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Yoo Soo-Young, more commonly known as 슈 (Shoo) (her Japanese name), is a Korean singer, a member of the pop group S.E.S.. Although Korean, she lived in Japan for most of her early life. She got her start in the group by trying out in auditions for SM Entertainment (unlike the other two members, who were discovered through less conventional methods). She succeeded in getting noticed from the judges and was thus offered a spot in their girl group, which became known as S.E.S. (standing for Sea, Eugene, and Shoo, the three members).

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Snipe is an American rap artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He began his career with B.G.'s, Chopper City Records as a member of the group the Chopper City Boyz. As a member of the Chopper City Boyz group, Snipe released the album We Got This in 2007, which spawned the singles "Make Em Mad" and "What I Like About Her". Snipe also has a solo career working on the mixtape circuit. In late 2007, he released his mixtape 1 Shot 1 Kill where he showcases his lyrical talent.

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Proximity Butterfly

Proximity Butterfly, Psychedelic / Punk / Rock from Chengdu (China), started in August 2003 by Joshua C. Love and Heather Judson. A full fledge orchestrated Mars volta-style entourage, PB is now far from their first album, arcana with two drummers, sound effect personas, saxaphone/clarinet/trumpet, bass, and guitar. Preparing for the release of "The Antikythera Mechanism" PB has stepped off of the ground to hit China's nationwide music festival scene from Shanghai to Chengdu and Inner Mongolia to shows in the hottest clubs and bars around the nation.

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The Keepsakes

"Anthony Wignall is regularly considered the best songwriter in Adelaide. There's a reason for this. Anthony Wignall is the best songwriter in Adelaide. His songs blend blissful simplicity with maturity, depth and poise. His melodies will make you smile, think and feel. He's a pop songwriter, up there with Teenage Fanclub, The Lemonheads, The Weakerthans; even in this illustrious company, his songs stand up." - Ben Revi, March 2010 Anthony Wignall - Vocals, Guitar
Jeremy Lake - Drums

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Vampire is a Death/Thrash Metal band from Göteborg, Sweden. Vampire is also a Japanese punk band popular in the early 80's. There was also a band called Vampire in the late 80's in the Czech republic. The band ended its carrier a few years after releasing their first CD due to members' arguments about its future. The band sold over 5000 CDs which was quite a success for a newcoming band in the Czech republic.

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Clench is a band from Sweden who had their most active years between 93-99. In -93 they won swedish music competition Rock-SM (Swedish Championship in Rock) under the name Thrash Inc. They after that went touring all over scandinavia. In their attempts to wash away the branding of "another Europe" (Europe got famous by winning the same competition a couple of years earlier) they changed name to "Clench" in conjunction with recording their first album named "Goatbreath". Clench then went touring again, gaining raving reviews for their live performances.

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There are two bands called Lifeline. 1)Lifeline is an alternative rock band from Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Greg Golbitz - Guitar/Vox
Fred Keller - Guitar/Vox
Joe Venango - Drums/Vox
Mike Becker - Bass/Vox We have a demo out now and another EP on the way soon. 2)Lifeline is a 5 piece Hardcore band from the Norwich area. Follow us on Tumblr - lifelinehc.tumblr.com. We'd love to play everywhere! If you're a promoter and are interested in putting us on contact us at: lifelineuk@live.co.uk

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