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Sweet Revenge

There are at least two artists known as Sweet Revenge: 1) Sweet Revenge (Korean: ?? ???) are South Korean female indie rock band formed in 2008. The band consists of Kim Mijung (leader, rhythm guitarist), Kim Soyoung (vocalist, lead guitarist), Lee Hwayeon (bassist) and Jang Hyuna (drummer).

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1. "Inside a cage of sound, Cold waves of electronics are juxtaposed against voices that seep through cracks in the walls of machinery and wires. Lyrics dart out in bullets from soundscapes peppered in sharp vocals and sound bites. A viola plays in the distance, giving life to this inorganic mass...
Such is the imagery that spawns Attrition, who, with its marriage of the classic and modern, has brought to music the equivalent of a surrealist painting.

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Hanging Doll are a Orchestral Gothic Metal band that reign from Birmingham, UK. The dark intense orchestral metal of Hanging Doll, combines pure passionate and powerful vocals with dense levels of narcissm and emotional longing. The fusion of brooding detuned guitar riffs with highly melodic string patterns and a 'Metal Core' is without doubt a potent mix, both powerful and poignant. Without conceeding to convention or imitation, Hanging Doll are happy to dispell all critics and disbelievers with their mature, epic and multi textured sound.

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There are two bands by the name of Maven: One from LA, United States
Maven are: Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb)
Andy Troy (Polarbear)
Biff Sanders (Ethyl Meatplow) Bon Harris, co-frontman of cult electronic act Nitzer Ebb, has reemerged with his new band Maven. The group features Harris on vocals / keyboards, Ethyl Meatplow's Biff Sanders on drums and guitarist Andy Troy (Polarbear).

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Theatre of Hate

Theatre of Hate were a post-punk, goth rock band which formed in Britain in 1980, and disbanded in late 1982. However, they toured in April 2007, celebrating the 25th anniversary of their acclaimed Westworld album, which was reissued with some newly recorded tracks. Check for info. Led by singer-songwriter and ex-member of punk band The Pack, Kirk Brandon, the original group also consisted of: guitarist Simon Werner, bassist Jonathan Werner (some sources say Jamie Stewart of The Cult fame) and drummer Luke Rendle.

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Bellusira is a rock band from Melbourne, Victoria that formed in 2006. They exploded onto the live rock scene in 2008. Their single Wide Awake from their debut EP was met with high praise and resulted in a sold out EP launch in The Esplanade’s acclaimed Gershwin Room. The band continued playing to packed out venues across Melbourne and Sydney which saw them placed on prime slots on festivals; Rock the Bay, Moonee Valley, Swarm and headliner of The Big Feed.

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Decadent Few

There's at least two bands that have performed under the name Decadent Few. 1) Formed in East London in 1984 by Kaya, Mike, Bernie and Mark of Youth in Asia, plus Steph of Hagar the Womb briefly, Decadent Few’s first gig was at Studio One in Slough, June 1984. Mark and Steph had stepped out by this point and a friend, Gary, was taught Bass by Mike in vintage Paul Simenon-style, i.e. coloured stickers on the frets to denote where to play which note which song.

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