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Jonny 5

Jonny 5 is a DJ residing in Brixton, UK. He plays at various parties around London, as well as co-promoting Invisible Factors and Dream Machine events. He has also performed in Amsterdam, Berlin and Montreal. He contributed mixes and dj edits to the Cybernetic Broadcasting System.

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Point Blank

There are multiple artists with this name:
1. An American rock band
2. An American rapper
3. A Macedonian nu metal/hardcore band
4. A Canadian hip hop group
5. A Chinese oi! band
6. An alias of Belgian techno producer Jeroen Verheij
7. A hardcore band
8. An American alternative rock band
9. An Australian rock band
10. An American southern punkrock band.
11. Point Blank (Actually Point.Blank) is a Belgian Dubstep duo formed by 'Vyron' and 'Matar'
12. An Århus-based danish rap group
13. Melodic punk-rock band from South Central, New Jersey

Read more about Point Blank on Last.fm.

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Nomeansno is a punk band originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and now located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The band have never had, or have ever seemed to pursue, strong mainstream success, but they do have a devoted underground following in North America and Europe. They tour fairly often on both continents and maintain a dedicated fan base. The band was formed in 1979 by brothers Rob Wright (bass guitar and vocals) and John Wright (drum set, keyboards and vocals). Their name derives from an anti-date rape slogan.

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The Day Man Lost

The band played a blend of fast punk/grindcore & power violence. Lyrics with written in a straight forward manner talking about such issues as animal rights, anti-authority/anti-cops, pro working class etc. They played their first gig in November 2003 & played their final gig in August 2008 in their home city of Preston (Lancashire). They only put out 3 releases in that time (some could say quality, not quantity lol).

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