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Nick Terranova. And His signature blend of catchy vocals, booming bass lines and genre-defying range are always in full effect on tour or at his "Dirty Sound" residencies at Late Night Empire in Las Vegas, crobar Chicago, Lizard Lounge in Dallas, On Broadway in San Diego, Bleu in Detroit, and Bliss in San Antonio. The energy and sexiness that are hallmarks of Terranova’s live shows are also his trademarks as a producer and remixer - a dance music "triple threat." That dirty vocal track your girlfriend keeps singing in the shower? It’s a Nick Terranova production.

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PROJECT UNCONDITIONAL: MAURIZIO NARI e RONNIE MILANI created the project in 1998. This project became one of the most successful in Italy and in Europe especially popular in Spain and Holland. At the beginning it was the commercial productions of UNCONDITIONAL enjoying success overseas, building slowly also to underground success with first single ‘LET’S TALK SERIOUS (TALKIN’ ABOUT)’ in1998, following in 1999 with ‘SATISFY’ which was a moderate success, lead to blowing up with ‘BRAS S 4 US’ which was on heavy radio rotation and played in all the clubs all over Italy and overseas.

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Hinda Hicks

Hinda Hicks is a Tunisian born singer with British nationality having moved to West Sussex as a child. Hinda originally sang with an R'n'B band called the Fabulous Fug Band and at one time sent a demo of her vocals alongside Aretha Franklin's Giving Him Something He Can Feel to the artist Phil Collins. However she continued to remain unsigned and moved to London working as as a secretary and singing with a band called Mixed Fruits.

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There are two artists with the name Blondes. 1) Blondes are Zach Steinman and Sam Haar and met at Oberlin College. 2) Blondes is an eurodance project from the Czech republic.
The group was made of the two vocalists Lenka and Markéta and the rapper Paul Blond.
Producers were Christian Koltarac and Don Gawthorne.
Their first single was "Open Your Heart".
They released 3 albums:
"Love Generation" - in 1995 with megahits "Magic Love Affair" and "Volare Cantare (Love Generation)".
"The Satin Album" - in 1997 with "Amor (Knockin' Here On My Door)"

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Don Diablo

Small town boy makes it big; that pretty much sums up Don Diablo’s career path up to this date. But who is this Don Diablo dude that everybody seems to be talking about? Well, for starters he is a producer, musician, imaginary friend, DJ, singer, writer, visualist, record label boss and to some people, the uncrowned King of hooligan house, but let’s start at the beginning. Don Diablo’s musical journey kicked off at the age of fifteen, when he started making music for short movies he was directing.

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Mutya Buena

Singer Mutya Buena is one of the original members of the British group Sugababes, which she co-founded in 1998. She left the group in late 2005 and was replaced by Amelle Berrabah. Mutya released her debut solo album Real Girl in June 2007. The album features collaborations with George Michael, Amy Winehouse, and Groove Armada. The first single, the album's title track Real Girl entered the UK Singles Chart at No. 11 on downloads alone, climbing to No.2 after its physical release date.

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