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A band founded in Berlin in the mid-nineties playing a mixture of folk rock and prog rock. Part of their lyrics are inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien. After several demos they released their first full-length album "LeafFall" in 2007. The second album "Awaiting the Sun" was released on Firefield/EMG April 1, 2011. The current line-up consists of the brothers Jan-Peer, Nils and Falk Hartmann on vocals and guitars, drums and bass, respectively, of Kirsten Middeke (viola, flute and vocals) and Jan Hecker-Stampehl on keyboards. More information can be found on their webpage,

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Trespassers William

During more than eight years of developing a sound and community, Trespassers William switched several members before forming its current and longest lasting group: Matt Brown, Ross Simonini and Anna-Lynne Williams. The band became a presence on the music scene with their second album, Different Stars, which was originally released only in Europe but later, re-released worldwide on Nettwerk Records (2004).

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Concrete / Experimental / Soundtracks / Film music In the darkest days of the cold war, as the world trembled on the brink of a nuclear war, one thing above all stood in the way of catastrophe: the secret eight-digit access number required to launch America's arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Without that vital obstacle, anybody - a crazed military commander, or a terrorist - might have been able to spark a conflict that would have killed millions.

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Gardens may refer to one of three groups: 1. Gardens is an artpunk/garage trio based in Detroit, MI, formed in 2007/2008. The band consists of singer Jeffrey William Thomas (also of Genders), guitarist Vincent Mazzola, and drummer Julian Spradlin. Gardens has played at SXSW and many shows around the Detroit area with bands such as Charlie Slick and Vivian Girls. Thus far they have released one 7", 'In Novelty Land', on Italy Records. The group are strong proponents of "green"-living, community, and DIY, frequently posting on their website,

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