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NICCKKKKK COPYCATS are three teens from manchester/stockport, they create ridiculous techno punk pop in their bedrooms and play shows to a confused audience. They believe that No two songs should sound the same, they are here to supply the schizophrenic genre defying pop which will hopefully be the soundtrack to the choatic place this world really is. a bizarre(ish) alternative to the apocalyptic lad rock you can hear everywhere right now?

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Alex Celler

With his energetic and intense house sound, full of swing, tribal rhythms & techy beats, Alex is said to be probably the most promising of upcoming producers & DJs in the scene. Greek by right, but a Londoner by choice, Alex Celler (Alexandros Berdos) was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2004 he moved in London where he based his studio and since then it has been a story of hard work and righteous success.

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D’julz started his career in 1992. He quickly got a personal style that turned him into one of the leading French dj’s. His music is at the crossing of Electro House and Deep Techno with strong acid and funk influences.
D’julz’s sets demonstrate mixing skills and eclecticism - the hallmarks of any big D.J. After one year spinning in Paris early raves and legendary clubs: Rex, Queen, Palace… he releases the first ever mix Cd in France and decides to take this as an opportunity to export his sound.

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The Kites

Some disambiguation. There are several Kites, it seems. 1. Hailing from Castlemaine, Victoria, Austraila. The Kites is a prime example of when three pretty boys come together to write safe revitailist music. With ex Kiwi Travis on Vocals on Guitar, how could you go wrong? 2. New York's Kites a.k.a Jean-Philip Grobler 3. The Kites from Austin, Texas - alt-country-ish. Formed 2005. Members: Levy Johnson writes, sings, plays guitar and piano. John Logan fills in with guitar and harmonies. Cody Johnson provides the thump while Buzzy Wendtland bangs skins.

Read more about The Kites on Last.fm.

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Passenger of Shit

Passenger Of Shit, of the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, produces harsh and brutal electronic /. He has released records on the labels Core-Tex Labs, Global Terror, Painfree Foundsound Institute, and System Corrupt, often playing live with artists from the latter. He also runs the Shitwank (warning: link not work safe) label, producing CDrs and zines with other like-minded artists.

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Maurice Fulton

Maurice Fulton's name is one of those unexpected recurrences in dance music, I mean still knowing almost nothing about him he never seemed to merit mention along with Frankie Knuckles/Bones/Whoever nor in the Detroit pack of May, Carter, Atkins, and of course the master Craig or early euro-stirrers like Kirk Degiorgio and others. But none of that really matters, much like early hip-hop or the days of disco, house music wasn't created with the intention of lasting, crates of 12"s siphoned off the press with none of rock's bravado of "making it" either financially or into history.

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Outlines are long-time friends Jerome, Irfane and Jay1. Although the paths of life led the three members to interact - Jerome and Irfane went to school together - it is hip-hop culture that is responsible for their union. Indeed, while, in the early nineties, Jerome was breakdancing, both Irfane and Jay1 were writing graffiti. Jay1 has since then established himself as one of the finest French writers, collaborating with fashion designers (agnes b.

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