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Broken Oath

Broken Oath formed in Glasgow/Scotland (UK) in 2001, after several minor lineup changes their first demo was self released. Limited to 300 copies this sold out fast! More lineup changes followed as well as extensive touring of the UK. The now settled lineup released a split CD (What lies ahead) with Peterborough band Eviscerate AD. The release of this CD on Unity Worldwide Recordings saw the band hit mainland Europe for the first time.

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Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant represent a great and terrible day when all living things will return to dust; and their sound is as formidable as one might suspect the apocalypse should be. Sleeping Giant charged onto the Redlands, CA scene in 2006 with their bold and powerful live show, where in addition to being entranced by ominous guitars, crowds are met with burning passion from articulate front man Thom Green. The sincerity behind the words that pour out from Greens mouth is deeply rooted in the bands unwavering love for The Lord.

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Final Prayer

Having been friends for several years and gathering experience in bands like Battle Royale,
Disrespect, Shortage and Lifeforce, for some local scenesters the time was right to bring
the violence back to the dancefloor. And what better way to do this without getting hurt
themselves than to form a band. They started jamming in 2003, with the aim of playing
straight up, traditional hardcore with a progressive shape and the taste of major
brutality. With a few songs already written, the band welcomed a second guitarist into the fold,

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The name Ratface refers to two artists: 1) Ratface are a finnish hardcore band formed in 2006. They are especially notable for their energetic live shows. 2) Ratface is a Bristol-based punk/hip-hop/punk-hop artist. He has released three albums, Ratface… On Ice! (on At The Library), Down with Ratface and Enough Ratface (both on Bumtapes). Songs are available to download from his Myspace page.

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xKingdomx are a vegan straight edge band from Philadelphia/Boston. They are signed to Goodbye Blue Skies Records, and released their first self-titled 6 song EP on October 11, 2006. The band consists of:
* Ben (Analog) - Drums
* Matt - Bass
* Davin - Vocals
* Garrett - Guitar

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Taken By Force

1. TAKEN BY FORCE hail from Baltimore City, and are here to crush with their blend of Merauder meets Death Threat style of hardcore. Following a couple of demo releases, their debut s/t 7" and full lenght come loaded with energetic fast parts and sing-a-long choruses combined with awesome metallic guitar riffs and breaks. Add in some sincerely bitter lyrics about friendship and betrayal, and that pretty much sums up what this band is all about.

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xStrength Through Purityx

Strength Through Purityxxx are a straight edge mosh band from Brisbane, Australia.
Forming in 2008 with a solid foundation and drive to play fast, heavy, straight edge music.
xSTPx have shared the stage with such bands as Bury Your Dead (USA), Terror (USA) , The Acacia Strain (USA), Stick To Your Guns (USA) and Bishop (USA).
The sky is the limit for xSTPx with a full length cd due to be released at the end of 2010.

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