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Flesh For Lulu

Nick Marsh (Vocals/Guitar) & James Mitchell (Drums) start Flesh For Lulu & are swiftly joined by Glen Bishop (Bass) and ex-Wasted Youth Guitarist Rocco Barker (Guitar/Vocals) Flesh become part of the “ scene” and are key amongst early glam-goth bands, touring with the likes of Specimen and Alien Sex Fiend 1983
The band record demo tracks which include an early version of “Restless” (then called “All That You Know”), “Spy In Your Mind”, “DNA” and “Dark & The Gun” On the strength of the demos and the live reaction they are starting to generate Flesh are signed to Polydor

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Black Ice

There are more than one artist that use the name "Black Ice": a No Wave / experimental / gothic band, a gangsta hip-hop group formed by Iced-T and Black Silver, a Hungarian rapper, as well as a Rapper/Poet, a soul and funk unit from the US and a jug band from Kentucky, circa 1920. 1) No Wave / experimental / gothic
Black Ice (straight outta Oakland, California) was formed in 1999 by members of the legendary Phantom Limbs, Stevenson Sedgwick and Skot Brown.

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The Marionettes

This is a Gothic band from the 80's consisting of three members. They have not been in the public eye for about 11 years or so. Their most popular song was "Ave Dementia", released in 1990. There is a fanpage on Myspace, with the URL "thescreamingmarionettes". The Marionettes:A Biography February 1986:"The Marionettes" start life as the "Screaming Marionettes" when 20 year old singer/songwriter,Sean Cronin,gathers together novice drummer John Downey,bassist Boo Levard and singer/keyboard player David Izen.

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The Last Dance

The Last Dance are a modern alternative rock group from California. The music is a hard hitting blend of basic guitar, bass and drums rock ‘n’ roll with 80’s style new wave, postpunk, darkwave, and electronica.

Guitarist Rick Joyce, vocalist Jeff Diehm, and bassist Peter J. Gorritz rely on many years of working together in the stage and studio combined with a wealth of varied musical styles and influences between them to forge a sound that is solid and consistent yet flexible enough to constantly evolve.

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There are several artists with the name "Manuskript" #1 Manuskript is a British synth pop band, with a dark, gothic undertone. Gloriously hooky melodies and a great live show. The band consists of Michael Uwins, Paul Morris, Tom Quick, Tim Chandler, and Christian Tonkin. #2 A danish trio who mixes melodic electronica, noise, field recordings and live sampling with read poetry. Members:
Mirian Due Steffensen - Poetry, synths
Martin Luckmann - Laptop, rhodes, samplers and more
Jakob Brixen - Laptop, synths, live-sampling and more

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Alien Sex Fiend

Forming in 1982 in London, UK, Alien Sex Fiend played their first ever gig at the original Batcave club in Soho, London. They quickly became known in the batcave and subsequent gothic scenes, then far beyond those genres for their dark electronic, industrial, punk sound, with its mixture of heavy samples, trippy loops, guitar and manic vocals. Comprising of frontman Nik Fiend and his spouse Mrs. Fiend as the nucleus, the band has put out a long and musically varied discography over the years.

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