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Shy of the depth

SHY OF THE DEPTH are a technical metal band based in Brighton, UK
Composing began in 2006 with guitarists Joe Grouse and James Davis concocting progressive riff after progressive riff, for drummer Chris Allan and vocalist Eddie B to lay down their styles to.
An accomplished bassist who could keep up with how the band were evolving was proving hard to come by, and so it wasnt until February 2008 when bassist Bunk joined that the band were truly and fully formed.

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1) Intervals is a technical metal project of Toronto-based guitarist, Aaron Marshal. Their first release, The Space Between, was made available on their BandCamp page on December 20, 2011.
2) Intervals were an alternative band from Glasgow, Scotland. Their debut EP "Wipe Your Tapes With Lightning" was released in 2008 and featured 5 instrumental tracks in varied styles of post-rock, whilst working from folk, ambient noise, rock and drone.

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There are 20 (and counting) acts named Nexus. 1. neXus was an electronica/dance artist located in Columbus, GA. Featuring hard hitting dance tracks, stunning progressive techno beats, and other interesting variations on the electronica genre. Using beats that normally would not fit, neXus finds a way to make them attractive and strangely alluring. neXus released his album at the end of 2010 successfully. Shortly thereafter, neXus's time on this earth came to a sudden somber end. neXus continues to live on through his works of art.

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Muleta Smiles

Muleta Smiles are a 5 piece Leicester based band who formed in july 2010, the experimental hardcore act were brought together by a shared vision which was to bring something fresh to the scene. With an array of musical styles to keep the toughest of crowds entertained they embark upon the live circuit with a simply encapsulating stage presence. diversity is the key into this bands world and within lies a punishing vocal delivery to guide you through macarbe/wacky/sinister lyrical content. Thank you for your time, all feedback is appreciated.

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1.) Dutch Death Metal band XENOMORPH was founded in 1992 emerging from the underground scene in The Netherlands. Their most steady line-up became: DeTombe (vocals), Coert Zwart (guitar), Kreft (guitar), JRA (bass) and Marc Bomber (drums). They most likely got their name from the "scientific" predicate given to the aliens starring in the Aliens movie series. Their lyrics are mostly about evil, Satan, and other dark and occult stuff more than once inspired by the work of artists like H.R. Giger and Sir Ridley Scott.

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Oh, Sleeper

Oh, Sleeper is a band from Fort Worth, Texas signed to Solid State Records. Oh, Sleeper formed in April of 2006 after former members of short-lived rock band Terminal got together with former Between the Buried and Me guitarist Shane Blay. Eventually they found a vocalist in Micah Kinard and began practicing. As the 4 members began sledging through all the normal problems of a band start-up (no place to practice, no money and different schedules) the biggest obstacle was finding the last and final member.

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