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Oscar's Trash Can

Originally formed in 2007 as a 4-piece indie rock band, Oscar's Trash Can have now been boiled down to just 2 core members: Founder, Ollie Mutter (Vocals, Bass, Guitar) and Multi-instrumentalist/producer Josh Green (Melodica, Keys, Guitar, Vocals). Their influences are many and varied. They include: Arcade Fire, The Velvet Undergound, Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr., Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Paul Simon, Jonathan Richman, Belle & Sebastian and The Beatles.

They have played a variety of local venues including Mr. Kyps, Champions, O'Neill's, The Cellar Bar, The Winchester and Southampton Solent University.

They are currently working on a debut EP

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Dan Rumsey & The Bitter End

Dan Rumsey has been writing solo material since 2006 and gigging since then with simply an acoustic guitar and his voice. More recently Dan has been joined onstage by friends such as Martin Roberts (Discos out, Powderedcows) and Scott Pearce (Fall Victim) but has now settled on a full band setup which represents the original idea of the project.

Dan is currently recording his debut album "Voyage Andromeda" and gigging with the band under the name Dan Rumsey and the Bitter End.

"Dan is a pretty inspirational guy. Something about the unique way he see's the world comes across in his songs.
Claiming his own inspiration from 'The Great Beyond, Hotel Bars, Formal Dress Parties, Maps, Ocean Crossings and Disappointments' to name a few does something to set the scene for his music. On top of this years of playing in various bands as well as gigging as a solo artist have made him a seasoned and well versed performer.
In the studio he is always happy to explore the potential of his songs with no direction in particular which makes for some fascinating and beautiful soundscapes. From Horror Punk (a genre he introduced me to) to melancholy folk."
Olli Daffarn - 'One mind music' Producer Tags: 
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Lou Brown

"A wonderful artist." Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"One of my Glastonbury highlights." Johnnie Walker, BBC Radio 2

"Check out the lovely Lou Brown. She's brilliant." Chris Addison, actor & comedian

"This album is a masterpice." Acoustic Magazine

"A name to watch." Rock'n'Reel

Lou’s debut album was described by one reviewer as “an album for romantics; totally unpretentious, beautifully honest”, and it is this that has seen her become a firm favourite for many, including DJ Johnnie Walker, who recorded Lou live at Glastonbury Festival for broadcast on BBC Radio 2. 'Calm the Rising Waters' is the latest album from Lou Brown, described by Acoustic Magazine as "just perfect." With a bigger, brighter sound, and featuring the instrumental and production skills of Clive Gregson, the album continues to gain her even more fans and admirers.

Lou has previously toured the USA, along with headline tours in the UK and several major festivals. She's worked with many popular musicians, such as José González, Hazel O'Conner, Paul Young, Julie Fowlis, Karine Polwart, Megson, Diana Jones and the legendary Albert Lee. Tags: 
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Singer Songwriter

Under The Driftwood Tree

Under the Driftwood Tree have only been together since February 2009 yet they have already achieved a great deal in a short time recording 4 tracks for BBC Introducing and receiving airplay on daytime Radio 1 Exceptional song-writing skills transform their music into mini-tales of simple philosophies that everyone and anyone can relate to. Add this to a cheeky “semi acoustic Gangsta Rap” irreverently mixed up, mashed up and “folked up” -videos of which often seem to find their way onto the internet & it is easy to see why the band already have a growing fan base thatincludes non other than Radio 1's Fearne Cotton. Fearne was so enthralled by the band that she invitedthem to the BBC's Maida Vale studios to record a interview & live session to be played to listeners of her daytime show

Under the Driftwood Tree are:
Chris Stoodly – guitar, ukelele, accordion and lead vocals
Kathryn Shanahan -djembe, cajon + backing vocals
Robbie Price -guitar and lead vocals
Alex Perry - guitar
Sam Griffiths – bass + backing vocals


Under the Driftwood Tree met while on the look out for surf breaks on the Pembrokeshire coast. Discovering a mutual love for not only surfing but acoustic based and folk tinged music, what started out as a beach party fireside jam has now turned into a touring band. Boasting a chilled out West Coast surf sound of their own featuring soft melodic harmonies and exceptional song writing their sound has been described as “completely unique” by the BBC.

After some early busk sessions outside one of their favourite surf shops in their home town of Cardiff caused a roadblock the band realised that they were on to something that was capturing the hearts and minds of people. Word of mouth began to spread as they started playing in local live music venues in Cardiff including; Barfly, Clwb Ivor Bach, 10 feet tall and The Globe. Their stylised soft melodic drifting vocal harmonies (more often found in the music of West coast of America than West coast Wales) combined with subtle arrangements underscored by the unusual instruments they play were a hit with a large cross section of music lovers. Unsurprisingly in their first year together the band become Welsh winners of Surface Unsigned 2009 & were chosen to be the official band behind's “Access All Areas” campaign.

Expanding their musical universe Under the Driftwood Tree have already appeared on TV shows, making it to one of the final 10 bands on Channel 4's Evo Music Room & appearing on ITV’s The Wales Show. Alongside the aforementioned BBC Maida Vales sessions the band have performed on several other radio stations including BBC Radio Wales, RTE Radio 1 Ireland,The Wave, Cardiff Radio, Bryn Mawr FM and GT FM Under the Driftwood Tree have also received great press with reviews published in the Cardiff Echo, Bristol Post, the Capital Times and The Miniature Music Press and online. Festival opportunities started to appear in 2010 with performances booked at music and surf festivals including Beach Break Live, The Eden Sessions (with Jack Johnson), Bug Jam, VW Festival, Santa Pod, Mighty Dub Fest, VW Festival, Connaught Village Summer Festival, Kingsfest, The Lazy Bishop Festival, Nibley Music Festival Blow Out, Newport Comedy Festival and Oxjam.

2011 will see Under the Driftwood Tree looking to capitalise on their initial success with the planned release of their first single. Having played a few select show cases in London including a packed out performance at the lavish Bedford venue, they have engaged live agency Program Music to organise and book shows nationwide to preface the summer festival season and build up to the release of their début single. They are off to a flying start having already started the year on the crest of a wave winning the prestigious Isambard Nu Folk Award and have already received their first offers for their “SURF & TURF” festival tour 2011.
Once heard, forever a fan Under the Driftwood Tree

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Connor Heather

I was born in England in 1993 with severe hearing problems; I only had 20% hearing till the age of four. As a child I had the privilege to travel around the world with my mother, experiences many cultures. My mother’s musical tastes influenced me from a young age, with the likes of led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain and Pink Floyd.
We moved to Spain four years ago and I was introduced to the piano, which led me into guitar and to sing. My passion for music grew and I began writing my own original material. I have now written over 80 songs, all based on my personal experiences of life.
I moved back to England a few months ago and am hoping to forge my music career; I would describe my style of music as acoustic, urban folk, pop.

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Singer Songwriter


If energy, talent and passion could be measured in gold, Fearne would be millionaires. The Bournemouth foursome, Alex Beds (vocal and acoustic guitar), Adam Pulfer (vocals and electric guitar), Nick Bryson (vocals, bass and synths) and Darren Barret (drums) are taking indie pop/rock to a whole new level and winning an army of fans in the process. With exceptional live performances it’s no wonder they have been on the road supporting artists such as Feeder, Athlete, Nizlopi, Stornoway and Diana Vickers. 2009 saw a busy year of touring culminating in their playing to 10,000 people and gaining many new fans with several sessions for BBC Radio Solent. Now with a new 6 track self-titled EP, 2010 is set to see them reach even greater heights.

Principal songwriter of the band, Alex Beds, has the voice and the lyrics to simultaneously charm you and break your heart. But don’t be fooled by his quiet assurance and unassuming persona, this man is a born entertainer and can whip up a crowd to fever pitch within seconds of stepping out onto the stage. The rhythm section of Fearne is key to their sound. Nick Bryson’s driving bass lines inject electric energy and funky overtones to deliver an exciting, multi-layered, complex sound. With Adam Pulfer’s searing lead guitar and Darren Barret’s throbbing drum section Fearne conjure up sonorous perfection. With influences from Damien Rice to Marty McFly, the Fearne boys’ eclecticism is charming.

Fearne’s magic lies in mixing the recognised Brighton sound with the heartfelt, weighty delivery emblematic of romantic Bournemouth. Further add a measure of dry wit with a good dose of eccentricity and you have a recipe for success. If you like your indie pop/rock energetic, your band members passionate and your performances polished to perfection, then look no further.

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Daniel Leigh

Daniel Leigh has been a performer/songwriter/musician since the young age of 14. Throughout his career in music, Daniel has performed and tasted many musical genres, such as his works in soul, stage, and hard rock. Known to most as the front man for London based rock band New Device, Daniel has now decided to branch out, exploring the diverse paths of his solo career. Drawing inspiration from every facet of musical genre, Daniel Leigh writes, records and performs music which he feels is true to his personality and life experience. There is a distinct contrast between his work in New Device and his solo compositions, with Electronic drum beats, clean and acoustic guitars, and rich, colourful melodies. His intriguing collection is without a doubt primarily driven through powerful vocals, giving this exciting new project a genuine and honest feel. Through his music, Daniel Leigh is presented 'stripped bare', exposing a deeply personal and natural central core.

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Singer Songwriter


After his brother gave him a Guns ‘N’ Roses album, his sister gave him a Levellers album and his babysitter gave him a Nirvana mix-tape at the age of 6, Mischa’s influences were set from an early age!

From this early seeding of musical greatness, his influences have become more eclectic taking inspiration from all forms of Folk, Blues, Rock, Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Classical and Electronic music.

Mischa spent his teen years playing in various local bands as a lead guitarist and he even spent 3 years DJing Hard Trance and Techno, getting some prominent gigs in the South West. However, the love for his 6 strings never left him and after moving to Bournemouth and with much encouragement from friends, he went to play his first solo-gig.

From here he has enjoyed an ever growing reputation in Bournemouth and a blossoming career along England’s south coast. His undoubted and unique talent as a singer-songwriter is only matched by his glowing charisma that has helped endear himself to the hearts of many. A spiritual man, Mischa’s songs encompass the whole cycle of life from the feeling of emotional pain, old memories and the realisation they can make you stronger; the fresh ‘honeymoon’ days of falling in love and the paranoid fears that can go with this; the constant grind of a day job to the liberation of a weekend and the path to musical enlightenment; the mysticism that surrounds the world and the effect humans have on it.

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Singer Songwriter
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