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real life version

Real Life Version are four guys from Slovenia, making music behing stone walls of their rehearsing room since the begining of 2005. Rising from a formerly strong local hardcore scene, they are the new generation carrying on with the same ideals, doing things D.I.Y., playing from their hearts and manifesting strong political views, fighting against apathy, ignorance and repressive hegemonic views present in todays social and political systems.

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The Chariot

There are five bands with a similar name: 1. "The Chariot" The Chariot is a metalcore band signed to Solid State Records. The Chariot was formed in 2003 by ex-Norma Jean front man Josh Scogin. Their debut full length album "Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, And Nothing Is Bleeding" was recorded entirely in one take, and was unmastered, which gave it more of a raw feel that was very similar to their live sound.

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Tha Playah

Tha Playah, born as Jim Hermsen in 1982, has developed his own particular style from the very beginning. Few artists had a start that can be compared to the storm this man unleashed in 2002. With enormous hits on the very popular Neophyte label he has proven himself record after record. Being one of the few artists ever to be contracted from the very start of his career to a label as prestigious as Neophyte Records, this dj made it very clear he deserved that chance.

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Still Remains

Still Remains was a metalcore band from Grand Rapids, Michigan , signed to Roadrunner Records, who formed out of previous Grand rapids based hardcore band Shades Of Amber, releasing their first EP in October 2003. Still Remains notably joined Welsh metal band Bullet For My Valentine, along with Hawthorne Heights and Aiden on the Kerrang XXV Tour as well as touring with Trivium, 3 Inches of Blood, and The Agony Scene in the UK for the 2005 Roadrage tour which saw the tour end at The Download Festival in Donnington.

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Red Shift

There are at least three artists with the name Red Shift:
1) an English folk band of the 1980s
2) a US trance duo
3) a US rock band. 1) Red Shift were a political folk band formed in England in the 1980s and including such folk luminaries as Pete Coe and Gina Le Faux. They made their official debut at the Sidmouth Festival (Devon, England) in 1985. John Adams joined Red Shift a few months after the group had started, replacing keyboard player Pat Knowles who had to drop out.

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1) AniMe is an italian hardcore dj & producer on Traxtorm Records. 2) Incorrect ID3 tag specifying music from an anime soundtrack. It is recommended to use the correct tag (i.e the real and original artist). Please use the 'suggest a correction' link on the right of track pages to vote to redirect individual tracks to their correct artists. 3) Hip-Hop based artist known as "Anime" aka "Emcee Anime" from Massachusetts. Anime has recently released an EP named "The Singles". www.myspace.com/animehiphop

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