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Premonition 13

By now, the musical exploits of Scott “Wino” Weinrich are the stuff of legend. The Obsessed. Saint Vitus. Spirit Caravan. The Hidden Hand. Shrinebuilder. After releasing his solo debut in 2009, Wino went acoustic in early 2011 with Adrift, a gut-wrenchingly personal album written by a man who has survived a lifetime of gut-wrenching scenarios and lived to tell the tales.
Wino’s latest project sees him plugged back in—both to his amplifier and the full-band format.

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There are several acts named (or formerly named) "Nemesis":
1) A Chilean Hip Hop Group, consisting of Cenzi and Seo2. They put out one record through Sony Music Chile and another through Cenzi's label, Aguasonica. They are still active as solo acts, and will one day do their third album. 2) A Scottish nationalist rockband. 3) The metal Band from Bandung, Indonesia. Started from the band's childhood fantasy, Nemesis always dreamed about being some crunchy rockstar. The five of them are highschool student with the same liking in music.

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There are at least 4 bands named Below 1. a doom/sludge metal band from Kentucky, USA. They released "St. Anthony's Fire" in 2010. 2. A metal hardcore band from Manchester UK feat. members of Broken Teeth and Survival.
Demo '13 out now on Atonement records:
Listen HERE
Buy/Download HERE 3. The third Below comes from Pennsylvania. 4. The fourth Below comes from North Dakota.

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