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New Innovative UK Solo Artist
Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Dancer (1)
Pericles is a new innovative solo artist whose unusual style is causing a stir in hometown Birmingham. His music is a twist of funky urban pop and he has just released his debut single ‘Spinning’ on his own label ‘Pericles Music’.

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Sean Morris

Based out of New York, Sean Morris is ready to bring you some hard hitting tunes. His punk rock roots, jazz study and unique songwriting style make for a sound all his own. Armed with only an acoustic guitar and a set of lungs, his songs are meant to be heard live and more importantly, loud. So next time he's in your town be sure to come out and say hi.

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Kabuki is the name of more than one artist: 1) A veteran DJ of Germany's drum & bass scene and high-profile producer. Brought up as a classical guitarist, studying composition and abandoning everything for the thrill of electronic music. Co-founder of the label Precision Breakbeat Research in Frankfurt. Except for music ranging from Steve Reich to John Barry, Kabuki's heart belongs to the Asian cinema and martial arts. No wonder he chose Japan's flamboyant Kabuki theatre style as DJ alias.

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The music of Underdose, defined by fans as ‘progressive, melodic, moody, happy, hard grunge’, ‘technical, not-so-straightforward rock’ or ‘a combination of Alice in Chains & Tool’, is in itself the symbiotic convergence of relatively diverse musical preferences of its four members and a result of more than 5-year-long ripening in the dirt of beer-and-tobacco scented, dimly lit pubs. With our music...

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Reset is the name of at least three totally different musical groups: one a Canadian punk band, one a Norwegian eurodance group, and a Japanese indie rock band. All three groups have tracks listed here, but the rest of this article is about the Canadian punk band. Reset was formed in 1995 in Montreal, Quebec. Originally the band members were Pierre Bouvier, Philippe Jolicoeur, Charles-André "Chuck" Comeau and Jean-Sébastien Boileau. Reset recorded a demo tape : Concerned, in 1995.

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Pope were a short lived band formed after the first split of punk greats Leatherface and featuring both that bands Frankie Stubbs and Andy Crighton. Their one and only about JohnPaulGeorgeRingo was recorded in 6 days in 1994, after which the band promptly split. While mining similar territory to Leatherface, Pope were muddy and grungier than Leatherface (especially Leatherface's last album at that point 'The Last'), as well as only featuring a single guitar attack.

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