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Lost Girl

Lost Girl are two Piece, boy/girl duo from Blackpool, soon to be relocating to Huddersfield, they play a genuine ethereal shoegaze sound since early 2009 and plan to write more material in a near future.
NB: A spanish Pop/Rock band is also called Lost Girl

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Stars of the Lid

Stars of the Lid are a band specializing in -based music. They list among their influences minimalist and electronic composers such as Arvo Pärt, Zbigniew Preisner, Gavin Bryars, and Henryk Górecki, as well as Talk Talk (both bands have tracks named "Taphead"), post-rock artists Labradford, and ambient innovator Brian Eno. Their music largely consists of beatless soundscapes, composed of droning, effects-treated guitars along with piano, strings, and horns; volume swells and feedback fill the gap of rhythmic instruments, providing dynamic movement within the songs.

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Charlie Don't Surf

There has been more than one artist with the name Charlie Don't Surf. The name is taken from something said by the character Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, played by Robert Duvall, in the 1979 movie 'Apocalypse Now'. The most recent rendition of Charlie Don't Surf is a 3 piece instrumental band from Muncie, Indiana, who in 2005 released the album 'kvalitetsstøy', a kind of post-rock, math rock venture with hypnotic cool repetitive interludes interspaced with parts of complex and jarring convolutedness, and occasional diversions into rocking out and making a bit of a noise.

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You Walk Through Walls

YOU WALK THROUGH WALLS formed out of the ashes of South Coast (UK) shoegazing legends AIR FORMATION by Matt Bartram and James Harrison, with Harry Irving joining on bass. Expect shimmering melodic walls of guitar with buried vocals backed up by a driving rhythm section. For fans of A Place To Bury Strangers, Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr, Slowdive, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Their debut EP is recorded and due for release via Club AC30 in Summer 2012.

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Happy Particles

The Happy Particles began after the release of the second Text Adventure record 'I Believe in Lassies' in late 2007/early 2008, in the west end of Glasgow. Once that was done and dusted, Steven was free to devote his time into putting some of the ideas that he had built up over the last 2 years (under the usual bedroom introspection type circumstances) into properly arranged songs. In doing so he called upon some friends to help him out.

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Aloeswood is the solo project of Daniel Downing (Ravenage, Windrider). Formed in 2010, the project has a new EP entitled 'Forsaken Landscapes' available for free download here:
The genre is mainly Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze. The songs 'Began to Become', 'Left And Gone And Left' and 'Snow Song' are from a different artist named 'Aloeswood'. Not the post-black metal project above.

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Bing Satellites

Ambient musician and remixer from Manchester, UK.
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And hear Bing Satellites remixes at Bing hosts a radio show on RebelRadio.FM
playing an eclectic mix of ambient, shoegaze, indie, experimental, electronica, punk and more

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Cheval Sombre

Each of Cheval Sombre's songs is a sort of pacemaker. Lyrics crawl out of the vocalist's mouth forming a resounding anthem that doesn't march with climactic tension, but vibrates throughout the track with the unconscious nature of a heartbeat, softening the murmurs into a subtle rhythm.

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