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The Silence

The Silence is a name of at least eight acts: 1) An Orange County, CA, USA alternative rock band, which has been creating relationships with audiences across the USA, since 2004. From their early days of goth rock to the current rock répertoire, The Silence has dedicated their effort to not only entertaining, but connecting with fans. This connection has been made at more than 220 shows over the past two years including 3 National Tours, Bamboozle 2005, Flipside Festival 2005, the 2005 Warped Tour and countless California and Arizona shows.

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North Lincoln

North Lincoln tells Southern Lovin': “We love to play, which is the real foundation of what North Lincoln eventually became to us. We’ve always been doing other bands at the same time and continue to come back to North Lincoln out of a real love of doing it. With the three of us together in a room writing, we know that there’s no real boundries or guidelines for what we need to do or sound like to be North Lincoln.

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Second Monday

Still buried deep in the underground, from the hometown of Winchester UK, this angular rock 5-piece are fast-recieving critical praise for their latest full-length effort from a collective of fanzines. Sporadic touring for over 5 years in the UK, and a small stint in Germany has gained Second Monday a respected live show and ever-growing fanbase.

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There are at least three bands that are named Cog. One from Australia, one from the Philippines, and one from Croatia. 1)
Cog was a rock band from Sydney, New South Wales. Cog consisted of members Flynn Gower (lead guitar, lead vocals), Lucius Borich (drums, samples, backing vocals) and Luke Gower (bass guitar and backing vocals), who had been a band since 1998. Flynn Gower and Lucius Borich (the son of renowned Australian blues guitarist Kevin Borich) were friends at their Bondi high school in the 1980s.

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Bless The Fall

This is an incorrect tag for blessthefall. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do Last.fm and yourself a favor: fix your artist tags. This incorrect tag is actually a result of the CD, when ripped the artist name comes off as Bless The Fall instead of Blessthefall, so if you actually go out and buy the thing, make sure you fix it before you listen to the songs.

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There are more than one artists sharing that name. 1. Rivalries are a four-piece indie rock band from Philadelphia, PA. The band is composed of Drew Mercadante (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Josh Nussbaum (Guitar), Ryan Hall (Bass) and Matt Hottinger (Drums). The band is noted for their unique mix of influences, from Russian staple of Romanticism Rachmaninoff to modern influences like Radiohead and Minus the Bear. http://www.myspace.com/rivalriesband 2. Rivalries is a melodic punk rock/pop punk band from London, England. http://rivalries.tumblr.com

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1) Captives is a hardcore punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. http://captivespunk.blogspot.com 2) Captives are an alternative, garage rock band from the uk 3) Captives is an alternative rock band from Eagle Mountain, Utah
"On Captives debut EP these homegrown boys from Utah successfully meld post-hardcore with alternative rock while even throwing in a little old school Brand New era emo. My Eyes Are Open is what radio stations would be playing if they actually had an ear for music.

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Pedro the Lion

Pedro the Lion was an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington, comprising David Bazan and TW Walsh. Because of the biblical references in many of their songs, Pedro the Lion were seen by some to be a Christian band, but they did not consider the band to be such. Pedro the Lion was formed by David Bazan in 1994 and released their debut EP Whole in April 1997. Despite the band's many lineup changes, Bazan remained the primary artist and musician behind the group, exemplified by his singing and playing every instrument on the band's first two full length albums...

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Hailing from sunny San Diego, CA, SECRETS has already made an impact as one of the most promising up and coming acts in the scene. Armed with irresistibly catchy choruses, soaring vocals, and mercilessly dynamic breakdowns, its no wonder the post-hardcore five-piece has seen such success since signing to Velocity/Rise Records in the Spring of 2011. Velocity Records’ Dave Shapiro says, "When I heard these songs, I knew San Diego had yet another band that would be at the forefront of their genre.

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