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Anthony Collins

1) DJ/producer on the French house and techno scene
2) British conductor and composer (3 September 1893 –11 December 1963) 1) Young DJ/producer Anthony Collins has proved to be the rising star on the French house and techno scene. Since his first release in 2005, he has accumulated releases on labels including Get Physical, Minisketch, resopal, Criminal Rec, Tuning Spork, Liebe Detail, Micro-Fibres, Highgrade and now Freak n'Chic.

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SCAMS - Leeds, UK Whether playing to expectant audiences in their adopted hometown of Leeds, or showcasing everywhere from Europe to the US, Scams are rapidly establishing a reputation as genuine purveyors of a unique sound and a dynamic and infectious live act. From the increasingly rare honesty in performance through to its consistent reflection in each album track, this is pop music without bullshit and without boundaries; more about heartfelt harmonies and searing melodies that carry openly sincere words.

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Siiiii were born in early 1983 when singer Paul, then only 19, moved from his native East Anglia to Sheffield purely to be in the band, joining guitarist Mark, and bassist Ange. Taking their name from William Burroughs' "The Soft Machine" they gigged extensively during the early to mid 1980's and possibly hold the record for the amount of times they were nearly signed to record labels. Siiiii disbanded in 1986 and the members went their separate ways. Mark went on to play with the Anti-Group and Paul became involved in The Niceville Tampa (now Niceville) and then DVO in South Wales.

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There are multiple groups and artists performing under the name 'Elle': Elle is a Canadian-born, LA-based multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Songs from her first EP, "Insomnia" charted in the top ten in college radio. Through her Pasadena-based label, 5 Alarm Music, Desire has already had tracks placed in TV's "Missing", “The Black Donelly’s”, “Friday Night Lights” and “One Life To Live” and she performed numerous times on national TV.

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There are several bands called "Showdown". One is a hip-hop duo from Slovenia that also performs in English. Chea & Hi-Jack formed ShowDown in 2003. They released the album L.J.U.'s Finest in 2009. Another is a country band from Canada, most well known for "The Rodeo Song". Tags: 
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Matthias Meyer

Dj, Producer and artist Matthias Meyer hails from the quiet town of Lueneberg, Germany (near Hamburg). As a young, excited music lover, the hi-tech sounds of Detroit and Chicago spoke to Matthias, and encouraged him to seek the excitement and hustle of nearby Hamburg's diverse club scene. From here he let music take control, actively promoting this newfound scene in his local towns with the sFunkt DJ collective, organising parties that would bring the electronic message to an otherwise dance-less area.

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Tanya Kalmanovitch

Born: July 5, 1970 Born in Fort McMurray, Alberta, violist and violinist Tanya Kalmanovitch now lives in the spaces between modern jazz, classical music and free improvisation. Actively performing in New York City since 2004, she has been named “Best New Talent” by All About Jazz New York, while Time Out New York identified her from a small pool of suspects as “the Juilliard-trained violist who’s been tearing up the scene”.

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