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Delay is a moniker for multiple bands: 1) An American powerpop band
2) An American shoegaze band
3) A Swiss synthpop group 1) Delay (Ohio) are a power pop punk trio from the surrounding Columbus, Ohio area. They've been putting out all of their own records since they were thirteen and still print and press most of their records. Lots of tight harmonies and high energy are to be expected. They have 6 records, the latest record Rushing Ceremony was released on Shout Out Loud Prints.

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Årabrot - True Norwegian Noise Rock Årabrot is the name of a waste dump right outside the small
west-Norwegian town of Haugesund. But most importantly Årabrot
is the name of the local institution for troubled youth where three
young Haugesunders first met and founded a band that could have
only one name; Årabrot.
While orthodoxy and predictably has taken its toll on the once so exciting
Norwegian Black Metal scene, a quite different breed of metal is

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Founded in 2008, this one man project wants to bring electronic music where it belongs - to the dancefloor! No romantic song texts, no multi - coloured - plastic - hair sporting singers, and no bats flying out of anyones ass... Just Industrial, Electro, and Hardstyle elements melted down into a substance which forces its consumers into a relentless dancing spree.

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1. Stray are a UK rock band that formed in 1966. Vocalist Steve Gadd, guitarist Del Bromham, bass player Gary Giles and drummer Steve Crutchley formed the group whilst all were attending the local Christopher Wren School in London. They signed to Transatlantic Records in January 1970, delivering eight albums in seven years for the label. Iron Maiden covered 'All In Your Mind' on their single 'Holy Smoke'.

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There are several artists known as Bios: 1) Bios are a 4-piece indie rock band from Milan, Italy. 2) BIOS is a Latvian industrial/ power noise formation of J.Kauss active in years 2000-2005. In 2002 a full-time album titled "Division by Zero" was released on CD by Latvian industrial music label Sturm. It's long-time out of print, but you can download it as mp3 for free directly from the label:
Also the producer has recently shared his unreleased works from 2000-2004:

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Top Hat

Top Hat is an indie-industrial act from Fredericton, NB. It has been strongly associated over the years with a number of local musicians: Sol Martin (of The Fearless Tomorrow Project and Monday's Friday), Lucy Smith, Hollis Bailey (of The Re-Runs), and Dan Legare (Pixley's counterpart in +4 Modifier. Kit also helped record, master and mix Legare's debut solo album, "Covered & Drowned"). Top Hat's debut release, Sampler 1.0, takes cuts from the band's next four albums.

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When it comes to an Artist one of the greatest traits is remaining relevant and setting trends. AV can not only do both but also make it entertaining while doing it. He has created a new sound called Sagg Muzik, which combines, lyrical skill with rhythm from jazz and R&B to create a melodic, style that has set the bar for many other artist to follow. Entertainment has always looked for an artist that can be a chameleon of the industry, which creates a vast number of avenues when it comes to marketing and generating a selling point.

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There are several artists that are and have used the moniker Minion. 1.
German Metal band from Bremen. Started in 1994.
They play a combination of swedish influenced metal and hardcore.
Current line-up:
DC - vocals (ex-Kate Mosh, ex-Turnover)
Svenion (Sven Nienaber) - guitar (Mörser)
Dennis - guitar (Mörser)
Matt - bass
Andre - drums (Mörser) So far they have released:
Pantera Full-length, 2002
Demo 2005 Demo, 2005
Exile Of Fear Full-length, 2006
Out Of The Carnage... Let Me Back In Full-length, 2007

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In 2000 O.V.N.I was formed when the members of the Alfa-Matrix break beat band, Seize, decided to swap roles and do something a little darker, this time with Steven taking the lead vocals and Sandrine and Rosie on bass and keyboards respectively. O.V.N.I started out with the name Spermwhale, but decided to change it when hunting for a label.

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