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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) AFI (A Fire Inside) is a rock band from Ukiah, CA, United States that formed in 1991. Their career progression has taken them through notable and drastic changes in music styles from hardcore punk to a combination of punk, goth and alternative (that some may call horror punk) and currently, a variant of alternative. While still in high school in Ukiah, California, David Marchand aka Davey Havok (vocals), Mark Stopholese (guitar) and Vic Chalker (bass) formed an outfit called AFI in 1991.

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There are multiple artists named Pinwheel: 1) a band Ben Gibbard was in before Death Cab for Cutie
2) a band featuring Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne.
3) a Minneapolis hard rock band formed in 2008 1) In the Ben Gibbard version, Ben shared lead vocal duties with Justin Kennedy, who now fronts L.A. popsters Army Navy. The band sounds more like Built to Spill than it does Death Cab.

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No Omega

NO OMEGA plays a dark and melodic hardcore/post-rock filled with angst and frustration. Influenced by bands like The Carrier, Killing the Dream, Meleeh, Oceana and Rise and Fall. NO OMEGA started out in January this year. Released a demo in May. Played with great bands Ruiner and Carpathian in August on their Sweden minitour. Did their first European tour in September with Poison My Blood (B) and More than a Thousand (PT). Releasing their debut 7-inch on WORLD vs COMETH Records in December! For fans of: The Carrier, Killing the Dream, Meleeh, Oceana and Rise and Fall

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killjoys from melbourne australia are beautiful melodic indie pop band with brilliant girl vocalist....(page listed under ...killjoys the...) not to be confused with defunct canadian band with similar name... they are more power pop with all boys... or with the UK punk band, featuring Kevin Rowland (later of Dexys Midnight Runners)

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Faintest Idea

Faintest Idea is a punk band with a bit of 'agricultural ska' mixed in. They are signed to party house records. Members are -
Danni Camp - Bass + Vox
Sam Rayner - Guitar + Vox
Cheese - Drums
Danny Hill - Saxaphone
Ben - Trumpet + Vox
Dom - Trombone

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