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A unique, UK singer songwriter and artist. Daley hails from Manchester - his diverse sound rooted within Neo-soul, Pop and R&B, infused with Ambient / Experimental vibes. Over the last few years Daley has been building a reputation for himself around the UK, showcasing his trademark melodic vocal style, flair for songwriting and vocal arrangement, and is currently writing his debut album.

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Roy Davis Jr

Roy Davis Jr. is a professional DJ specializing in house music on many different labels including Large, Ubiquity, Nice+Smooth Ultramedia and Scion. Davis grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Davis was turned on to house music at an early age by house pioneer Lil' Louis. Davis began his own production company named Phuture in the late 1980s. In the 1990s Davis teamed with Chicago vocalist Peven Everett and recorded the hit song, "Gabriel"(Large /XL).

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Jonathan Jeremiah

Jonathan Jeremiah is a London-born singer/songwriter. His debut album ‘Fool In Love', which he composed, performed and produced himself, is a heart-warming symphony of acoustic guitar and orchestration. ‘Fool In Love’ uses London’s highly regarded Heritage Orchestra, with the conductor Jules Buckley at the helm. Jonathan decided on an entirely analogue recording process which he was able to do at the Fishfactory Studios, West London, and it is this that gives the album its uniquely warm sound.

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Ben Mono

Ben Mono – ambitious multi-player, producer, remixer and in demand DJ from Munich – has built himself a solid reputation in the world of advanced diskotainment during the past years. His debut album "Dual" was praised by critics for being “complex, deep, tight and authentic at the same time” (De:Bug). His tracks can be found constantly on heavy rotation in the playlists of supporters like Dave Clarke, Jazzanova, Funkstörung or Zombie Nation. Finally, after carefully polishing his latest compositions, Ben Mono is about to drop his long awaited sophomore effort: "Hit The Bit".

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