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Tom Savage

Tom Savage's Never Shed No Tears wins the prize as the surprise of the year thus far. First time through, I shrugged. Second time, I heard some things I liked. Third time, more. I'm on the tenth or eleventh listen now and it's at the top of my preferred listening stack. How it got there is a mystery. It's not the style, because I haven't quite figured out what it is yet. It doesn't seem like anything new, but with a voice somewhere between Mark Knopfler, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Young and a writing style which picks influences by the line instead of the song...

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The Scissors

“I just wanted to start a band and play for fun,” explains singer Darren Vorel regarding beginning The Scissors back in 2002. After bouncing around various bands throughout their teens, Vorel and guitarist Steve Mocarski were eager to introduce something of their own. They didn’t hesitate to contact Matt Allison to crank out a seven song EP (The Riv Rat Rob EP) at Atlas Studios in Chicago before frequenting stages like The Fireside Bowl to get it into people’s hands. In 2004, they headed back to Atlas with new drummer David Schneider to record the first full-length.

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Kreatiivmootor are from Tallinn, Tartu, Freiburg and other cities of the world. They combine dadatechno, low-fi-industrial, hysteric folk, free jazz, vocal deathmetal and hip-hop, creepy ambient, minimal post-rock (etc) and mix it all to highly explosive music. Kreatiivmootor are Roomet Jakapi (vocals, electronics), Eerik Hanni (electronics, visuals), Allan Plekksepp (guitar, bass, electronics), Harri Altroff (synthesizer, bass), Maria Lepik (saxophone), Ingrid Aimla (percussions), Kaur Garšnek (solo guitar, synthesizer), Madis Paalo (drums).

Read more about Kreatiivmootor on Last.fm.

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the paul mckenna band

Combining their love for traditional and folk music as well as original songs and tunes the Paul McKenna Band have been playing to audiences throughout the UK since 2006. With a contemporary approach to songs, although not straying too far from their roots, their arrangements are both fresh and innovative. Their exciting sound is created through outstanding vocals, driving Guitar and Bouzouki, intense Fiddle playing, a warm pairing of Flute and Whistles and dynamic Bodhrán and percussion.

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What do you think of when you hear the name "PowerSolo"? 'Round Denmark way, the moniker apparently conjures the trash-rock psychobilly legacy of Hasil Adkins, the Cramps, and Southern Culture on the Skids. Powersolo may be a power trio, but in this case, the prog-metal acrobatics of rush are replaced with something they call "donkey punk." Two tremolo-loving chicken-scratch, rail-thin guitarists Kim Kix and Atomic Child. And drummer J.C.

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