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The Sleeping

The Sleeping, consisting of a few of the original members of Long Island's now defunct metalcore group Skycamefalling, was formed after skycamefalling's last show at Hellfest '03. Living on after the legacy of SCF - Doug Robinson, Cameron Keym, Sal Mignano, and Joseph Zizzo continue to develop and write music that we now know and love.
With a drastic change from the hardcore scene, the Sleeping is now considered to be post-hardcore/rock/alternative, and has played with bands such as Halifax, Silverstein, Bayside, Stretch Armstrong, Spitalfield and Haste the Day.

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Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge

Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge hail from the south coast of England. Blending beautifully layered ambient sections with earth shattering breakdowns, they have pioneered the "EPIC CORE" genre, in a hope to bring new life to a drowning music scene. 2009 has seen GOPB follow up their critically acclaimed "From Graves To Grace" EP with the release of their label debut for A Wolf At Your Door Records. The new CD "The Darkest Shore" is now available worldwide both online and instore.

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There are several bands with this name: 1)
Hardcore / Southern Rock / Screamo band from Saint Augustine, Florida. Mason - vocals
Michael R - guitar/vocals
Austin - bass/vocals
Mikee - drums
Joshua - guitar/vocals Myspace: 2) A new Dutch trio consisting of Germaine, Rachel and Raffaela.
First single is 'The Real Thing', which is produced by popular producers 'Fluitsma en van Tijn' (Jochem Fluitsma and Eric van Tijn) 3)

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Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango may refer to:
1. Hardcore / Punk Rock band from Perth, Western Australia ( 1. Formed 2006 in Perth, Western Australia, Grim have finely crafted a unique sound that transcends their hardcore/punk roots. Characterized by intertwining jangling guitars, abrasive three-way vocal melodies and a tight driving rhythm section Grim Fandango write ferocious, discordant songs beaming with an undeniable presence of pop-sensibilty and optimism.

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There are 2 basements known 1) Basement was created at the end of 1995 inspired by various American bands such as Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Fugazy, Cop shoot cop or Distorted Pony.
The band’s first EP entitled “Head on“ was recorded by Fred Norguet (Burning Heads, Portobello Bones, Ez3kiel…) and was released by Weird records/Tripsichord in March 1996.
This dark spellbinding hardcore record came to tease the successful Amphetamine Reptile company.

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For This Cause

Since forming in 2009, For This Cause have released two EPs, played over 100 shows and won legions of fans along the way. With the release of their more recent EP 'Journeys' in March 2011, the band have toured extensively winning over crowds nationwide playing alongside international acts such as Emery and Switchfoot as well as some of the hottest Australian talent, none greater than the internationally renowned Tonight Alive.

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Walls of Jericho

Hailing from Detroit, Walls of Jericho released their highly anticipated 4th CD for Trustkill Records on July 29, 2008. Produced by Ben Schigel (Chimaira/Ringworm), The American Dream follows the mesh of metallic venom and concrete fury of hardcore/punk that the band is known for, 12 solid tracks of highly anticipated hard beating poetic thunder people have come to expect from the band. “Working on the new CD ended up being a really wonderful experience. We worked really well together, collaborated better than ever, and had a great time.

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There is at least two acts called Tang: 1) Tang was formed during the Autumn of 1997 and established its first line-up during the Winter of 2000. That time marked a renewal of activity for the outfit, and an ever-growing willingness to advance with their music was born. The group released several demos, including a 3 track CD, given as a freebie, that astounded critics all over France. "Tang has a talent to grab your guts when the first chords are strummed, and the overall atmosphere is really emotional."

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Polar Bear Club

Polar Bear Club is an indie rock/hardcore band from Rochester and Syracuse, New York. A demo released in 2005 brought them much attention, and was a precursor to their first EP, The Redder, the Better, released in Summer 2006 on Triple Attack and Luchador Records. The EP contained catchy, pop-punk songs with lots of of opportunities for energetic sing-a-longs, and was found to be a fan and zine favorite throughout the year.

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