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Versatile artist, releasing in styles Speedcore, Industrial, UK Hardcore and Frenchcore. Started out as an artist with his first release on his own Perdition Records entitled "Journey To Hell EP". This gave us an indication of what this label was all about, extremely hard and fast speedcore. But this is only one side to his music, the majority of his releases are UK Hardcore and Frenchcore which he releases on notorious labels such as Deathchant (Hellfish, UK) and Psychik Genocide & Neurotoxic (Radium, FR).

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This Side Up

‘This Side Up’ ……. the Hip-Hop night that has been rocking various venues all over the badlands of Sligo. The night has gathered a devoted following since it began in 2008 and prides itself on providing the crowd with upfront music in a funky and friendly atmosphere. To kick things off Djs Noone and PC man the turntables dropping everything from OldSkool Hip-Hop and Funk to Reggae and Jazz. As the night gathers pace Shaool and Myster-E grab the microphone and raise the roof with intelligent hard hitting rhymes while original beats are dropped by Noone.

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Earth Eater

Bournemouth,UK (2012 - present) Earth Eater is an aggressive Rock/Hardcore band featuring members of Heart In Hand, Death Of An Artist, Viatrophy, Fort Vallance. "The band was founded from 3 friends all in current bands wanting to do a good times, laid back side project where we can destroy our livers and throw ourselves around on stage." Members:
James Leatherbarrow - Lead vocals
Oliver Wilson - Guitar
Gavin Thane - Bass
Damien Carter - Drums Songs:
Write Off
Waster Facebook

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#1) Dutch artist who became famous with Lange Frans and Baas B, and a few solo-tracks. #2) Brace was also a DC Hardcore band that was together 1999-2003 #3) Hard Rock band from Sydney, Australia. Featured ex-members of Henry's Anger. #4) UKHC band based in Birmingham. #5) Aberdeen, Scotland Hardcore band.

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Left In Ruins

Left In Ruins may be 1 of 3 bands: 1. The History. September 2004 marks the inception. Over the course of the last five years, Left in Ruins has sought long and hard to find the most brutally talented musicians. Threw Luigi Cilento (Vocals/Guitar), Jorge Naranjo (Lead Guitar), Jaymz Delisle (Guitar), Mike Velasquez (Bass),
and Ben Policello (Drums), into a blender with Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Slayer, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Pantera, and you will be left ‘with a ferocious blend of groove-based death metal and thuggish hardcore.’ – Metal Hammer

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