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Previously 7 Years of Tragedy, the band regrouped and have returned with a completely different attitude to everything. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Current Members: Paul Bone - Vocals (2009 - )
Lewis Smith - Guitar (2007 - )
Michael Anderson - Guitar (2008 - )
Ruaridh McGrath - Bass (2007 - )
Duncan McDowell - Drums (2007 - ) Previous Members: Baden Thompson - Vocals (2007-2009)
Christopher Harper - Guitar (2007 - 2008)

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Gallows for Grace

Gallows For Grace is a band from Perth, Australia. Formed in early 2006, Gallows for Grace is the creation of five like minded musicians aspiring to produce a new sound. As a result, their music has evolved into an original, energetic, brutal and melodic blend of , and with an extremely dark undertone.
A blazing onslaught of technical riffery, lightning fast drumming and crushing guttural vocals, GFG's debut EP attempts to push the boundaries of by blurring the line between traditional and modern styles.

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There are two bands by this name: 1. Death metal band from Enniskillen N. Ireland.
2. Progressive Death Metal band from Amsterdam, The Nertherlands . (2010-present) (vote for picture) Info Gargantuan (second / #2.): First hitting the stage in 2010, Gargantuan has had a long time writing and rehearsing their material, and this shows!! At the end of 2008 the band was formed by Thalys, Corvus and Violence Jack with the idea of combining older with newer styles of metal.

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New Blood

Death Metal band from Wollongong, Australia.
Formed In: August 2008
Hometown Location: Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Genre: Heavy/Technical Death Metal/Grindcore Band Lineup
Stampy - Vocals
Shannon Zivkovic - Guitar
Danny King - Guitar
Ryan Caulfield - Bass
Luka Grgurevic - Drums Biography
5 Piece Death Metal band from the Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Since releasing the their debut EP 'Paradise Disintegrates' in 2008 the Death Metal

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Awakening Sun

AWAKENING SUN – an unsigned, fast growing, one of the most promising Lithuanian bands. AWAKENING SUN was set up by a guitarist, a lyricist, the main composer, the frontman and band producer Ernestas in spring 2011. Different musicians had replaced each other, until the final cast was formed: Ernestas Skripkiūnas (vocals/ lead guitar), Vilius Stašauskas- (drums), Denis Bubel (rhythm guitar), Povilas Laurinaitis (bass guitar).

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Bleeding Oath

1) Bleeding Oath are an Opeth cover band from London, England. They have also been known to cover Enslaved, and due to their vocalist's damaged vocals, they often incorporate the autotune found in the music of Cynic. Members:
Robin Hay - autotune, morbid shell, corpsepaint arrangement, looking depressed in front of boats
Misha Mansoor - rhythm guitar, ghost, stone, drunken harmonies
Harrison 'Mike Porn Toy' McWhirter - marketing, fog machine

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Pestilence is a death metal band from the Netherlands founded in 1986. Later they incorporated more jazz and fusion elements into their music. They released four albums before disbanding in order to pursue other musical directions in 1994. Pestilence has recently reformed, and are working on a new album. Pestilence started in the Netherlands in mid 1986 as a thrash metal band. The lineup, consisting of Patrick Mameli (guitar, vocals), Randy Meinhard (guitar), and Marco Foddis (drums), recorded two demos before gaining the attention of Roadrunner Records.

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Ancient Ascendant

Formed in 2005, based in Reading, South England.
Formerly known as Heretic.
Ancient Ascendant play a new breed of death metal. Combining old school sensibilities with melody and hooks which are often lacking in this brutal genre, they take influences from older metal bands such as Death, Pantera and Carcass, and fuse them with the modern sounds of bands like Opeth and Decapitated.

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There are seven bands named Pandemonium:
The band with the most songs uploaded on this page is the currently active swedish death metal-band. For more info see below.(3) 1. The 1st Pandemonium was a dutch hardcore punk band that existed from 1981-1986. Pandemonium started around mid-1981 with Danny and Peter in the original line-up. Danny's brother Rowdy joined shortly after as we couldn't find a drummer.

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