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Connor Heather

I was born in England in 1993 with severe hearing problems; I only had 20% hearing till the age of four. As a child I had the privilege to travel around the world with my mother, experiences many cultures. My mother’s musical tastes influenced me from a young age, with the likes of led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain and Pink Floyd.
We moved to Spain four years ago and I was introduced to the piano, which led me into guitar and to sing. My passion for music grew and I began writing my own original material. I have now written over 80 songs, all based on my personal experiences of life.
I moved back to England a few months ago and am hoping to forge my music career; I would describe my style of music as acoustic, urban folk, pop.

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Singer Songwriter

Dan Rumsey & The Bitter End

Dan Rumsey has been writing solo material since 2006 and gigging since then with simply an acoustic guitar and his voice. More recently Dan has been joined onstage by friends such as Martin Roberts (Discos out, Powderedcows) and Scott Pearce (Fall Victim) but has now settled on a full band setup which represents the original idea of the project.

Dan is currently recording his debut album "Voyage Andromeda" and gigging with the band under the name Dan Rumsey and the Bitter End.

"Dan is a pretty inspirational guy. Something about the unique way he see's the world comes across in his songs.
Claiming his own inspiration from 'The Great Beyond, Hotel Bars, Formal Dress Parties, Maps, Ocean Crossings and Disappointments' to name a few does something to set the scene for his music. On top of this years of playing in various bands as well as gigging as a solo artist have made him a seasoned and well versed performer.
In the studio he is always happy to explore the potential of his songs with no direction in particular which makes for some fascinating and beautiful soundscapes. From Horror Punk (a genre he introduced me to) to melancholy folk."
Olli Daffarn - 'One mind music' Producer Tags: 
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Monkey's Uncle

Monkeys Uncle in multiple forms: There’s the original dynamic duo, known best for their mellow acoustic rifts and smooth harmonies, and now with Friends in full technicolour, aromascope and surround sound. Batteries are defiantly not required. Now experience more power, more sound, well just MORE! Monkeys uncle as you’ve never heard them before (Unless you’ve heard the album). Our mission is to Rock and we invite the world to join us!

Uncle (Andy Hall) - Lead Vocals, Rhythm with the occasional solo and all round general old guy.

Monkey (Lennon Moody) - Monkey: AKA Lennon Moody. Lead, Rhythm, Harmonies and self proclaimed master of the six string guitar. (He's not)

Bassplayingmonkey (Lee Burchell) - As the name suggests he plays the bass and describes himself as a massive band whore. Have bass will travel!!!

King Louie (Jim Kendall) - King Louie: AKA Jim Kendall. Master of the sticks, drummer and most defiantly seen in 3D

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The Douglas Firs

Back from their Canada tour record 'This Strange Embrace' to be released early 2012...

Bringing their music from the woods to the people of the towns, The Douglas Firs are an acoustic duo whose love of nature is reflected in their songwriting. With a name inspired by their love of cult TV series ‘Twin Peaks’, they are known for their beautifully sparse arrangements, combining a thought-provoking lyrical style with simple yet strong melodies. With their influences ranging from the classic songwriters of the 60s to contemporary nu-folk artists, the crystal clear and sometimes ethereal vocals from Suzy Douglas and delicate guitar work from Jimmy Douglas help weave the stories in their songs that creates their distinctive sound.

Since releasing two EPs to critical acclaim, The Firs have been spreading their roots on the live scene, playing to growing audiences around England, receiving radio play, and playing festivals such as Purbeck Folk Festival, Eastleigh Music Festival and Musicosity. As well as headlining many venues, the Firs have supported established acts such as Lanterns on the Lake, Eddi Reader, Megson and Rosie Doonan . They also won two awards for their live performance at the Dorset Music Awards and after finishing their latest EP, ‘This Strange Embrace’ in 2011 (to be released early 2012), the pair set off for a 6 month trip to Canada, playing a series of shows across Vancouver and Seattle whilst taking time out to travel and write material for a full length album, to be recorded on their return to the UK.

Suzy and Jimmy came back to the shores of England at the end of the summer 2011, with a rucksack full of new songs and a slightly battered guitar case. They made their return to the UK scene with a headline show at the legendary Troubadour Club, before playing a number of shows in London and around the South. The Firs will be recording some new songs in the upcoming months – news of 2012 album release and tour dates will be announced soon...

“simply beautiful” Sally Taylor , BBC Radio Solent

“Songs like 'Woman of Wood ' and 'Regrets and Cigarettes' illustrate this duo's ability to write remarkably original and inventive songs. The live performances are usually modest and understated - as is the 'Firs' ethos - yet always deeply powerful and emotive.”
- Paul Burke, Purbeck Folk Festival and Bournemouth Folk Club Director

"really lovely songs” Eddie Reader

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After his brother gave him a Guns ‘N’ Roses album, his sister gave him a Levellers album and his babysitter gave him a Nirvana mix-tape at the age of 6, Mischa’s influences were set from an early age!

From this early seeding of musical greatness, his influences have become more eclectic taking inspiration from all forms of Folk, Blues, Rock, Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Classical and Electronic music.

Mischa spent his teen years playing in various local bands as a lead guitarist and he even spent 3 years DJing Hard Trance and Techno, getting some prominent gigs in the South West. However, the love for his 6 strings never left him and after moving to Bournemouth and with much encouragement from friends, he went to play his first solo-gig.

From here he has enjoyed an ever growing reputation in Bournemouth and a blossoming career along England’s south coast. His undoubted and unique talent as a singer-songwriter is only matched by his glowing charisma that has helped endear himself to the hearts of many. A spiritual man, Mischa’s songs encompass the whole cycle of life from the feeling of emotional pain, old memories and the realisation they can make you stronger; the fresh ‘honeymoon’ days of falling in love and the paranoid fears that can go with this; the constant grind of a day job to the liberation of a weekend and the path to musical enlightenment; the mysticism that surrounds the world and the effect humans have on it.

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Singer Songwriter
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Bel Casino

Bel Casino are very much a product of the South Coast... Life and love by the sea has worked its influence into their music in an evocative way. Whether you view the music live or lock into a recording, the sights and sounds of the streets and beaches they walk are brimming out of the songs.

The band's sound is about melody and meaning. They are looking to connect with an audience's spirit through tales of love and adventure, locked up in stories and metaphors.

The band has enjoyed a number of successes since getting together in late 2008, notably being semi-finalists in 2010's Dorset Music Awards, receiving critical praise on BBC Introducing South's Demo Panel and subsequently appearing as the live session band on that show, securing a live interview and acoustic session on Wave 105, recording and releasing their début EP "Seventeen", not to mention playing numerous sell out shows across the south of England.

Bel Casino are proud of their reputation as an ambitious, professional young band looking to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way!

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Ant Henson

Sounds like Paolo Nutini dry humping Grace Slick on the sofa while Stevie Nicks seduces a drunken Jason Mraz in the corner. Oh, and whiskey. It sounds a bit like an unpainted Austin A30 running on whiskey.

Inspiration is; Sunshine, 12 string loveliness, driving fast in August with the windows down, heartbreak, girls in short skirts and high heels, street life, that beautiful 5th bottle of Budweiser, this whole damn brutal universe.

"The release of Ant Henson’s new single, ‘I Love You and I Miss You’ is perfectly timed. No, not because it coincides with his first UK tour, nor because it happens to come out just as Spotify [where a free sample of Henson's release is available to listen to online] overtakes iTunes as the record companies' favourite online music service, but more because it is the perfect accompaniment to what will hopefully be a long, lazy summer.
"Picture the scene: steak on the barbie, beer in the cooler, iPod on shuffle; then, after the Isley Brothers have faded out, you hear pure acoustic bliss. The tune is catchy (but not annoyingly so), and invokes memories of Mumm-Ra, one of Henson’s key influences. The guitar playing is not invasive, and the instrumental section towards the end reminds one of a Richard Durrant masterpiece – imagine an audio accompaniment to a Jack Kerouac novel, and you should get an idea of what it sounds like.
"The other songs on the EP are equally entertaining: clever rhythms pervade ‘She’s Crying’, and ‘Incredible’ sounds like what would happen if Dylan could sing. Overall, a highly satisfying EP, and one that should remain on the summer playlist until the nights start drawing in."

- Chris Riley, Junction 11 Radio

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Singer Songwriter


The four members of Gehko, Rich Mead, Stewart Melvin, Dave Rudge and Rich Kelly, sat at the beach hut they had often sat. It was the essence of what they saw that day which captivated and inspired their musical motivation; happy day’s, lazying in the sun, watching the beautiful nature of the sea and people alike, eclipsing the dark days of the autumn and winter months. With similar aspirations and musical taste they strove to deliver music which epitomized this feeling; creating waves of feel good music to the masses.. Ladies, gents and fellow geckos.. Tis the year of the gehko!!

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