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Jimi Jamison

Jimi Jamison (born Jimmy Wayne Jamison, August 23, 1951) is a rock vocalist, best known as the lead singer for the band Survivor from 1984 to 1989. Jamison would later reunite with Survivor for a tour in 2000, and for one album in 2006. He has also sang for the bands Target and Cobra and provided background vocals for other bands including ZZ Top. Among his best known performances are "Burning Heart", from the Rocky IV movie with Sylvester Stallone, which hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, "High On You" (#8 US), and "The Search Is Over" (#4 US).

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Nomadic Rituals

Nomadic Rituals are a 3-piece / metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Formed by bassist and reluctant vocalist Craig Carson who originally spent a number of years searching for a replacement drummer for his then doom project Sons of Nothing; in July 2012 he recruited drummer Mark Smyth and former Fylth Wyzzard bassist Peter (Frodo) Hunter on guitar and became Nomadic Rituals. Utilizing down tuned guitars, slow tempos and heavy distortion the trio are set to record their first 4 song EP titled DFWG in early 2013.

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SardoniS are a two man aural demolition crew from Belgium whose musical output encompass the pure, unadulterated brutality of High On Fire, the atmosphere of 5ive and the vintage swing n' groove of early Black Sabbath. A throwback to stoney, blown-speaker Doom of that golden Man's Ruin Records era but with a magic all their own. Started in the summer of '06, recorded a demo in February of ‘08 and a 4 song EP two months later at Studio Jonathas together with riffmeister Xavier Carion (formerly Cyclone...

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Indian Jewelry

Further Notes Regarding Peel It
Peel another 40-hour-workweek off the stack gyrating in your hands. Strip it from the wad and make it drizzle on the sign twirler at the live-nude intersection - “We Buy Gold, We Sell Gold” the sign reads.

Peel the gold leaf off the holy headpiece, off the Temple Mount, off the Dome Rock. Lotto jackpots get shared.

Peel the radial Goodyear’s off pop’s Ford Exploder glazing doughnuts into every Texas lawn, sister. Peel the sod away, the drought sucks like a dry hump with two backs, brother.

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