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The Fates

There is more than one group called The Fates.
1) The earliest group was started by Una Baines(The Fall, Blue Orchids) and two other women. The Fates were formed when Blue Orchids broke up after a brief stint as Nico's backing band for a European tour. The Fates released the album Furia, a "dark, sometimes ritualistic, folk with much electronic sounds though and much improvisational parts", on Una Baines' own label, Taboo, in 1985.
2) A Canadian based group, The Fates are Lori Reid, Lin Elder and Jenny Allen who blend elements of alternative pop, jazz and soul into one unifying sound.

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For Everything A Reason

Formed in 2008, For Everything A Reason, or F.E.A.R for short, are not your typical Metal/Screamo band, this is a band that fuses heavy riffs, melodic singing, screams and epic guitar parts to create an eclectic mix of aggressive metal-core and screamo. For Everything A Reason blend their vast wealth of influences from rock and metal to create an outrageously original blend of modern day metal that has a distinctly epic edge unheard of from the usual band in this genre.

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Marcus Doo & The Secret Family

Every track from Marcus Doo and the Secret Family leads you to a very different journey, each of them full of monsters, beauty and love. Marcus has a rich inner life that keeps surfacing with new self-revelations. He lives life through this musical language. The Secret family members care after his tough and elegant fragility being as truthful and as polyhedral artists as Marcus is; they have found a very personal way to blend this complex intellectual and emotional life with the world surrounding them.

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There are two artists called Lychgate: 1) An atmospheric/avant-garde European black metal project with members of Esoteric, Lunar Aurora and Omega Centauri. The spirit was born in 2001 under a different name; formed by Vortigern, the sole creator. Then, after almost a decade in contemplation, it was again unleashed. With the collaboration of G. A. Chandler (Esoteric), Aran (Lunar Aurora) and T. J. F. Vallely (Omega Centauri) the debut album, self-titled, was recorded in 2012 and released in the month of April 2013 through the labels Mordgrimm and Gilead Media on CD and LP, respectively.

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