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Acidburp: Mike Walters is 28 and comes from Manchester, UK. He has been making Electronic music for about 9 years, and before that he was a drummer in a few bands.
Acidburp makes his music in a Program called FLStudio aka Fruityloops. He takes influences from Artists such as Wisp, Mrs Jynx, Boards of Canada and from Bands like Arab Strap and Mogwai. He has had a few releases on some of FaltyDL’s website and some on Badsekta, but recently had his first EP released on THEM records.

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The Unabombers

Unabombers are Luke Cowdrey & Justin Crawford. As residents and promoters of the Electric Chair the reputation of the Unabombers has grown hand in hand with the success of the club which the pair started together in 1995. It was one of Manchester's longest running club nights the Electric Chair & the Unabombers have been accorded cult status in the city for their monthly night of madness and mayhem.

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Modern Alarms

Dreams needed to be followed and passions expressed so 2009 gave rise to Modern Alarms
Now with a solid line up the band are producing intense, exciting, groove driven tunes that to experience live gives a true sense you're immersed in something special that very rarely comes around in music.
Confident and engaging and with ambition bigger than comprehension their ability to create music that evokes emotion in their audience is there for all to see. Born from a true respect of music and a desire to give their audience and themselves a reprieve from the daily grind.

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There are five artists with this name:
1. A popular British alternative band active from 1993 to 1998
2. A dubstep producer from Coventry, England
3. An experimental hip-hop musician
4. A garage rock band from Oklahoma formed in 2008.
5. A minimal house producer based out of Atlanta. 1. Sleeper was a group which formed in 1993 in Manchester, England. The band consisted of Louise Wener (vocals, guitar), Jon Stewart (guitar), Diid Osman (bass) and Andy Maclure (drums). The band released three albums - Smart, The It Girl and Pleased To Meet You - and split in 1998.

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Becca Williams

'Small and dainty but big-voiced and lush. She may be a solitary act but this is an artist who spellbinds!' ( 'Highlight of the night Becca Williams, now an assured performer after a summer of gigging and promoting, turns her set into something special with absorbing lyrics, great dynamic changes and an ear for a good tune, with the track "Astronaut Song" being a particular success. Her diminutive stature belies a terrifically loud and strong voice that easily filled the room...

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Mark E. Smith

Mark E. Smith (born 5 March 1957) is the lead singer, lyricist, co-composer and frontman of The Fall, a renowned and idiosyncratic offshoot from the UK / music scenes. Mark Edward Smith was born to a working-class family in Broughton, Salford, in Lancashire, England, moving to nearby Prestwich, near Bury early in his life. He formed The Fall (named after the novel by Camus) with friends after dropping out of college at the age of 19. He gave up his job at Salford docks shortly after to devote his full energies to The Fall, and has continued to do so ever since.

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Lewis Tuff

Lewis Tuff is an artist from Bristol who loves gigging and performing newly written material. Playing at a wide range of venues in and around Bristol his style and performance develop and mature with every performance. An upcoming singer/songwriter with strong influences from Stevie Wonder, Cat Stevens and Jack Johnson. cLuMsY (a local Bristol band) have been a great influence in Lewis's songwriting, guitar playing and musical taste. They also produced and played on his new EP: In the Absence of Light. Check them out here: cLuMsY band.

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