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Broom Bezzums

Broom Bezzums – Mark Bloomer & Andrew Cadie

Broom Bezzums is a folk duo with a fast-growing following of dedicated fans. They delight in a whirlwind of strong musical performances and engaging, cheeky off-the-cuff patter.

With a repertoire of critically-acclaimed original compositions, northern English folksongs and instrumentals, Broom Bezzums offer emotive ‘fiddle-singing’, ballsy guitar, lyrical mandolin and fiddle. Andrew even pumps up his pipes from time to time. They round it all off with robust, soulful vocals.

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Hardcore Punk band from Chile.
Download «Chapters», the album of Waterglass. http://www.mediafire.com/?3nnjn5mzz3z Visit:
http://amendmentrecords.wordpress.com 2)
Waterglass make dark, atmospheric pop music in an ethereal, gothic vein. The band has been around since the early 90s and has released various EPs and an album in a number of line-ups. Now a three-piece, and after a fairly lengthy absence from performing and releasing music we've recently been working on a new album and started to plan some live dates...

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Gong Linna

Gong Linna (chin. 龚琳娜, born 1975) is a Chinese singer. She studied at the China Conservatory of Music in Peking. In 2000 she was awarded "best singer" at the Chinese National Singing Competition. Gong Linna was born in Guiyang, Guizhou province (located in the Southwest of China). She first appeared on stage at the age of five. Since her early childhood she knew that she wanted to become a professional singer.

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The New Tigers

The New Tigers is a fuzzy pop group from Turku, Finland. The band consists of Valtteri Virtanen (of Goodnight Monsters), Appu Jasu (Anselmus), Kece (Love Summer Boys), and Janne Kauppinen (Kauppilan Puutarha]). The record label Soliti released their debut album on 21st September 2011. official site:

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Shangri La

there is more than one band called Shangri La 1)Shangri La is a Croatian rock band made in 2006. Altough they had several changes in their lineup, they are soon to record their first album on an indie label. The recent lineup is as follows: Lara - vocals
Jura - rythm guitar
Chof - solo guitar
Grinc - drums
Ritz - Bass
2) Shangri La is one of the most promising Bulgarian rock bands nowadays.

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Matthew Bandy

Matthew Bandy has been experimenting with electronic music for the past 9 years as a DJ, producer, live performer, and label manager. Originally born in Flint MI, he remembers spending much of his early childhood banging objects together listening to new sounds, going through his parents¹ records and old 45¹s on his Fisher Price turntable, and trying to dance like Michael Jackson. He credits most of his influences through Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul, Punk, the Fender Rhodes, percussion, mix-tapes, and sounds from Detroit, Chicago, New York, and the West Coast.

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1. As a young primary school boy, Shinra first started his audio experiments on his trusty Amiga 600 computer, producing goodness knows what with OCTAmed 4 software. As the years went by, he spent many long hours on the decks in his living room, djing progressive house to an audience of just himself :( Fast forward to about the year 2000, when he first obtained a cd by the mighty Aphex, and his musical tastes were forever changed. Since then, Shinra has been banging out crazy tunes on his laptop like nobody's business.

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