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Her Nightmare

Forming in 2003 this five piece Melbourne band stands strongly under the banner of Australian Hardcore, yet are proud to acknowledge their obvious metal influences. Massive vocals, brutal guitars and a relentless intensity have seen them successfully travel the nation many times with bands like Parkway Drive, Comeback Kid, Most Precious Blood, 50 Lions, Jungle Fever and Terror. In 2005 came the release of their first full length album

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There are multiple artists under the name of Providence. One is a beatdown band from France (see xProvidencex), and another is: Is a punk band from Melbourne Australia, who released an album in the Early 90s called South East Of Syracuse. Providence - Albums Listed on Live @ The Blue Fugue & Cinderblock Walls Demo
Based out of St. Louis/Columbia, MO
Lead Vocals/Guitar: Devin "Devo" Burrow
Drums/Backup Vocals: Zach Denison
Bass: Jake Fishbach

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There are several artists with this name: 1) Canadian-based duo.
2) Hard core/metal band from Long Beach, New York.
3) Ambient duo of Theo Travis and Dave Sturt.
4) New Wave / Postpunk band from L.A. (1977-83) 1) Canadian-based hip hop duo whose album 360 Degrees came to prominance on the Canadian scene in the mid-90s.
Cipher is producer Clean, providing an atmospheric blend of smokey jams, late-night jazz and ambient synths whilst rapper G2, brings true microphone talent to the mix.

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Injury Time

Injury Time are a London-based hardcore band. Their style of hardcore is a blend of fast parts, breakdowns, solos and mean vocals with a Sheer Terror influence. The band's members have been playing in other bands before coming together in Injury Time: Matty in Ninebar; DBS in Kartel and Maldito; and Rox, Si and Gibbons all played together in Maldito and 17 Stitches. They have released a 2005 Demo CD-r which Atrocity Exhibiton Records released as a 7", a 2006 Demo CD-r...

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Six Ft Ditch

Six ft. Ditch formed circa 1999 from the ashes of BOGMONSTA (RIP), from day 1 the band has HIT HARD on the UK scene regularly sharing stages and dancefloors with Knuckledust, 50 Caliber and NINEBAR. The first release was "FACES OF DEATH" on Rucktion Records (London LBU), A monstrous record filled with Murder, revenge and insanity which basically is a soundtrack to kill people to! The band played numerous shows in support of the release but never made it much further than London on the show circuit! After a slight line-up change...

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“God created us to live with a single passion: to joyfully display his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life. The wasted life is the life without this passion. God calls us to pray and think and dream and plan and work not to be made much of, but to make much of him in every part of our lives.” – John Piper Creations embody the gloomy day when humanity murdered Christ; when creator laid His life down for creation, paying the ultimate price for our salvation. The picture is vulgar and the message is offensive; repent and believe the Gospel.

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