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There exist five acts with this name: 1. A side project of Lycia members Mike Vanportfleet and fellow member David Galas
2. An atmospheric/ambient/raw dark/black metal with vocals reminiscent of early Burzum.
3. A Finnish rock band
4. A death.blues London, UK band
5. A techno act from sweden. -----
1) In the midst of an incredibly prolific time for the band Lycia during the mid-'90s, bandleader Mike Vanportfleet and fellow member David Galas found time to create a side project...

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Mable John

Mable John (born November 3, 1930) is an American blues vocalist who was the first female signed by Berry Gordy to Motown's Tamla label. John was born in Bastrop, Louisiana, and moved from the south to Detroit to find employment. After graduating Pershing High School, she took a job as an insurance representative at a company run by Berry Gordy's mother, Bertha. She soon met Gordy, and in 1959 began recording for him.

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Reuben Wilson

Reuben Wilson (born April 9, 1935) is a jazz organist, performer of the Hammond B3. He plays acid jazz, though he also performed in the soul jazz idiom. Wilson began performing in the 1960s. Partial discography:
- On Broadway (Blue Note, 1968)
- Love Bug (Blue Note, 1969)
- Blue Mode (Blue Note, 1969)
- Groovy Situation (Blue Note, 1970)
- Set Us Free (Blue Note, 1971)
- The Sweet Life (Groove Merchant, 1972)
- Bad Stuff (Groove Merchant, 1973)
- The Cisco Kid (Groove Merchant, 1974)

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Light Of The World

Fairly large Jazz Funk band with brass section from North London (UK) who had a big live following and some moderate chart success in the late 70's and early 80's. Most well known for their hits "London Town" and the 10 minute plus track, "Time". Band members Kenny Wellington, David Baptiste and Neville McKrieth also recorded as Beggar & Co throwing their two Top Forty chart hits into the LOTW repertoire. Paul Williams and Jean Paul Maunick also formed the successful splinter group Incognito during their time with Light Of The World.

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Angela Johnson

Reared on Motown backbeats, 70s groove bands, and gospel wails, multi-talented artist Angela Johnson has a knack for creating songs that infuse the classic elements of music’s yesteryear into a dynamic and contemporary brew distinctly her own. Her critically-acclaimed solo albums They Don’t Know (2002 Purpose) and Got To Let It Go (2005 Purpose) introduced Angela as a soothing soul singer with a stealth, gut-punching alto and a sensitive songwriter of deceptively simple melodies that moved listeners from romantic sways to back-burning sweats.

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