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Naomi Campbell

There are two artists with this name: 1) Naomi Campbell (born 22 May 1970) is an English model of Jamaican descent., and also a successful singer. Her album, Baby Woman, sold over 1 million copies worldwide (mostly, in Japan), and she was featured on Vanilla Ice's single "Cool as Ice." 2) Naomi Campbell is an alias of the famed producer Alec Empire, under which he produced the Hardcore Techno / Speedcore track Spinball Attack for the Braindead comp in '94. A longer version of this track appeared on Shocker: The Inferno Part II compilation in '94 with Naomi Campbell as the title.

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No Idea

There are several artists called No Idea. 1) an Australian punk band formed in 1996 and currently based in Melbourne.
2) a rock band based in Chennai.
3) a punk band formed in Levin, New Zealand in 1983 1) No Idea is an Australian punk band formed in 1996 and currently based in Melbourne. 2) No Idea is a Rock band based in the city of Chennai in the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The line up: Nanditha - Vocals
Varun - Guitars
Videep - Guitars/Vocals
Mario - Bass

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Mark Applebaum

Mark Applebaum is Associate Professor of Composition and Theory at Stanford University. He received his Ph.D. in composition from the University of California at San Diego where he studied principally with Brian Ferneyhough. His solo, chamber, choral, orchestral, operatic, and electroacoustic work has been performed throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia with notable premieres at the Darmstadt summer sessions.

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In Exile

In Exile (India) are a three-piece band from New Delhi, India formed by two friends, Manyu (guitars, bass, drums (earlier), percussions) and Ajay (vocals). Their music can be easily described as a chaotic mixture of djent/progressive and tribal metal, combined with lyrical themes about meaninglessness, insanity, lifelessness and lobotomy. In March 2011., italian drummer Fabio Serra joined the band.

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The Keepsakes

"Anthony Wignall is regularly considered the best songwriter in Adelaide. There's a reason for this. Anthony Wignall is the best songwriter in Adelaide. His songs blend blissful simplicity with maturity, depth and poise. His melodies will make you smile, think and feel. He's a pop songwriter, up there with Teenage Fanclub, The Lemonheads, The Weakerthans; even in this illustrious company, his songs stand up." - Ben Revi, March 2010 Anthony Wignall - Vocals, Guitar
Jeremy Lake - Drums

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EAT YOU ALIVE is a band from Nagoya, Japan. Originally named as MaveRick, the group began to perform under the name EAT YOU ALIVE on June 8th, 2008. Since the band's name change, both the music and the image of the band have evolved away from the conventional style. Their new sound and appearance, resembling western bands, make EAT YOU ALIVE a distinctive band in the visual kei scene. Band Members:
ヒロ (Hiro) - Vocalist (ex. MaveRick)
亮平 (Ryouhei) - Guitarist (ex. MaveRick)

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The Ruthless

"The Ruthless" is an intense band with a sense of melody, and brutality. Their songs are packed full of driving rhythms, powerful choruses, and technical guitar playing. They are known for their amazing stage presence, which involves climbing fences, hanging from ceilings, head banging, stage diving, and crowd surfing. It's no wonder they've shared the stage with acts such as All Shall Perish, As Blood Runs Black, Destruction, Into Eternity, Vital Remains, and Dying Fetus. When they're done rocking, they still have time to kill a six foot beer bong or two!

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