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Thick As Blood

Formed in May 2004, THICK AS BLOOD began as seven members forging ahead with a new band that will continue the tradition of South Florida Straight Edge. Harrowing vocals coupled with pummeling breakdowns will leave the listener longing for more. Their convictions infused with influences from today's heavy hitters such as HATEBREED, TERROR, and SWORN ENEMY will make sure they are a staple in today's hardcore scene.

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There are 5 artists sharing this name: 1) Senseless was an Austrian Grunge-Band that existed between 1996 - 1999. They only recorded one album called 'Trist'. 2) Senseless is a german grunge-punk Band from Munich, formed in february 2005. 3) Senseless is a German Alternative/Punk Rock Band from Köln (Cologne), formed end of 2006, mainly inspired by Three Days Grace. 4) Senseless is an german Band from Gerorgsmarienhütte. They cover Songs by Ramones, Metallica or Böhse Onkelz. 5) Senseless is a hardcore punk band local to Stoke-on-Trent. They play fast and vicious fun punk music.

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Your Demise

Hate filled hardcore / metal from St Albans, UK. Their self released first efforts Your Days Are Numbered and You Only Make Us Stronger put them on the UK Hardcore map and affirmed their place as one of the circuit's leading lights, Your Demise playing alongside anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere. An E.P entitled The Blood Stays On The Blade saw their first breakthrough in the UK press.

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Deathcore/Metalcore/Moshcore from Brisbane, Australia. MEMBERS
Vocals - Mark
Guitar - Louie
Guitar - David
Bass - John
Drums -Trent
Destroying shit.

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Awoken began in 2003 playing heavy and fast hardcore. Working non-stop, with determination and a consistantly positive attitude, constant shows across the UK, a debut MCD on Let It Burn Records and 2 tours across Europe; including a 5 week - 30 show tour sharing the stage with Hoods, saw Awoken make their mark on European hardcore. Throughout several line up changes and a real sense of growth, powerful, cleverly structured anthems laced with groove and a sense of brutality remained the foundation of Awoken's sound.

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RESTRAINT is not just your average heavy music band, they are the living proof of what today defined as "the real deal". Not only from the music and the messages, but their endless energetic live performances inspired many fans and supporters. Bringing back the raw and pure hardcore spirits, from the famous circle pits, finger pointings, sing-a-long, stage dives to kickboxing, 2 steps and such - all are includes in their agenda. For us, hardcore is about spreading and sharing the positive ideas, and this is what the band always stand for all these years, past, present and years to come.

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First Blood

With a strong lineup boasting current and ex-members of Terror and Sworn Vengeance, First Blood brought their self-titled debut EP to the masses in 2003. In 2004, they continued their assault with their split 7" EP release entitled "The Dead Man's Hand 03" with Philadelphia's own Blacklisted. Now in 2006, the band plans to unleash their crushing debut full-length "Killafornia" to the world on Trustkill Records.
It is rumored that the whole band is Vegetarian/Vegan.

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There are 3 bands with this name. Ruckus (Los Angeles, not to be confused with the other Nu-Metal esque band with the same name) Is a heavy hardcore band. They've got an EP, a 2 song sampler, and a split with Xibalba/World of Pain under their belt, and they're undergoing writing for their debut LP. The Ruckus was a ska-punk band out of Herndon, VA. Also a Swiss metal band that released a full-length album in 1994 and later morphed into

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Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Donnybrook brings an old-school, in-your-face style that has drawn comparisons to Madball, Death Threat, and District 9. The group was formed in early 2003 by six friends who were fed up with the insincerity plaguing the scene they grew up loving and believing in. With their debut four-song EP now out on 1917 Records, coupled with their plans to tour both the East and West coasts (and soon after, the world!), and you'll see why Donnybrook is poised to thrust themselves into the mix with hardcore's heaviest hitters.

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