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Ore were a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band who formed in London in 1982. They released one double A-sided 7", 'Yellow Fever'/'Your Time Will Come', and played the 1982 Reading Festival. Gordon Macarthur (vocals)
Dean Howard (guitar)
Dave Boyce (bass)
Andy Elphick (drums)

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Tytan was a nwobhm band formed in 1981. Kevin Riddles & Dave Dufort had both left Angelwitch, Kal Swan came on recommendation from Paul Samson. The first line up was Norman 'Kal' Swan (Vocalist), Steve Gibbs and Stuart Adams (Guitarists), Kevin 'Skidz' Riddles (Bassist) and Dave Dufort (Drums). Tytan's first concert was in January 1982 at the Marquee Club, London. On the 26th of March 1982 a live session was broadcast on the BBC's Friday Rock show.

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Saxon is a british heavy metal band, formed in 1976 in Barnsley, Yorkshire. As leading lights in the new wave of British Heavy Metal they had a brief period of UK Top 40 success in the early 1980s, and also tasted success in Europe and japan. They still tour heavily and regularly. Their latest (in support of The Inner Sanctum album) tour is their largest in the UK since the early 1980s. Until this, the band's fame had been focused largely in germany for many years.

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Formed in 1980 and coming from Evesham, Worcestershire - WRATHCHILD almost and should have hit the big time. After original guitarist Phil Wrathchild (later to be Phil Volken of Persian Risk) departed, the above line up became the definitive Wrathchild. Live they were unparalleled. Hair raised to the sky, made up to the hilt, leather, studz, flashbombs .... WRATHCHILD were trash rock's greatest exponent and one of the founders of the worldwide 80's glam revival.

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Syron Vanes

Swedish Heavy Metal hailing from Malmoe.
Establisted 1980. New album EVIL REDUX out now.
www.syronvanes.com - @syronvanes Syron Vanes was formed 1980 in Malmoe in the south of Sweden, The core of the band was guitarist Anders Hahne and drummer Staffan Lindstedt. Together with early members Ola Pettersson on guitar and Anders Lind on bass they began their journey. The band rehearsed and played numerous concerts that led to their first studio recording 1982 as part of a compilation album. It was on an compilation album with different rock bands from the southern Sweden called Skånsk rock.

Read more about Syron Vanes on Last.fm.

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Dark Star

There are at least four bands with the name Dark Star:

1. A 70s NWOBHM band.
2. A 90s Space-Rock band.
3. A 90s German Industrial project.
4. A 80s Rap Group from Los Angeles.
1. Formed in 1978, Dark Star are best known for their single 'Lady Of Mars' which was included on the legendary NWOBHM compilation 'Metal For Muthas Volume 2', and was a firm favourite in rock clubs at the time. They released their debut self titled album in 1981, which gave us classic NWOBHM tracks like 'Kaptain Amerika', 'Backstreet Killer' and 'Green Peace'.

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There are two bands and a label called Trojan.
Trojan (1). A british 80s speed metal band (aka Tröjan) that turned their name into the swedish word for "sweater" when adding the umlaut to the "o". Trojan (2). An irish heavy metal band. Trojan (the label)
This is a label and not an artist in its own right. Everyone would benefit if you changed the artist-tag of your songs to the right performer/recording artist. You can find the label page for Trojan Records here.

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White wizzard

White Wizzard hails from Los Angeles CA. Tired of the same old down-tuned metal that seems to be everywhere these days, Jon Leon formed White Wizzard in the summer of 2007. The goal was simple - to bring the songwriting, melody and good times back into metal and rock. A 7 song EP was recorded in the fall of 2007 with the first line up and was well received and is about to be released worldwide. White Wizzard is currently in the studio working on it's first full length album. The release date is hopeful to be later in 2009.

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Death Knell

An early years style power metal band with a rough edge. Think NWOBHM, just 30 years too late! Formed from the ashes of East Midlands Power-Thrash band In The Ravens Name and Melodic Death band Scramasax, Death Knell count Venom, Helloween, Gravedigger, Iced Earth, Sabaton and Judas Priest as their principle influences. More info, and contact information for the band, can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/deathknellmetal

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