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The Plague

Several bands go by the name The Plague: 1) 1960's garageband from Canada, known for the song 'face of time'. 2) 1970's Art/Rock band from New Zealand: In 1977 Richard von Sturmer returned from England, according to The Mechanics Of Popular Music "charged with the new punk movement that flourished there. He assembled a troupe of 'actors' and they rehearsed a series of theatre/music pieces revolving around his poetry and showmanship. The called themselves The Plague." They used material from Inside Information; songs such as Frank Gill's An Idiot and Private Property.

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Starting his career as bass player in Norwegian black metal band Emperor, Mortiis quit to pursue solo work. Abandoning metal music, he dedicated himself to compose eerie and melancholic dark ambient soundtracks. After a demo cassette released on his own label Dark Dungeon Music, he had his first LP issued by German label Malicious Records, then he entered the pantheon of notorious Swedish company Cold Meat Industry, boosting his career.

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Anne Clark

For more than 30 years Anne Clark has held a unique place in contemporary music.
Combining literary, socially engaged texts with innovative and genre-breaking music, she has covered every kind of style, while at the same time maintaining her own identity on each and every recording, whether it be the samples (before sampling became a concept) and electronically treated acoustics of The Sitting Room (1982), to the ground-breaking analogue synth classics of Sleeper In Metropolis (1983) and Our Darkness (1984).

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Dead Sea Souls

DSS, DSS, DSS....!..... Ah, the familiar cries of drunken funk hungry Soul Fans. Music in itself one may argue... but merely the rude proclamation that something good is about to happen... Hailing from West Lothian (UK) unfamiliar revellers will be bombarded with a gargantuan dose of filthy, disco inspired bedlam. You see, this aint no technological breakthrough, neither is it a swaggering inde sing along or angst ridden power punk. This is the Dead Sea Souls.

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Vondage is a Spanish harsh ebm band formed in Spain in 2007. In 2010 they released their debut album (Paradise of Depravity). Band members:
Mark Berserk (vocals, samples, lyrics) [2007 - ]
Pikotto Goth (keyboards, synths, programming) [2007 - ]
Emmanuel C. (percussion, mastering) [2009 - ] Official website:

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Rasputina is a "" ensemble composed of singer/cellist Melora Creager, and various, frequently changing band members. The current lineup includes Creager (cello), Daniel Dejesus (cello), and Dawn Miceli (drums). Founded by Creager in 1992, they have long held true to their mission of enlightening the common man as to the power and versatility of the mighty cello. Historically influenced, and constantly costumed, Rasputina keeps a small legion of incredibly passionate admirers enthralled with their earnest musicianship.

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Chamber Bio:

1998: Viennese singer/songwriter Marcus Testory unites contrabass, cello, viola and violins with his guitars and chant to Chamber - L' Orchestre De Chambre Noir.

" ...Bittersweet, just like Leonhard Cohen or Nick Cave, the sound of this orchestra transmits a magical feel within it’s songs full of emotion, desire and a breeze of black humor..."
(Frankfurter Rundschau 12/2002)

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