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There are a number of artists working under the name of Recon: 1. Recon is a straight-edge, heavy hardcore/metal band from Albany, NY, originally formed in 2003. In 2006, they released one EP on Closed Casket Activities entitled Graves. Now signed onto Rise Records, and after a number of line-up changes, the band recorded and released their debut full-length, "Welcome to Viper City," on 7/8/2008.

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[1]: Nasty are a beatdown hardcore Band from BELGIUM and GERMANY.
They play hardcore with death metal influences. Nasty was founded in Nov. 2004. After some lineup changes the final band was created. One MCD 'The Beginning', and one full length 'Declaring War' out. After relentless touring in Europe their new full length 'Agression' came out on the 16th of February 2008 on Goodlife records. [2]: Nasty is a female duo from the Netherlands singing dutch R&B. They won in a music competition in the nineties with their song for which they are most known: "Een moment zonder jou".

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There are multiple artists under the name of Providence. One is a beatdown band from France (see xProvidencex), and another is: Is a punk band from Melbourne Australia, who released an album in the Early 90s called South East Of Syracuse. Providence - Albums Listed on Live @ The Blue Fugue & Cinderblock Walls Demo
Based out of St. Louis/Columbia, MO
Lead Vocals/Guitar: Devin "Devo" Burrow
Drums/Backup Vocals: Zach Denison
Bass: Jake Fishbach

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United Blood

1) United Blood is a H8000 hardcore band from Kortrijk, Belgium
2) United Blood is a beatdown hardcore band from Salzburg, Austria 3) United Blood was a rac band.
They chanced style to hatecore and band

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Awoken began in 2003 playing heavy and fast hardcore. Working non-stop, with determination and a consistantly positive attitude, constant shows across the UK, a debut MCD on Let It Burn Records and 2 tours across Europe; including a 5 week - 30 show tour sharing the stage with Hoods, saw Awoken make their mark on European hardcore. Throughout several line up changes and a real sense of growth, powerful, cleverly structured anthems laced with groove and a sense of brutality remained the foundation of Awoken's sound.

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Brutality Will Prevail

Brutality Will Prevail Re-formed early 2005, With new members (Ajay & Emlyn). Adam (ex Drummer) then left the band, at the beginning of the Summer and Dyas (Ex Beneath The Shadows) replaced soon after. BWP then realised the benefits of being a 5 piece, and started looking into another Guitarist to lead alongside James. They didnt have to look to far, until they came across Jordan (Captain Insano/Routine Check).

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