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Double Handsome Dragons

Double Handsome Dragons are an instrumental band from Peterborough, UK. The band members are: Electricity Mitchell (red guitar), Dan Kerr (white guitar), Mr Mitch (drums), and Axl Moore (bass). Double Handsome Dragons state on their website: "We drink tea out of dirty mugs and wish that our hands were warmer. We have to fight daily with potted plants and lawnmowers to get to our instruments. Sometimes they attack us. We have scars. We have a sledgehammer - we smash up old washing machines. The skip is not our friend. We record in bedrooms. We are safe and warm there."

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Attack Attack!

Attack Attack! is a six-piece post-hardcore/electro band from Columbus, Ohio. Attack Attack! consists of Nick Barham (Vocals), Johnny Franck (Vocals/Guitar), Andrew Whiting (Guitar), John Holgado (Bass), Caleb Shomo (Synth/Keys), and Andrew Wetzel (Drums). They are currently signed to Rise Records. Halfway through a tour supporting Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Attack Attack! kicked out vocalist Austin Carlile, Austin has since been replaced by Nick Barham, former screamer of For All We Know.

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Confide started as a deathcore band and now is a Post-Hardcore band, blending Hardcore riffs with metalcore breakdowns, from Los Angeles, California. They started out in August 2004, and have released two EPs, "Innocence Surround" and "Introduction" (both recorded with former vocalist Josh). Their first full length, titled "Shout the Truth", was released on June 17th, 2008, and is the band's first official release with vocalist Ross Kenyon (ex-Penknifelovelife), as well as their first release for label Science Records.

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Fei Comodo

Fei Comodo are an Essex hardcore/metalcore/post-hardcore band. They are due to release a mini-album titled "They All Have Two Faces" this September and they are know signed to Small Town Records. They are partly known as doing the theme song for 'Mighty Moshing Emo Rangers'. In September 07, Fei toured in support for fellow Essex band InMe. Members are:
Marc Halls - Vocals
Rob Clemson - Drums
Jay Styler - Bass
Mike Curtis - Guitar
Will Phillipson - Guitar Reviews

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Burning Bright

1) Burning Bright is a band mixing , and , created in Caen, France in late 2011. The band is composed of Aurélien Gibert (ex-Eightfold Path & ex-Cercueils), antoine grezel (Aussitôt Mort & Amanda Woodward), Martin Aubeut (ex-Kusila), Antoine Ganso (Defiance) and Camille Blanchemain (The Hectic Dull Sound).
A split LP with Death Mercedes in April 2012, some months after the start of the band : tours multiply, in numerous countries, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, etc.

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Raein is a band from Forlì, Italy. The band features members of La Quiete and Neil on Impression. They formed in 2000 and split up in 2005.
They reformed for a show in Bologna, in September 2007. Andrea joined La Quiete for a Japanese tour 2007. Releases/Appearances:
2002 - Raein
2003 - il n'y a pas de orchestre
2004 - Döden Marscherar Åt Väst 7"
2004 - Split 7" With Phoenix Bodies
2004 - Split 7" with Funeral Diner
2004 - Daïtro + Raein 10" Tags: 
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Eleventh He Reaches London

Proudly not duking the stats since 2002. "Their music takes you on a very long walk, punctuated by storms and lulls. Towards that distant land whose name is Australia." ( ) Eleventh He Reaches London hail from Perth, Western Australia; a vast area of land separated from the rest of the country by an expanse of desert. This isolation has afforded Eleventh the luxury of being able to grow organically, independent of trends often present in larger communities.

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There are at least five artists that are using Mindscape alias. 1) A Hungarian drum and bass producer
2) A Danish Rock group located in Copenhagen.
3) A Swedish Metal/Pop/Techno-band act from Gothenburg, Sweden.
4) A Progressive Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.
5) A project from the German DJ & producer Torben Schmidt 1) Mindscape is a Hungarian drum and bass producer/dj trio(since 2007 only Gergely Sasvári) formed in late 2002, in an up-and-coming and lively Budapest scene.

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