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1)Swedish Death Metal from Åhus. The band changed their name into Verminous (Swe) in 2002. 2)There are two bands who share the name Delve. One is from Vancouver BC, active mainly through 1992 to late 1994, Delve is a British-style pop band with a heavier grungier side at times. Known for their "wall of sound" heavier live show that was dynamic and very tight. The band placed second in a controvercial Shindig '94.

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The Holy Mess

Since 2007, The Confusion Saint has:
Smited 2.5 pickup trucks (that they work in Terço).
Jammed The Menzingers in a race of the case.
Bought a tow shitty of Schramm of the recorded Pat.
Journeyed on 2 EP's for its own proper strange register of the Skull.
Played a group of samples with show.
New release of recorded song to follow later this year.........

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Just Joe

There are two artists with this name.
Just Joe is the solo-project by Joe Altier after he parted ways with Brand New Sin.
He is doing acoustic, piano and southern/classic rock music. Mostly he is covering many popular tracks but also has some tracks of his own. 2.)
Just Joe is a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, dj and boxer from Essex. His music is best described as Moby meets the Chemical Brothers with a hint of David Bowie thrown in. Just Joe

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Persian Risk

Persian Risk was a Cardiff, Wales-based heavy metal band formed in 1979, originally consisting of guitarists Phil Campbell and Dave Bell, vocalist Jon Deverill, bassist Nick Hughes, and drummer Razz. In late 1980, Deverill was headhunted by the Tygers of Pan Tang and replaced by Carl Sentance, a former band mate of Hughes and Razz in Leading Star. New vocalist in place, Persian Risk issued the now highly collectible 'Calling For You' b/w 'Chase the Dragon' 7" in 1981 before sacking Dave Bell's replacement, Alex Lohfink, and soldiering on as a four-piece.

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The Dirty Words

The Dirty Words are a brand new young band hailing from Llanberis, North Wales. Group members are Hywel Pitts (Vocals/Guitar), Daniel Thomas (Guitar), David Thomas (Bass Guitar) and Sion Foulkes (Drums). They gained popularity when they took part in a local music competition.

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Doctor Werewolf

Doctor Werewolf are a genre smashing, dancefloor defiling, dark'n'dirty styled club duo from Sydney, Australia. They variously describe their style as 'rave rock', 'chop shop', 'flaps out trash tunes' & . They are well known in Sydney for their ballsy blend of electro, DnB, rock, rave noise, breaks and techno. Their violently loud remixes have also garnered much favour amongst DJs who pump from the heavy zone.

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There are two bands with the name T-34:
(1) T-34 (Т-34) is a pop punk / punk rock band from Rybinsk, Russia. Formed in 2001 the band has released two albums: 2003 - Bashnyu sorvalo
2004 - Stan' zvezdoy (Become a star) Official website (2) T-34 (T-34) is a Panzer-Punk (Tank-Punk) band from Hanover/Germany with members of xawara, November 13th, cave canem. Homepage & Contact: T-34 Myspace Site

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