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JoanovArc were founded in late 2004 by multi-talented sisters Samantha and Shelley Walker, later joined by rhythm guitarist Luita Lim and drummer Debbie Wildish. JoanovArc have performed at venues such as The Meanfiddler,The Garage downstairs, The Barfly, The Pitz in Milton Keynes, Islington Bar Academy, Café de Paris, plus many other great venues around the UK. They have recently toured Slovakia, performing at the Harley Davidson Chopper Show in Bratislava where they were very well received.

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The Floor

There are three bands by the name of the Floor. One is a band based in Dundee, Scotland. Another is from Edmonton, Alberta foursome The Floor released a series of LP's and EP's culminating with Personnel, an extension of the band's flirtation with noise rock like Ride and the dance rock of Interpol and bands of that ilk. The band are on again off again, although they are opening for Trans Am in a few weeks, indicating the shoegazers are indeed on again. Floor is a sludge metal band from florida on no idea records and now has members in Torche

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Remedial Math Rock for the Masses. GUITAR=BEESLEY
THROAT=BILLY Swords/OK47 Single 7" The 7" vinyl physical format comes packaged with a four track CD containing the A and B sides along with two additional tracks only available on this format. You can buy this for

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Heavy Smoke

There are two known bands with the name Heavy Smoke. 1. A rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. http://www.myspace.com/heavy-smoke 2. A Finnish NWOFHM band with space rock influences, which you can listen at http://soundcloud.com/heavy-smoke 1. cont. The Scottish band was formed in Glasgow in February 2010. It consists of Stevie Boy Smith Jr. II on vocals, Mr. Stab on guitar, RMB on bass and Iain McFie on drums. Heavy Smoke released their debut E.P, "Take Drugs and Kill People" on July 4th, 2011.

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Indian Jewelry

Further Notes Regarding Peel It
Peel another 40-hour-workweek off the stack gyrating in your hands. Strip it from the wad and make it drizzle on the sign twirler at the live-nude intersection - “We Buy Gold, We Sell Gold” the sign reads.

Peel the gold leaf off the holy headpiece, off the Temple Mount, off the Dome Rock. Lotto jackpots get shared.

Peel the radial Goodyear’s off pop’s Ford Exploder glazing doughnuts into every Texas lawn, sister. Peel the sod away, the drought sucks like a dry hump with two backs, brother.

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Hailing from Manchester, England. Originally formed late 1999 as Sphere, the band faced many changes, until finally becoming Allerjen Mid-2002. John Dower (Vocals/Bass), Paul Wilkinson (Guitar/Vocals) and Paul Tarbuck (Percussion/Vocals) The current line up has only been together since August 2003. After searching for the perfect fit, Paul Tarbuck, an old school and death metal fan was invited into the band.

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Psychic Ills

Psychic Ills is a group that became active in NYC sometime during 2003. Their sound has included a combination of rock experimentation, drones, electronic textures, and various ethnic influences. Their live shows have varied widely and have been known to have an improvised performance art element as well. The current line up consists of Elizabeth Hart, Brian Tamborello, and Tres Warren. Their 2nd album "Mirror Eye", is set to be released on January 20th of 2009 on The Social Registry label.

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Windhand is a / band from Richmond, Virginia which formed in 2008. Current Lineup:
Ryan Wolfe: Drums
Nathan Hilbish: Bass
Dorthia Cottrell: Vocals
Garrett Morris: Guitar
Asechiah Bogdan: Guitar Their website is: http://www.myspace.com/windhand

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