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B.J. Cole

Brian John Cole (born 17 June 1946, in Enfield, Middlesex, England) is an English pedal steel guitarist. Coming to prominence in the early 1970s with the band Cochise, Cole has played in many styles of music, ranging from mainstream pop and rock, to jazz and eclectic experimental music. He played with Marc Bolan / T. Rex on their 1974 album Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow, as well as with Elton John on his albums Tumbleweed Connection and Madman Across The Water, specifically on the songs "Country Comfort" and "Tiny Dancer".

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Amy Smith

About Amy Smith
I am 27 years old and live in South London. I graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in Liverpool in 2003. From September 2003 - Feb 2004 I toured with The Australian Pink Floyd Show as a backing vocalist, singing The Great Gig in the Sky from the album Darkside of the Moon. A year later I recorded a full length DVD with the band at the Liverpool Summer Pops festival, extracts of which you can see here on my page. In October 2004 I signed a publishing deal with Universal Publishing Group and a record deal with an independent label called New Frontier.

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Susikūrė 2004 metais, kai du žmonės Justinas Stanislovaitis ir Vitalijus Melnikovas susibėgo ir nusprendė pradėti užsiiminėti muzikine veikla. Prasidėjo ilgas kūrybinis procesas ir bendraminčių ieškojimas. Optimism grupei iširus,jos lyderis Justinas sukūrė naują projektą "Alive Way" , o solo gitaristas Vitalijus,įkūrė projektą "Mere eyes"

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Originally from space, MIRAI ('Future Boy') is the founder of the neo-futurist network 'Intelligentsia' - its prime directive to bring together artists on the vanguard, with an amalgamation of innovative philosophy and positive future. Mirai spent his teens designing video games in the U.K, released over 10 titles from age 14 onwards, and then moved onto music, video & fashion during the growth of the rave culture, where he began to group in numerous members into his unit.

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Glass Mazes

Glass Mazes are a self-proclaimed 'progressive indie' three-piece that formed in November 2010. They are based in Kingston/Guildford. In July 2011, they released their eponymous debut EP and currently play live shows. Glass Mazes are: Tom Hill, Ryan Freeman-Kennedy and Kurt Phillips.

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Branson Hollis

Branson Hollis is a post hardcore/rock band from France. Consisting of five friends, they formed in early 2009. A few months later, the band released their very first demo (called 'Dyad') recorded at Boss Hog Studio in Northern France. The next year, they wrote and recorded 'Diving Suits Drying', a 5 track EP including critically acclaimed ‘The Jar’ and ‘New Colours, New Shapes’. It was released October 18th 2010.

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The Illegal Eagles

The Illegal Eagles are currently a six piece band consisting of Danny Vaughn, Phil Aldridge, Keith Atack, Chris Childs, Christian Phillips and Michael Lawrence. They have released Back In The Fast Lane in 2008, a two disc CD to accompany their tour and lead into "The Long Road" tour spreading over the UK and Scotland as well as further afield such as Denmark. In emulating the supreme Eagles harmonies and songs, they've gathered enough reputation to even play at the IndigO2 arena in March 2009.

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There are three artists under the title Cheapshot: a dubstep and chiptune artist from Tokyo, a hiphop DJ from California, USA, and a now defunct punk band from Adelaide, South Australia. 1. Cheapshot is strongly influenced by dubstep bass lines, 8-bit music and all things that go BOOM! His chiptune monsters combine dub, uk funky, dubstep and breakbeat. His latest release is a 2 track EP on Metrodub. He has also released an EP on 8bitpeoples called 'zOMG!!'. His earlier works can be found on Amenorea Records, and Enough Records.

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F3tch are a four piece band from London, England. The band began in 2006 and has grown huge amounts since. Determined to having the best line up and live performances possible, the band have worked hard to move forward constantly by pushing boundaries and breaking barriers to spread its music to a wider fan base and be on top of their game. F3tch have played a number of great shows with great bands and promoters, spreading their music and fan base through the unsigned scene.

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