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www.sambayabamba.com Now 13 years old, SambaYaBamba began as a community arts project in 1996 (work that one out!) and still runs regular workshops for beginners in Brazilian percussion. Over the years the group have gained an enviable reputation as a dynamic and innovative performing group playing the length and breadth of the UK, from Aberdeen to Brighton, and several appearances in Europe. The group

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There are actually 4 bands named RAYNE 1) RAYNE is a psychedelic rock band from New Orleans who recorded one eponymous record in 1979. Discovered in the late 1980s, their music is a mix of rural hardrock and mellow folkrock with Neil Young (especially the electric side on "Rust Never Sleeps") and angry cajun-mood Creedence as possible references. Great lyrics about booze, mass murder and underdog Americana attitudes with a solid consistency all through. 2) RAYNE is a hard rock band from Żarów (Poland) founded in 2007 ( http://rayne.pl/ )

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Paris Angels

Rikki Turner - Vocals, Wind Instruments
Jayne Gill - Vocals, Percussion
Steven Tajti - Keyboards, Programming
Scott Carey - Bass, Harmonicas
Mark Adj - Rhythm Guitar, Percussion
Simon Worrall - Drums, More Drums
Paul Wagstaff - Guitar, Noises Being regulars of the Boardwalk and Hacienda clubs had more of an influence on Paris Angels' sound than the music they actually listened to. Paris Angels signed to Sheer Joy records home of a disgruntled ex-Factory employee introduced Paris Angels to Michael Johnson (the man behind Blue Monday) and before you could say Moo to a Moog...

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There are two bands named Throne. The first is a three piece doom/stoner metal band from East London. They make slow, riff-laden facemelters. The second uses alternate casing in their name. There are three members that comprise tHrOnE. One of the most unique aspects of the band, besides their music, is that they are all related to each other. The band includes singer/songwriter and bassist Derek Trafton, his brother, drummer Casey Trafton and their cousin, guitarist/keyboards Justin Millar. tHrOnE was formed in 1995 and originally hails from Connecticut.

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The Aardvarks

According to the Searchin' For Shakes database there are four garage groups called the The Aardvarks.
1) One of the three American groups that used the name were from Muskegon and released a few singles. Probably their most well-known numbers is the blazing garage-psych tune "I'm Higher Than I'm Down", included on many comps (most notably Pebbles Vol 11).
2) In the mid-1980's, a London group called The Aardvarks got together.

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