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There are at least 4 bands named Rust RUST - Finland
These four Finns demonstrate an incredible amount of talent, dedication and versatility in their music best described as Alternative Metal. RUST hails from the city of Helsinki, Finland and stands out with their original style and striking musicianship. Having their roots in the 90's Alternative Rock and Metal, RUST distinctively mixes sounds and rhythms of the 21st century with massive deep-tuned guitar riffs, huge and catchy choruses and powerful vocal performances.

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Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace are a band formed by Mo Mostowfi (guitarist/vocalist) in 2006. Alongside Thomas White (drums) and Dylan Asphar (bass) the three piece started gigging around the city they're based in - Brighton - and began to make ripples in the live music scene in 2007.
By 2009 the band split and briefly reformed in 2010, but due to Dylan's reluctance to play live, the band came to a halt.
However, in late 2012, the band reformed and replaced Dylan with Chris Hollands.

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1. UnlimiteD, a Vietnamese metal band. They released the album Tái Sinh in 2007 and UnlimiteD Symphony CD+DVD concert in 2009. 2. UnLimited, a 4 person Japanese rock band from Hokkaido, Japan, with an average age of 18 (as of 2009). They formed in 2007 under their current name and released their first single 'Opening' independently.
In 2008, they continued touring and got a number of awards, one being the No. 1 Indies Artist in the Hokkaido area.

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Mother Mars

Mother Mars came into existence in 2002. They lean more towards a sound of heavy fuzzed-out grooves while also taking in elements of the psychedelic and doom.
They are based in Sydney, Australia and have been playing shows since 2003. In mid 2007 they released an ep called 'Take The Ride', an album 'Primitives' in early 2009 and in May 2011 a second full-length release 'Fossil Fuel Blues'. Featuring almost an hour of stoner-doom riffery and psychedelic mayhem, Fossil Fuel Blues is the first Mother Mars release as a three-piece and is overall a big step forward for the band.

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Emperors is rock band from Perth, Australia. Starting out in 2009 as a studio project, Adam Livingston and Greg Sanders had the common goal of writing catchy, loud pop music without any trace of cynicism or pretension. The songs combine rich melodies, anthemic vocals and abrasive guitars, entrenched in 90’s indie rock and 80’s punk, but with a much wider variety of influences. What began as an inebriated, weekly ritual in a North Perth apartment developed over the next year until it became a poorly rehearsed but passionate rock 'n' roll machine.

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From a rough and frozen land we arose, with a will like rebels, a
common love for music and a stubbornness we needed to create our
significant tenacious and dirty non-compromise sludgerock. Imagine a
sound of steel, with two guitarists, with totally different expressions
but at the same time brothers in music. A rhythm section oozing of
fusion and madness, interspersed with vocals from heaven and hell!

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Cosmic Psychos

The Cosmic Psychos are a rock band based in Melbourne and rural Victoria in Australia. An underground band that has only ever achieved limited recognition, they were cited as a significant influence on the Seattle grunge scene of 90s. In particular they have been referenced by members of Mudhoney and Pearl Jam and have supported both bands. Known for their droning, fuzzed-out bass and wah-wah guitar with repetitive lyrics...

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