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There is more than one artist named Collapsed: 1. A melodic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia.
2. Collapsed is trash metal band from Texas openly influenced by such bands as Trap Them, Thumbscrew, Modern Life Is War, Orchid, and American Nightmare
3. Collapsed is a five-piece metalcore band and is trashing turmoil in the Tielt Area (Belgium). Since the start in February 2005 Collapsed played mini festivals and small clubshows, in their first year Collapsed shared stages with bands such as Arkangel, Morda, Severance, Liar, Flatcat, Chimeara and The Setup.

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There are at least two Wrecks out there. 1.) Wrecks is a stoner rock/punk band from Manchester, UK, featuring Carol Hodge and Pete Wilson from Steve Ignorant's Last Supper. 2.) Wrecks is an experimental electronic duo from Rio Dell California. Wrecks consists of Quade Ross (Antartica, Creepy Marbles) and TOd Shelton (All the way Alive, Vaginia Ludwigia). 3.) A female fronted punk band that appeared on the 'Not So Quiet on the Western Front' compilation released on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label in 1982 .

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Beecake, a Glasgow, Scotland-based band, consists of four members: Billy Boyd (Vocals, Guitar) John Crawford (Vocals, Drums) Billy Johnston (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards) Rick Martin (Vocals, Bass). They are also previously known as "The Angel's Share". Billy Boyd is also known as the actor who played Peregrin 'Pippin' Took in the Lord of The Rings trilogy movie. More info about them from their Myspace.com page:

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Skipping Girl Vinegar

Skipping Girl Vinegar are a 4-piece acoustic indie band based in Melbourne, Australia. Their music spans country, folk, indie rock and pop and comprise of Mark Lang (vocals/guitar), Chris Helm (drums/backing vocals), Sare Lang (bass/backing vocals) and Amanthi Lynch (keyboards). Beginning in 2006 with an extensive original repertoire established before playing live, they soon garnered several support slots including Bob Evans, The Lemonheads, The Shout Out Louds and Something For Kate, which, along with relentless gigging, saw their first single, 'One Chance' gain national airplay in mid-2007.

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Ralf Gum

Harmony & Soul & Groove – just some aspects of Ralf’s uplifting music. With a feeling for the right vibe, Ralf GUM played at more than 250 German and international spots. The "Airport" (Wuerzburg/Germany) got the living-room for his interpretation of house in 1998. Since then he captures the enthusiastic crowd every Friday night and played alongside with world’s top Guest-DJs. Since 2006 you can enjoy Ralf’s unique sound at "Climax" (Stuttgart) and since 2008 at Frankfurt’s new in-location APT as well. Besides this, Ralf’s steadily travelling all over for gigs...

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Robin Mitchell

Robin is currently based in Bristol, UK, where he writes and records music in a wide range of styles. He fronts a new Bristol rock outfit called Absent Me!, and has been linked to the secretive electro-pop artist Mystery White Boy. http://robinmitchell.bandcamp.com

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There are 2 bands named Altercation : A Deathcore band from San Luis Obispo
Ralph Lee - Guitar and Vokills
Will Ottone - Guitars and Gun Cleaning
Joey Atiya - Bass/Vokilla
Kori Harvey - Hits shit
Jo Yopp - Synthetic Waveforms
San Luis Obispo, CA
Altercation started out with original members Ralph Lee, Will Ottone, and Joey Atiya when all 3 were in still high school. Altercation changed lineups several times until late 2009 when they linked up with drummer Kori Harvey and his brother (synthesizer) Joe Yopp.

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