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Soundgarden is a Seattle rock band who helped to define the sound that came to be called . Despite starting years earlier, and having a sound that more closely resembled Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin than their contemporaries, they are usually considered one of the "big four" of the '90s Seattle grunge bands, along with Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The band was formed in 1984 by Chris Cornell (vocals, and originally drums) and Hiro Yamamoto (bass), to be joined later by Kim Thayil (guitar) and Scott Sundquist (drums).

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hammer attack

Hammer Attack were a power violence/hardcore band from Liverpool.
They played their first show with Justice back in Feb '07 and played their last show in October that year with SSS & Down and Outs. In that time they released a demo, then re-recorded it.
The tracklisting was as follows:
1) Intro/No More Chances
2) Hatefuck
3) Change Of Heart
4) Belief Will Get You Nowhere!
5) Time Alone
6) D-Fens (Instrumental)

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NOTE: This is NOT "Miranda!", the Argentinian electropop band. If your Miranda! tracks lead to this page, please correct the artist field in them and help keep's stats correct. Miranda may refer to: 1) Swedish goa trance producer Linda Miranda Silvergren. 2) Italian instrumental/noise rock band Miranda, on From Scratch Records. 3) Short lived Spanish eurodance/trance project.

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A Storm of Light

The voice that leads And We Wept the Black Ocean Within is now dead. No, tragedy hasn't struck since the album was recorded. The debut release from Brooklyn, NY trio A Storm of Light is anything but posthumous. However, within its murky, suffocating depths there lies little certainty about the origin and veracity of the words bellowed by guitarist Josh Graham (also Neurosis visual director, Blood and Time, Battle of Mice and formerly of Red Sparowes) as mouthpiece of the album's protagonist.

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There is more than one band named Malevolence: 1) A Melodic deathmetal / Hardcore band from Sheffield, England.
2) A New Zealand death metal/grindcore band formed in 1992.
3) A Portuguese black/death metal band from Leiria.
4) A Canadian thrash/death metal band formed in 1990.
5) A Dutch deathcore band formed in 2006.
6) A hardcore/metal outfit from Pittsburgh, PA

1) See:

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Monarch is a name that has been used more than once.
1) Filthy, dirty sludge doom band from France, with a female vocalist. Also see Monarch! ------------------- 2)
Monarch, originally from Pittsburgh PA, signed to Northern Records of Orange County where they released "The Grandeur That Was Rome" in 2003 and "Lowly" in 2007, featuring collaborations with members of the bands OneRepublic, Pedro the Lion, and Starflyer 59. As their music has been dubbed as “melodic-driven indie pop,” Monarch has been compared to bands like Elbow, Sigur Ros, Keane, and Denali.

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Power/Doom Metal ORIGIN:
Greece (Athens), 1998 CURRENT LINE-UP:
Dimitris Koutsouvelis (vocals)
Lefteris "L.V." Vourliotis (lead guitar)
Michail Vlavianos (rhythm guitar)
Yiannis "Blackclad" Moraitis (bass)
George Tsinanis (drums) BIOGRAPHY
HEATHENDOM was founded by Lefteris Vourliotis (lead guitar) and Michail Vlavianos (rhythm guitar) back in 1998. The concept of the band was power/doom metal with a strong mixture of KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE style.

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Acid King

Acid King is a stoner doom band that was formed 1993 in San Francisco, California, USA. Acid King's signature is distortion, tight guitar-bass riff attacks and a Marshall-stacked, bloated low rear end. Ampeg bass amps and Osbourne's Ludwig drum kit supplemented the heaviness accordingly. Heavy but spacey. Lori's searing guitar leads contrasted nicely with her nefarious vocal stylings. People appreciated something different and distinctive, enthusiastically supporting Acid King's opening slots for the likes of The Obsessed, Sleep and Hawkwind.

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Located in the far reaches in the south of France lies Bayonne, a small City untouched by modern architecture and home to one of the slowest, heaviest and loudest funeral doom metal bands Europe has to offer. They call them selves Monarch and they ascended to this Earth in the year of 2004.
Drawing comparisons to the likes of heavy weights Khanate, Burzum, Corrupted and the Melvins, Monarch are a unique band with the pure intent on creating blood curdling feedback drenched physical sound through the use of insane volume and low end frequencies, oh, and with a wall of sweet vintage amps.

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