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lapis lazzuli

Lapis Lazuli are a band from Canterbury, UK formed in late 2009 they are 5 people unified by a concept of music unbound by the limits of pigeon-holing, and brought together by the willingness to fuse and transverse genres from across time and place.
Bombastic beats and global grooves are combined with a rich tapestry of texture and melody created by the twin guitars, synth, flute, trumpet and digeredoo sounds, telling ancient stories from the vault of their collective influences.

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Courtney Pine

Courtney Pine (born 18 March 1964) is a British jazz musician. At school he studied clarinet, although he is known primarily for his saxophone playing. Pine is a multi-instrumentalist, also playing the flute, clarinet and keyboards. His recent music has attempted to integrate modern British music like drum and bass and UK garage with contemporary jazz styles. He runs his own band and integrates many comtemporary musicians in his performances. He also presents 'Jazz Crusade' on BBC Radio 2, the seventh series being broadcast during spring 2007.

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1)Balkan trad. folk fusion-band from Denmark
2) Ex yu rock band from Novi Sad 1) The danish balkan trio consists of three copenhagens: Egon Aagard, Peter Bastian and Jon Ravn that found eachother in 1972. From their words: "we are heavily inspired by slavic and turkish music, from bulgarian village weddings to istanbul's night clubs.. we borrow the atmosphere, melodies and rhythms and play it the way we do with western european musical roots." http://prognotfrog.blogspot.com/2008/04/balkan-spiller-denmark-1973-balkan-trad.html

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There are several bands operating under the name Pest. One jazz/hip hop/electronic band (1). Four black metal bands (2,3,4,5), one post-rock band (6) one punk rock band (7) and one breaks/dubstep house collective spelled P.E.S.T (8) 1)Pest is a band from the UK, playing music with tinges of , and .
Current members are Matt Chandler (guitar), Benjamin Mallott (DJ / keys), Thomas Marriott (trombone) and Wayne Urquhart (cello), with all members contributing to the programming and production of the band's music.

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Mzaza is an alternative group of musicians playing folk fusion music inspired by the likes of Lhasa de Sela, Radio Tarifa, Manu Chao, Édith Piaf and Yasmin Levy. Current members are: Pauline Maudy, Greta Kelly, Jordan Stamos, Stephen Cuttriss, Tim Johannessen, Andrew Vievers. Mzaza explores the cross roads between ancient and contemporary melodies from France, Spain, the Balkans and the Middle East.

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