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Perpetuate is a heavy metal band hailing from Windsor, Ontario, formed in early 2010. Guitarists Jamie Hush and Chris Rafinski join forces with drummer Mike Wiznuk and Calvin Love on bass to deliver hard-hitting, high-energy tunes reminiscent of metal's golden age. The band is fronted by keyboardist Kim McInnis, whose voice weaves beauty and aggression into soaring soprano melodies over a roaring symphony of guitars. With classical inspiration and strong influences in modern metal and progressive music, Perpetuate is seeking the perfect balance of technicality and clarity in song-writing.

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1) Ablaze is a 23 year old hip hop artist with a half Australian half Greek-Cypriot nationality, born and mostly raised in Nicosia. He has been participating in urban events across the island for the last 6 years. His name rings a bell in every city in the island hence ha has hosted and performed from clubs, private events, raves to beach parties. Furthermore, he has spread his lyrical skills internationally some example range from Lebanon(Beirut), UK(London, Birmingham) and the list goes on… 2) South brazillian melodic death metal with thrash metal and progressive influences band Ablaze.

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There is more than one band by the name Deceptor: 1). Deceptor was a Heavy/Power Metal band from Greece. Forming in 1989, they annually released demos until 1991, and split up some time after. While their work remains relatively unheard of to this day, a compilation entitled 'The Legend' was released on Unisound in 2002, citing everything recorded in their late-eighties/early-nineties period. Their vocalist, Yiannis Koutselinis (commonly known as John K) went on to record an album with British Progressive Metal group Balance of Power, and then went on to form Biomechanical.

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1.) A metal band. 2.) A psytrance producer from Portugal, Victor Bernardo.
Always involved with Music since the late 80's, Victor plays everything from guitar, bass, drums, keys... He started playing at the age of 14, and travelled all over Portugal with is band, HORNET. His first contact with electronic music production started with an old commodore AMIGA 500, more than a decade ago; Telmo plays drums since he was 8, he was the drummer for HORNET and they've known each other since childhood. Telmo's interest in dance and electronic Music started with dance Music festivals, like bOOm.

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Since 2007, Fragmenta began whipping local crowds into a moshing frenzy with their searing brand of progressive edged thrash metal. Fragmenta spent the following years gigging intensely playing many notable shows, receiving airplay both locally and internationally and having their demos featured in several worldwide compilations. In 2011 Fragmenta released their debut album titled SEDITION; their intense thrash sound evolved even further, injected with unconventional grooves and tinged with industrial elements.

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There are two uses for "Gladiators": the first is a wrong tag for reggae group The Gladiators and Gladiators is a german power metal band. Gladiators is also a one time used name by Gerard Requena, a spanish Makina Techno producer. Gladiators was a German five piece Power Metal band. They formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2000. They released two albums, Bound To Steel and Steel Vengeance, both of which were released on Black Arrow Productions. One notable member is bass player Maik Metzner, who also played in the ledgendary crust/grindcore band Extreme Noise Terror.

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Secret Sphere

Secret Sphere are a power metal band from Alessandria, Italy. They are often compared to countrymen Rhapsody in their use of symphonic keyboards, ballads, and general feeling. However, the band's first CD, Mistress Of The Shadowlight, has a much rawer sound compared to Rhapsody. The band was formed in 1997 from the talented guitar player Aldo Lonobile and has released four full-lengths.
They released a fifth full-length cd in 2008 called Sweet Blood Theory.
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Babylon A.D.

Formed in Oakland California as the Persuaders, Derek Davis (vocals), Ron Freschi (guitar) Jamey Pacheco (drums) Danny De La Rosa (guitar) and Robb Reid (bass) were in childhood and rival bands until they eventually evolved into Babylon A.D (www.babylonad.com). Later as a band, they caught the attention of Arista Records president and industry music mogul Clive Davis who signed them at a showcase in Los Angeles thanks to their impressive three-song demo, home made video and consistent sold out performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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