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There are at least 8 bands called Jaguar: 1) Jaguar is a heavy metal Band formed in Bristol, England in December 1979. They had moderate success throughout Europe and Asia in the early 80's during the heyday of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. The original December '79 lineup consisted of Garry Pepperd (Guitar), Jeff Cox (Bass,Vocals) and Chris Lovell (Drums). In the following April Rob Reiss was added as vocalist/frontman.

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Midas is the name of several different artists. 1. Hailing from Manchester Joe Tarran a.k.a Midas is a Drum and Bass Producer who has seen Releases on Break 9 Recordings His style of dnb is the more Minimal, Ambient flow, but is working on different styles 2. Hailing from Stourbridge, Midas write fast-paced songs about teenage life in the West Midlands set against a powerful musical backdrop. www.myspace.com/midas

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The Sweat

The Sweat was a power-pop outfit from Belfast, North Ireland in the late 1970s and early 80s. They're perhaps best known for their single "Why Did You Have to Lie" from their LP No More Running. The group was originally called No Sweat before being sued by Pete Townsend's Eel Pie Record label who promoted a group of the same name.

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There are 5 artists/bands under the name of Pariah. 1. Pariah was a British heavy / thrash metal band, one of the side ways of Satan (UK) who changed their name into Blind Fury and later to Pariah in 1987.
Pariah released 2 albums (The Kindred - 1988 and Blaze Of Obscurity - 1989) before splitting up in the early 90's.
After the departure of the band, Steve Ramsey (guitar) and Greame English (bass) played in Skyclad.

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There are at least 4 bands with the name Boulevard. One from Germany/Canada, one from New Zealand, one from Finland and one from Denmark. 1) Randy Burgess (bass) Mark Holden (saxophone, vocals) David Forbes (lead vocals) Andrew Johns (keyboards) Randy Gould (guitar) Randall Stoll (drums) Tom Christianson (bass; replaced Burgess) Holden had been working in a recording studio in Frankfurt, Germany and an offer to open a new, multi-million dollar recording studio in Calgary gave him reason to return to Canada.

Read more about Boulevard on Last.fm.

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Tytan was a nwobhm band formed in 1981. Kevin Riddles & Dave Dufort had both left Angelwitch, Kal Swan came on recommendation from Paul Samson. The first line up was Norman 'Kal' Swan (Vocalist), Steve Gibbs and Stuart Adams (Guitarists), Kevin 'Skidz' Riddles (Bassist) and Dave Dufort (Drums). Tytan's first concert was in January 1982 at the Marquee Club, London. On the 26th of March 1982 a live session was broadcast on the BBC's Friday Rock show.

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There are several bands/artists known as Demolition. (1) A Canadian hardcore punk band (2) A UK punk, (3) a Japanese Thrash Metal band and (4) an Irish American Hip-Hop duo made up of the MC Euyo & the DJ Drama. (1) Demolition are a Canadian band from Barrie, ON that play hardcore punk in the style of Altercation, Agnostic Front, and early Madball. They have released one demo and have members from the now broken up band, Planet Danger.
(2) UK Punk:

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