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Mae's Lost Empire

Mae's Lost Empire are a 4-piece band from Sheffield, England. Consisting of Rob Cooper (vocals), Lucas Milne (guitar), Chris Berry (bass) and Paul Lawson (drums). The band was initially formed in 2006, when Lucas Milne and Chris Berry came together with the goal of creating something different. The two created a few songs that would form the basis of their unique sound. Paul Lawson was quickly added to the band and the trio named themselves "Battle With Gilgamesh", and began playing instrumental sets in local venues.

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The band has undergone many transformations in the time since we made the move to Australia. We said goodbye to a member, shed the old skin and engaged a new approach. Now we feel like this ever-changing mechanism has finally shifted up a gear. Kallie - Vocals (2005-2007)
Alex - Guitar (2006-2008)
Otis - Drums (? - 2011) Ben - Guitar
Matt - Bass
Swampy - Sampler/Guitar, Drums

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I Declare War

I Declare War is a deathcore band from Seattle, Washington currently signed with Artery Recordings and have four full-length albums released and even a Christmas special EP. Jamie Hanks- Vocals
Gordon McPherson - Bass
John Winters - Guitar
Colin Bradford - Drums Former members:
Christopher Fugate - Guitar
Evan Hughes - Guitar
Ryan Cox - Drums
Brent Eaton:Bass
Zack Ring: Bass
Randy Carpenter:Drums
Jake Paulson:Guitars
Jonathan Huber:Vocals

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Tufrs, aka Graham Brand is a London based DJ and a member of the 'Mothers Against Noise' community. Mixing Drumfunk, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Avant-Garde material and all sorts of interesting breaks in-between, from acoustical sources to pure rolling filth, from deep grungy daunting atmospheres to thrashing breaks at 200bpm. To download all the latest mixes free check out For this artists lastfm. page

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Muleta Smiles

Muleta Smiles are a 5 piece Leicester based band who formed in july 2010, the experimental hardcore act were brought together by a shared vision which was to bring something fresh to the scene. With an array of musical styles to keep the toughest of crowds entertained they embark upon the live circuit with a simply encapsulating stage presence. diversity is the key into this bands world and within lies a punishing vocal delivery to guide you through macarbe/wacky/sinister lyrical content. Thank you for your time, all feedback is appreciated.

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Scale the Summit Scale the Summit is an American band based out of Houston, Texas. It formed in 2004 and signed to Prosthetic Records. The band draws influences from other progressive acts such as Cynic and Dream Theater. However, unlike most other progressive metal bands, they have no vocalist and play solely instrumental music. In 2004, Guitarists Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier moved to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute where they met drummer Pat Skeffington.

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Vital Remains

Vital Remains is a band from Rhode Island, USA formed in 1989. Influenced by the likes of Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Mercyful Fate, Sodom and Destruction. Originally comprised of guitarists Paul Flynn and Tony Lazaro, vocalist Jeff Gruslin, bassist Tom Supkow, and drummer Chris Dupont, the group has been through several line-up changes and record labels over the years. A pair of demos (1989's "Reduced to Ashes" and 1990's "Excruciating Pain") led to a contract with French label Thrash Records, who in turn released "The Black Mass" in 1991.

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