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Born Dead

atleast 2 is known under this name
Born/Dead formed in the late 2000 in Oakland, California. They have released a number of records on D.I.Y.labels such as No Options Records, Prank Records, and Yellowdog Records in Germany. They have toured the U.S. and Europe extensively in their five years of existence, and have played with bands like The Subhumans, The Restarts, and The Capitalist Casualties.

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Trigger Effect

Trigger Effect are a bunch of jerks from Montreal who play some loud, obnoxious music. They like to travel around from city to city in a big, smelly van and get out ever so often to yell at people. They have made some musical discs including Dare to Ride the Heliocraft and Friendship Adventure Music, Versitis Maximus and Escape From Planet Scorpion. They have made parties with a bunch of cool bands all over North America and Europe.

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Out of Bounds

The band was originally formed in 1999. The first recording was a demo from summer of 2000 and it had 4 songs in it. The second was EP-Step Correct which was recorded in a local studio called Livingroom after Out Of Bounds had won a major music competition in their home town ‘’Tku Bandstand 2002’’. The third recording session, Reflections, was finished in 2004. Soon after that, the problems started and things got out of hands... ...At the end of May 2006, Out Of Bounds went back to studio. At this point there had already been a change in their line-up.

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The Distractions

The band was originally formed in 1975 by college friends Mike Finney (vocals) and Steve Perrin (guitar),[1] alongside Lawrence Tickle (bass) and Tony Trap (drums).[2] The band changed tack with the advent of punk in 1977 and Finney and Perrin recruited a new line-up of Pip Nicholls (bass), Adrian Wright (guitar), and Alec Sidebottom (drums, formerly of The Purple Gang), now mixing punk rock with sixties influences.

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Poison My Blood

In the summer of 2008 Poison My Blood recorded their first album 'Monuments' at the Rape Of Harmonies studios (Heaven Shall Burn, Misery Speaks, ...) in Germany. 'Monuments' was released worldwide on January 1st 2009 through Disobedience Distro and Tornado Music. This caused the band to do several tours and play hundreds of shows, making a name for themselves as a hardworking and vicious metallic hardcore band.

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