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between the screams

Between the Screams are an unsigned contemporary metal act from Essex, UK. Drawing on a wide range of influences. Their music is characterised by a heavy use of electronics, long ambient sections and expansive riffs. Adam Ralph - Vocals
Daniel Waterhouse - Guitars
Terry blake - Bass
Chris Froment - Electronics
Chris Horton - Drums An unsigned act, Between the Screams have produced one EP, 'Embryo' wich has since sold out.
The debut album 'Our last days on Earth' is being recorded in Jan 09 in the setting of deepest, darkest Wales at Mighty Atom studios with Joe Gibb at the Helm.

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Devil Sold His Soul

Forming in 2004, from the ashes of experimental metal outfit Mahumodo, Devil Sold His Soul took Rick's (orig guitarist of Mahumodo) original concept of sweeping chord progression based epic songs to the next level. Releases to date include an ep Darkness Prevails (re-released in 2007 with live footage, tracks and studio cuts) and their debut album A Fragile Hope which was received with great acclaim from both press and listeners alike.

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Inch was a pop punk/post-hardcore band from San Diego, CA, active from the early 1990's to 1998/9. Inch was Michael "Stimy" Stienman (Congress of the Cow, Brass Knuckles) on Guitar/Vocals, Dave on Drums & Christian on Bass. Former Members include Mike on Guitar, Pippen on Bass and Jeff Reese (Underminer) on Bass. Releases
1992 - Oxidizer b/w Coil 7" (Redemption Records, RED-7)
1994 - Linger b/w Nope 7" (Seed Records, SEED7)
1994 - Stresser CD (Seed Records, 14252-2)
1996 - Eugenics b/w Pick Me Up 7" (Atlantic Records, PR 6652/STA-80379)

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Ghosts on the Intercom

Ghosts on the Intercom are a hardcore/post-hardcore band from York, England. They have recently recorded their debut Ep, "Zinc Zinc Zinc Boom! And The Lizard King", at BH Media, and it is available free at their shows. Their current line up is Tom Robinson - Guitar + Vocals, Alex Woolgar - Drums, Rich Morley - Bass. They have been lucky enough to share the stage with BlakFish, Rolo Tomassi, Tubelord, Meet Me In Saint Louis, Im sorry Callfield, Tellison, From The Captain and The Novelties.

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There are 2 bands that share this name:
1.Lexington band from Serbia that produce pop rock music who were involved in mainstream by 2008. Their first known song in public was released with video ,named
"Da me malo hoce" (A little more luck) with singer and co producer Bane Opacic. Their debud album was released in 2010. named "Kako je ,tako je" (As it is)and its verry succesfull in Serbia and neer countries. Their hit single for Radio Festival "FERAS" in 2010,"Bol je uvjek ista" (Pain is allways the same) , is verry popular too.

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Born and bred in Dallas, Texas, the members of Slowride compose an infectious punk sound similar to the likes of Jawbreaker and Pennywise. They're also rockers with a sweet side, deriving catchy fun melodies. The band — which is composed of Dan Phillips (guitar/vocals), Rob Marchant (bass), and Steve Visneau (drums) — hooked up with famed indie producer Ed Rose (Appleseed Cast, Brandtson, Get Up Kids) to record some songs for their Deep Elm debut in late 2001. The fruit of those sessions was As I Survive the Suicide Bomber, issued in February 2002.

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Madness seems to be disorientated as we continue into the new millennium and it is searching for a new home. While it hides within brutality throughout the rest of the world, its musical passion transpires directly into the heads and bodies of the flu.ID members. Inspired by the noise and hardcore heroes of the past century, these guys put their musical work into the core of all being from the start.

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