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Adastreia is: Del Gentilini - Guitars
Matt Clarke - Bass
Josiah Lutton - Keyboards
Jamie Dodd - Vocals
Michael Row - Drums Adastreia began in July 2004 when a previous musical project involving Del, Matt & Westley disbanded. After initially forming as a four-piece with Alexandra on vocals and keyboards it was decided that a dedicated keyboard player was needed to free Alexandra up for her vocal duties.

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Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes was formed in 1992 by Michael Stenberg (guitar), Björn Luna (bass), Kristian Johansen (drums) and T. Foshaug AKA Strange Gentle (vocals). The first recordings of the band were 4 songs done in October the same year and together with 2 more tracks recorded in December '93 the band shorthly thereafter released their first demo; "Between the devil and the deep blue sea". Two of the songs; "Castle in the air" and "Cat's eye" (Sacrilege), was re-arranged and re-written, and later appeared on Shapes of Spirits.

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The Marionettes

This is a Gothic band from the 80's consisting of three members. They have not been in the public eye for about 11 years or so. Their most popular song was "Ave Dementia", released in 1990. There is a fanpage on Myspace, with the URL "thescreamingmarionettes". The Marionettes:A Biography February 1986:"The Marionettes" start life as the "Screaming Marionettes" when 20 year old singer/songwriter,Sean Cronin,gathers together novice drummer John Downey,bassist Boo Levard and singer/keyboard player David Izen.

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There are at least 5 "Apparition":
a) a symphonic/melodic metal band from the United Kingdom (in most of the pictures)
b) a death metal band from the United States
c) a melodic metal band from The Netherlands
d) a psychedelic rock band from the United States
e) a one-man black metal band from South Korea a) a symphonic/melodic metal band from the United Kingdom
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There are at least two artists called Maxim: 1) Keith Palmer (born 21 March 1967), best known as Maxim or Maxim Reality, is an MC of the British electronica/rave band The Prodigy. He is known for his fierce style of appearance in both music videos and live shows, often wearing scary contact lenses and kilts. His fierce style is also vibrant in the lyrical sense; in live shows he is known to scream and shout to hype up the audience.

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The Launderettes

The Launderettes are an all-female group from Norway who play what they describe as "raw 60's garage punk". The group is led by the self-proclaimed "scream queen" Ingvild Nordang, alongside Linda Kastbakken (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Siri Eriksen (Bass & Backing Vocals), Ragna Nordenborg (Keyboards & Backing Vocals), and Cecile Asker (Drums & Percussions). They released their first two singles back in 2000 - Rebel Love was released on the Norweigan Label Sneakers Records, and I Wanna Jump Your Bones on German Label Thunderbaby Records.

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There are more than one band under this name.
1.Memorium is an American doom metal band formed in 1993.
They've got a split with Symphony of Grief.Current status: active.
Official site:
2.Memorium is a Canadian Death Metal band formed in 2001 which aims at modern death metal audiance. The Canucks produced thier first independent EP, entitled "Triumph of the Origin", in 2005. They are influenced from bands like Carcass and Hatebreed. "This is gruff and brutal metal that relies on a very distorted guitard sound!" Metallian

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