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The Haxan Cloak

The Haxan Cloak is 23 year old London-based musician Bobby Krlic. He has released several CD-R EPs, all sold at live shows and currently out of print, bar one being distributed exclusively by the Aurora Borealis label. He has played live with Matthew Bower, Prurient, Cold Cave, Neil Campbell and others. He has collaborated with Sub Rosa artist Mikhail Karikis, resulting in a remix appearing on Karikis’s 2009 release, Morphica. Tags: 
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There is more than one band named "Collapse"
1. Hardcore punk band from Lugano, Switzerland.
2. COLLAPSE was a ''NYHC'' band that existed from December 1988 to April 1989. The band was comprised of Sean P. Murphy on vocals,Camillus 'Dead Guy'Peluso on guitar,Sergio Vega on bass guitar and John Kriksciun on drums. 3. Collapse is a Death/Doom Metal band hailing from The Russian Federation. 4. A Grindcore band from Canada.

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Broken Spindles

Broken Spindles is the brainchild of Joel Petersen of Omaha, Nebraska. He is in other Saddle Creek bands, playing bass guitar in The Faint and Beep Beep. The music is mostly instrumental with minimal vocals which Petersen sings. It originally started in 2001 as the soundtrack for a friend's film. It developed into a solo project with the first release in 2002 on Tiger Style Records. In between touring with The Faint and Beep Beep, Petersen found time to write music for Broken Spindles. The song, "Song No Song," from fulfilled/complete was used in a car commercial for Lexus

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1) DOR is a noise/industrial/power electronics band from Russia 2) Dor (Hindi: डोर, Urdu: ڈور, translation: String) is a 2006 Bollywood feature film, written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. It is about two women (and of the life of a widow), who are bound together by the string that fate ties them together with. The soundtrack, which was composed by Salim-Sulaiman and the lyrics by Mir Ali Husain, was released on August 26, 2006 with a typical and traditional Rajasthani flavor.

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Job Karma

JOB KARMA - set up in 1997, is an audiovisual project from Wroclaw that explores the trans-ambient area of postindustrial aesthetics. The band was formed by Maciek Frett and Aureliusz Pisarzewski. The visual side of the project is the scope of Arek Baginski's contribution. In their suggestive live shows they combine performance and video art showing the relations human - machines and machine - sacrum.

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Found this in their myspace's page.
Promise to translate to english a.s.a.p (currently @ work) KILLUS nace en Vila-real 10 años atrás aproximadamente, bajo influencias de bandas que van desde Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, White Zombie hasta otras como Depeche Mode. En base a estos sonidos, KILLUS ha conseguido plasmar su línea musical, dotándola de un estilo muy personal. La banda ha podido compartir escenario con bandas internacionales tan importantes como Clawfinger, Deathstars, Stoneman y del panorama nacional como: Skizoo...

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Saints of Eden

Following his departure from UK band Nefilim, Cian Houchin went on to form Saints Of Eden.
SOE have released four albums, The Other Side, Proteus, Overload and the NEW ALBUM FORBIDDEN PLEASURE.
The current band members are:
* Cian Houchin (vocals)
* Ross Anderson (guitar)
* Andy Kendle (bass guitar)
* Flow (drums)
* Dave XM (guitar 2)

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