of honeydewed autumns, blackwinged animals, the darkest of hours, and, well; the sea.

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