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Indian Jewelry

Further Notes Regarding Peel It
Peel another 40-hour-workweek off the stack gyrating in your hands. Strip it from the wad and make it drizzle on the sign twirler at the live-nude intersection - “We Buy Gold, We Sell Gold” the sign reads.

Peel the gold leaf off the holy headpiece, off the Temple Mount, off the Dome Rock. Lotto jackpots get shared.

Peel the radial Goodyear’s off pop’s Ford Exploder glazing doughnuts into every Texas lawn, sister. Peel the sod away, the drought sucks like a dry hump with two backs, brother.

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There are different artists using the name 'Sleepwalker': 1) Atmospheric Black Metal/Post-Rock. Very little is known about this band, but it is the solo project of the drummer of Fell Voices and has two CD-R demos, each with three untitled tracks. Sleepwalker is working on new material as of May 15th, 2011, and the first demo was remastered and re-released on LP by Vedavu in 2012 (this time with song titles: "Born of Dream", "Sleepwalker", and "Ecstatic Unknown").

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Dip is the name for six different bands. 1.) An alternative rock band from Japan that formed in 1991. (dip with a lower case d)
2.) A Japanese visual kei band that formed in 2005 (dip with a lower case d)
3.) A power pop band from the United Kingdom.
4.) A D.I.Y. psychedelic and progressive indie band from South Florida, 1996-2000.
5.) Experimental drum and sample group from Reykjavík,Iceland.(Jónsi from Sigur Rós sings in one song
'Skyscraper Heart' calling himself Frakkur)

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Lillian Gish

Lillian Gish is an 'Avant-Gaze' / Psychedelic Noise Rock group from London, England. They are based at different times in London, Glasgow and Brighton. Formed in December of 2007 in London, UK out the ashes of a number of unsuccessful school Goth bands, Lillian Gish began as a My Bloody Valentine-obsessed Darkwave / Electropop outfit named Sunlight Machine. Eventually moving on to noisy self-dubbed 'avant-gaze' and eventually changing the name to their favourite silent movie actress, Lillian Gish released This is Not an Exit in early March 2009 and...

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The Colours Will Erase Us

The Colours Will Erase Us a Scottish / band formed in 2010. The band is inspired by the likes of Earth, Khanate and Sunn O))), as well as Chomskyan linguistic theory and Burroughs' cut and splice ideas. Some songs feature no discernible beat and most are played at a slow pace, using repetition to induce feelings of unease or relaxation depending on the mood of the listener at the time.

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If there were such a thing as Ride’s ‘Time Machine’, there’s a hefty chance that the Italian band Piatcions would have hopped into it and from wherever they landed (my guess is about 1992) they would have drawn their influence to write a record that oozes early nineties, Ride-style shoegaze with some more modern influences too. The homage to Ride in the sustained vocal harmonies is very apparent as an influence, but there’s a glaze of psychedelia too which makes for an interesting and diverse listen. Tags: 
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