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illuminatus are one Spaniard, one German, one Italian and one English gent. They deal in expansive soundscapes, razor-sharp dynamics and no-nonsense melodic song-writing. For illuminatus there exists no scene; no bandwagon; no fashion war. The debut album, 'The Wrath Of The Lambs', was released on Monday, 26 May 2008, via Ant Hill Records (Panic Cell / Adema / Screamin' Lords / Speed Theory). The album has gained the attention of the UK music press, with great reviews in Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and countless online webzines.

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There are two bands called Argonaut. 1) Female-fronted alternative grunge band from the UK. Released their self-titled debut album Argonaut in November 2012 on Criminal Records, with track listing as follows: 1. Monet (4.02)
2. Touch Electric (2.51)
3. More Life (3.24)
4. 2. Lights (3.13)
5. They Can Buy You (3.05)
6. The Detail (3.15)
7. Vintage Dress (3.53)
8. Spectres (5.19)
9. Chemistry (3.18)
10. Sleep Tight (3.45)

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Matt Bowdidge

London based Matt Bowdidge, is the latest Australian talent to hit the International Stage. Matts signature techy edge and melodic top lines immediately caught the attention of the Discover A & R team who snapped Matt up for a series of releases on the Discover imprint. His debut two track E.P. starts with Crossing North - a lush melodic excursion set against a back drop of intricate fills and a powerful bottom end.

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Several artists/bands use(d) the name Tilt: 1. A Polish rock group, consisting of Tomasz Lipiński - g, voc; Franz Dreadhunter - bg, Lala - g, kbd; Tomasz Czulak - dr. The band performed with breaks in the years 1979-2003. At first the group was associated with punk scene and played the songs with lyrics in English. Tomek Lipiński- founder, leader, vocalist and guitarist - was the only one who was a member throughout the whole activity of the band.

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Super8 & Tab

Only a select number of modern trance artists can convincingly say they are taking the sound to the next level. Although the humble, softly spoken duo would never shout it out themselves, Super8 & Tab are undoubtedly among them. Renowned for their innovative approach and intricate production values, the Finnish producers have stealthily pushed themselves to the front of the trance pack since coming together in 2005.

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First formed back in the 1990s, UK based artist "Macrocosm" (Mike Letchford) started life producing ambient music, but moved into experimental "intelligent" dance music and a period of drum and bass. Featured as "demo of the month" in April 1996 edition of Future Music magazine (with the song "Choral Reefer", he joined the label Protean Vision Quest in 1997 (along with artists like Gnomadic) supplying music for the "Ancient Alien" video, and regularly performing in Brighton and as part of a UK "Ambisonix 3D Sound" tour (along with the band Quanta).

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Justin Tuijl

Current location: United Kingdom Website:
Buy: Justin Tuijl] is a British solo experimental electronic musician with firm roots in dance, rave and psychedelic trance. A blend of styles from life experiences of ambient soundscapes his music style covers most areas of electronic music, such as: techno, trance, dub, psytrance and breakbeat / drum and bass and often incorporates elements of many other styles and sounds. He had always had an overwhelming interest in music.

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