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Devious was founded in 2000 by Guido de Jongh (guitar) and Frank Schilperoort (drums). With a predilection for thrash metal, the band immediately started building up a live reputation in The Netherlands. With the release of their first full length album “Acts Of Rage”, by Spitzenburg Records in 2003, Devious gained a definitive place within the Dutch metal scene. In the following years, Devious shared stages with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Vader, Crowbar and The Dillinger Escape Plan. In 2006 the band toured Europe with Brasilian death machine Krisiun.

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There are several artists worldwide currently performing under the name Overlord, as well as several defunct groups that have used the name:

1. overlord is an indie pop band from Brooklyn, NY. Overlord is on an indie label, Storm Tower Records, and has released 5 full-length records and 2 EPs. The band consists of: Tris McCall, Matt Houser, Sarah Brockett, and George Pasles. The most recent full-length album, In Soviet Russia, My Heart Breaks You, was released on April 1 2011, and spent 3 months on the CMJ Top 200 charts. Site:

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Bun Dem Out

Carved From The Concrete Of London Town, Bun Dem Out Have quickly risen and become one of the most talked about and hyped Hardcore bands to come out of europe! With Memembers of bands such as Knuckledust, 50 Caliber, TRC, Flawless Victory and Bison you know what to expect Hardhitting LBU Hardcore! With there debut mcd being one of the fastest selling releases on the notorious Rucktion records they plan to release there new album 'The Few The Deep' on Alveran Records(shattered realm/hoods/unearth)

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"A single bullet in the head of freak. Music about corruption, terrorism and war." Exocet was launched in 2008 by the versatile labelfounder/producer/dj René Klimaczewski (aka Klima). He is known to insiders especially for his collaboration with the esteemed Architect. The latter was started by the also prolific Daniel Myer of haujobb. Since both are based in Leipzig (Germany) it was inevitable that their ways crossed. Result was in 2005 the up to now most appreciated Architect work The Analysis Of Noise Trading.

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A Finnish brutal death grind formation Torsofuck came into being in 1995 and had been active for four years, during which recorded the High Level Cannibalistic Violence demotape, before split-up. Two years after, somewhen around 2001, they reunited for recording a split CD with Lymphatic Phlegm and then let up again. However, some time later they were offered by 'Goregiastic Records' a contract to sign, and eventually it turned out to a first full-length, the 2004's Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy album.

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1)French black metal band which released two demos, "In the Mist" and "Yggdrasil" in 1993 and 1994, respectively. Later changed their name to the much better-known moniker of BLUT AUS NORD.
2) a new-age band featured on several compilations
3) Croatian hip hop artist
4) Incorrect tag for artist Vlad Kuryluk, who used this pseudonym on his "Muzyka relaksacyjna" album.
5) An easy listening/lounge musician who's works are predominately shown on MyOwnMusic.

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Amon Amarth

Deeply rooted in melodic death metal with lyrics centred around Viking history and Norse mythology, Amon Amarth (formerly known as Scum) formed in 1992 in Tumba, Sweden, a southern suburb of Stockholm. They began writing material with lots of melodies, harmonies and lyrics about Vikings and the norse Pantheon. In summer 1993 they entered Lagret Studio to record the Thor Arise demo, which would later on appear on the bonus disc of the album Versus the World. The band continued rehearsing and writing stronger material and again entered the studio.

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