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Mr Black

Solo Grungegaze cum Dark Psychedelicore cum Doom Folk cum Symphonic Noisewave cum Space Pop cum Gothic Soul cum Crust Pop cum Math Funk cum Acid Metal cum Sludgetherealindustrial cum Powerpopviolence cum Southern Postcore project of Mr Black conceived around 2001 as a solo project of Mr Black but not started until sometime in the 90's. Mr Black split up in 2010 following the death of Mr Black leaving behind a wide and well-received catalogue of absolutely no albums whatsoever.

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El Paramo

Label/Date: Alone Records, 2008
Genre: psychedelic, instrumental stoner-rock
From: Madrid, Spain
Similar/Related: Colour Haze, Los Natas, La Ira De Dios, Kyuss, Gonga, Karma To Burn El Paramo is a four piece from Madrid, Spain, formed at the beginning of 2005. They are influenced by Black Sabbath, Colour Haze, Black Mountain and Kyuss among a few others, so ofcourse their sound is a mix of the desert sounds with tones of Colour Haze, Kyuss.

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What The Blood Revealed

What The Blood Revealed is a post-metal band from from the burgh of Ayrshire in Scotland. We have two EPs out, both of which you can buy over at The pursuit of the truth through scientific endeavour is what makes us human.
Evolution is not a theory.
Experimentation is often beautiful, though the results rarely are.
Be selective in what you read, for your time is truly short.
Seek the rational, embrace the truthful. Say hi if you like the tracks! xxx

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Upon returning to Melbourne after 67 shows across Europe and Japan, Heirs commenced work on their second album, Fowl. With the baton of core song-writing being handed from drummer Damian Coward to guitarist, Brent Stegeman, Heirs turned their attention toward their electronic underbelly, honing in on the industrial vapour and blackened ambience that permeated their debut, Alchera, distilling the underlying sense of melody with an arresting sense of dread.

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There is more than one band with the name Hands: [1] Shane Ochsner, Josh Silbernagel, Chris Schwartz and Jerik Hendrickson are collectively Hands, a band that combines circling atmospheric guitars punctuated with hard hitting progressions. They are a band in which rock and roll meets ambient hardcore and warm silvery singing rivals hardcore screams. The warmth of their songs is in strong contrast to the raw biting North Dakota weather that surrounds them.

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A Storm of Light

The voice that leads And We Wept the Black Ocean Within is now dead. No, tragedy hasn't struck since the album was recorded. The debut release from Brooklyn, NY trio A Storm of Light is anything but posthumous. However, within its murky, suffocating depths there lies little certainty about the origin and veracity of the words bellowed by guitarist Josh Graham (also Neurosis visual director, Blood and Time, Battle of Mice and formerly of Red Sparowes) as mouthpiece of the album's protagonist.

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There are six bands called Dirge : 1. Dirge is a French band formed in 1994 in Paris, France. From the genre that exploded in the first part of the 90s, the band slowly evolved toward a more atmospheric and progressive form of metal, related to bands such as Neurosis, Isis, and Cult of Luna. The original band members were Marc T. (guitars, programming) and Laurent P. (vocals, programming). In the genre of bands like Godflesh and Pitchshifter, the duo's music was a hybrid of corrosive guitars, robotic hammerings, and scratching samples.

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Year of the Flood

This is epic D-Beat/Hardcore based loosely on the books of Margaret Atwood and Aldous Huxley. We're spreading the word that the human race is bringing our downfall with its arrogance.... the waterless flood is coming Featuring ex-members of Jesus of Spazzareth/Bumsnogger/Blood Divided/Dead on a Rival, this sounds like Cursed and Tragedy brawling, with Converge looking on.

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