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Fallen Trees UK

www.fallentrees.co.uk twitter: @fallen_trees 'Fallen Trees' are performing next at Doncaster Live Festival on the 8th September 2012 sharing the bill with bands such as 'I Am Kloot', 'The Crookes' and 'Frankie & the Heartstrings': Reviews:
‘something dirty and perfectly dissonant, a band like this will destroy you' - Electric Ghost 'super intense, bold rockers' - Sheffield Telegraph ‘songs of epic structure, courtesy of powerful delivery, you'd have to be dead and buried not to like this' - Sheffield Scenester

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Samsara Blues Experiment

Samsara Blues Experiment are a Berlin based band, founded in Summer 2007 by leadguitarist/singer Christian Peters. They went through several changes in the first period but are in constant line-up since September 2008 featuring Hans Eiselt (guitar), drummer Thomas Vedder and Richard Behrens (bass). As the band name implies, three elemental aspects are to notice - the blues as the foundation where it all comes from, the inclusion of spiritual influences accompanied by Indian/raga music and the experimental approach to mix up varied elements in a convincing manner.

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Heavy Smoke

There are two known bands with the name Heavy Smoke. 1. A rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. http://www.myspace.com/heavy-smoke 2. A Finnish NWOFHM band with space rock influences, which you can listen at http://soundcloud.com/heavy-smoke 1. cont. The Scottish band was formed in Glasgow in February 2010. It consists of Stevie Boy Smith Jr. II on vocals, Mr. Stab on guitar, RMB on bass and Iain McFie on drums. Heavy Smoke released their debut E.P, "Take Drugs and Kill People" on July 4th, 2011.

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Funeral Hag

Funeral Hag are a Brighton, UK/Worthing, UK based band playing down-tempo, heavy music in a sludgecore/stoner/doom vein. The band started as a solo project of guitarist Jon Hill (ex-Killing Mode, ex-Misery) in 2008, but he decided to take the band further and began recruiting members. It is now the beginning of 2009 and those band members have been found. Now featuring Nev Taylor (ex-Landmine Spring, Sabazius) on 2nd guitar, Steve Patton (ex-Batholith,ex-Pægan Terrorism Tactics...

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Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Formed in the old wastelands of witchery and paranoia, Cambridgeshire band Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats deliver the new sound of 60s terror. This popular beat combo crawled from its secluded hideout in 2009 to record their debut album, 'Vol. 1' for Killer Candy Records. With a limited release in 2010, the album was warmly received with the track 'Witches Garden' appearing on a Classic Rock Magazine cover CD. The band also drew the attention of Leif Edling from legendary doom band Candlemass, who would later recommend them to Lee Dorrian at Rise Above.

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Blood Beach

In the year 2012, Satan faces declining popularity and certain defeat at the hands of thee reinvigorated Christian Militia. As the final days before the apocalypse tick down, Satan makes a last ditch effort to win the war for evil. He sends back his favorite band of psychotic, LSD-soaked, metaphysically amorphous androids to recruit kids for the dark side through space, drugs, and rock and roll. That band is known as thee mighty, electric Blood Beach.

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1. http://outinthedesert.bandcamp.com/album/so-little from los angeles. 2. There are several bands having gone by the name "Badlands", the most famous being the late '80s hard rock band formed by former Black Sabbath vocalist Ray Gillen. Badlands was a short-lived rock band founded by Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee and Black Sabbath members Ray Gillen and Eric Singer. Badlands also featured bassist Greg Chaisson. After the first Badlands album, Eric Singer was replaced by Jeff Martin. Eric Singer later played drums on the Greg Chaisson solo album It’s About Time.

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A band from Belgium
Raketkanon’s debutalbum brings some steaming noiserock with elements of the Melvins sludgy sound, Tomahawk’s experiment and the chaotic pyschedelia of the early Butthole Surfers.
All four members have a strong musical cv with vocalist Pieter Paul Devos having his other band Kapitan Korsakov, tomàn drummer Lode Vlaeminck switching here to bassynths, drummer Pieter De Wilde being active as well in Raveyards and guitarplayer Jef Verbeeck having a past in several extreme metalbands.

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