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Ben Maggs

Ben Maggs is a Cotswold based singer songwriter. He uses a combination of acoustic guitar, cello, vocals and electric guitar (provided by Nigel Gardner). Ben is currently working on tracks for his debut EP (set for release in coming months) and playing shows in the south west of England. Following ‘Man on the Moon’, Ben recorded ‘New York’ and ‘Cool, Cruel Lady’ in Autumn 2010 with producer Tom Ashley (Origin Productions/Final Hour Records)

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Nick Keir

Nick Keir is an Edinburgh folk singer, and is well known on the folk scene - his music is well loved by people in the know. He is well worth looking into.
Nick began his career with the now-legendary Folk/Rock band "Finn mac Cuill" and worked with 7;84 Theatre Company befor joining The McCalmans. After Dec 2010 he'll be working solo, in a duo with Stephen Quigg and continuing his association with The Tolkien Ensemble, touring Europe with them in a huge Stage show, narrated by Christopher Lee

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Ben Gibbard

Ben Gibbard (born August 11, 1976 in Bremerton, Washington) is an American musician and songwriter who has formed several indie bands. He is most notable as the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie; his other projects include The Postal Service and All-Time Quarterback. He has also created music under his name and under the band Pinwheel. Gibbard appeared as a guest on Jimmy Tamborello's (his Postal Service collaborator) Dntel album entitled Life is Full of Possibilities (2001) - Specifically, he contributed vocals to the song "(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan.

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Nate Maingard

"Think the kind of effect a Nathaniel Rateliff and Bon Iver collaboration might have..."
- The Tudor, Aficionado (Jun 14, 2011) "Somewhere between Radiohead and a more intellectual Jack Johnson"
- Mike Smith, LMG Cape Town is the city of cold surf, rugged mountains, raw creativity and thus, not surprisingly, Nate Maingard. A self-taught musician, Nate has been playing guitar for over ten years and singing his whole life, from teenage gigs around the mother city to busking his way through the UK.

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Shellie Morris

Indigenous Australian singer/songwriter from the Northern Territory. She grew up in a white family, but has since rediscovered her heritage. Has received great press over the years in Australia. Performed in Europe (Sweden) for the first time in september 2006.

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Douglas E Powell

Douglas E Powell's own take on folk and Americana has earned him great respect from fans of his music all over the world.
Choosing to play solely with acoustic guitar and harmonica, Douglas tips his hat to his musical heroes Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Burt Jansch.
His live performances are intensely charged with deeply personal lyrics over gritty and beautifully simplistic guitar work. CP Mandrake, Twister Valley Records

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Para Portugues ver abaixo Tupiniquin - from the English Oxford dictionary means simply: a Brazilian. Made in São Paulo his debut album dares sharing a diverse array of sounds out of the largest cultural urban centre in the southern hemisphere. In it, just like in São Paulo itself one can hear rock, afro-samba canção, bossa beats and the sounds of the "Tropicalistas". Like different races and tastes, colors and textures present in his city...

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Justin Sane

Justin Sane is the lead guitarist and singer of the political punk rock band Anti-Flag. He has released two solo pieces to date; a 6 song EP entitled "These are the Days" and "Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Justice" in 2003. These recordings generally focus on love, family, and more everyday concepts rather than the politically charged stance of Anti-Flag. He is currently working on a new solo record, and has begun to preview new tracks during live performances.

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