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Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell is an Essex-born stand up now based in East London. He has been performing for almost three years and has reached the competition finals of So You Think You

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Snow White's Poison Bite

The four piece rock band from Finland was formed in early 2006. The band consists of guitaris/vocalist Allan Cotterill, guitarist Tuomo Korander, drummer Teemu Leikas and bass player Jarkko Penttinen. Each member has played their instruments for several years. Although all the band members are talented musicians individually, the band constantly works as a team and that's where the true talent comes from. On the other hand the members each have their own unique personality.
As of December 8th, 2009, their screamer, Juuso Puhakka, left the band.

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There are two Simbad >>>>
one is a french dj/producer based in london who also releases as Mowgly, Marathon Men, Twitch, Loose Ensemble or Les Barons... Recently released Soul Fever feat. Steelo, Simbad will be dropping his album featuring singers on Raw Fusion in spring 2007, its all about soul & quality cosmic frequencies... catch him spinnin' around the planet if you can !
The other is an indie-band from Helsinki, Finland.

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The Fortunate

Exploding on the highly competitive Regina Hardcore scene, The Fortunate has made their presence felt immediately. Moving in 2006 from smalltown,MB, the quarter has toured all over western Canada with a number of local favorites. Exceptional song writing, crack musicianship and a raging live show are the staples The Fortunate are building their young careers on. In a genre where credibility is like meat, that bands fight over, and audiences are notoriously slow to open their hearts to new sounds, The Fortunate have had overwhelming responses to their live shows.

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The Sound Of Superstring

Combining the enigmatic with the charismatic, the pretentious with common sense, acoustic rawness with the massively anthemic, The Sound of Superstring could equally be described as Radiohead having a great day out, the Dixie Chicks with balls or the Flaming Lips just after Yoshimi had defeated the pink robots. Light-hearted one moment, screaming emotion the next, The Sound of Superstring are a musical rollercoaster ride more exhilarating than the Pepsi Max Big One.

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The Common Moral Cause

TCMC are a collective of eleven musicians who combine their eclectic tastes of urban funk, hip-hop and soul to create a style of their own. Their unique sound and engaging live performances have already seen them play numerous sell out gigs, including appearances at the London Astoria, Oxford's Zodiac and the Jazz Café.

The Common Moral Cause on Last.fm.

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Monad - any basic metaphysical entity, esp. having an autonomous life. BRAINCORE about MONAD :
“The evolution from drummer/bass player to frantic, melodic breakcore genius is now complete….Monad’s sound is an orchestra of pounding beats, rumbling bass, drill & bass style and grinding synths that will whip your mind into a frenzy.”
comments/e-mails are welcome. MONAD is also the name of my electronic music project/live band.

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Jon Fazal

Jon Fazal is a Cardiff based musician. Originally from Bishops Cleeve in Gloucestershire, he has been writing his "heartfelt, intimate and hopeful" songs since he was thirteen years old and has been recording for almost as long. Seven years and 10,000 cups of tea later, Jon can be found performing regularly on Cardiff's open mic scene and busking on the city streets. He even gets proper gigs sometimes.

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There are at least two artists by the name Garda:
(1) An accoustic Folk music collective from the area around Dresden, Germany.
(2) A Melodic/Hardcore band from Grand Rapids, MI. (1) Garda is a music collective of nine musicians around Kai Lehmann (vocals and guitar) and Ronny Wunderwald (drums). They are joined by Neli Mothes (piano, accordion, vocals, clarinet), Lars Hiller and Frank Heim (guitars), Karsten Pretschner (bass), Gunther Strehlau (horn), Bernd Wunderwald (trumpet) and Markus Altmann (Cello).

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