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Formed by Tom and his younger brother, guitarist Jack, Sondura have the songs, the sound and the dedication to become the next big British rock band of the 21st century. Propelled furiously along by the air-tight rhythm section of bassist Steve Dillon and drummer Fred Green, the London-based quartet have struck upon a uniquely powerful and accessible signature sound that combines the crushing, belligerent sonic might of Black Album-era Metallica with the incisive radio-friendly sensibilities of Nickelback and the edgy verve of Hundred Reasons; a fresh and invigorating collision of styles...

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Angela Jackman

Angela Jackman are a five piece electronic/hardcore/metal band from Fife, Scotland who take heavy riffs, brutal breakdowns and harmonized solo's from their slight different tastes in music and combine them. An EP is set to be released soon. The band frequently shares the stage with The City Ignites. www.myspace.com/angelajackman Members
Connor McCulloch - Vocals
Chris Banks - Guitar
Daniel Edwards - Guitar
Marshal Johnson - MIDI synth
Gordon Macintyre - Drums

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Brother Firetribe

Brother Firetribe is an Album Oriented Rock (AOR) band formed in 2002 in Finland. They describe their music as easy going rock. The band was originally called False Metal, but they changed their name to Brother Firetribe; however, the album is called ‘False Metal’. They take their name from an in-joke as a perfect description for their music is ‘tennis heavy’ and the name of a well known Finnish tennis player Veli Paloheimo translates into English as ‘Brother Firetribe’. The album title ‘False Metal’ comes from a slogan coined by heavy metal group Manowar, ‘Death to False Metal’.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Fastway was a hard rock band formed by guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke formerly of Motörhead, and bassist Pete Way formerly of UFO. In 1983 both players had been disgruntled with their own bands and decided to work together in a new outfit. They recruited drummer Jerry Shirley formerly of Humble Pie, and vocalist Dave King and took their name from a combination of the founder-members' names.

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There are several artists using this name: 1. Impulse (Импулс) was a heavy metal band from Bulgaria.
2. Impulse is a thrash/heavy metal band from Ankara, Turkey. They have one demo album named "Trident of Life".
3. Impulse is also a -artist from Trinidad and Tobago.
4. Impulse is a straightedge band from Richmond, VA.
5. Impulse is a Pink Floyd band from the Tilburg area, The Netherlands.
6. Impulse is an band from the mid 80's.

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LineUp: Charles ”Chulle" Rytkönen - Vocals - (Morgana Lefay)
Christer Andersson - Guitar (Tad Morose)
Danne Eriksson - Keyboards (Tad Morose).
Tommi Karpannen - Bass - (Tad Morose, God Awful Machine)
Peter Moren - Drums - (Tad Morose, Steel Attack) Inmoria started in April 2008 by former Tad Morose drummer Dan Eriksson.
He was away from the music scene for about 10 years when he suddenly felt the need to start writing music again.

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Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth is a New York City-based grindcore band that was formed in 1990 by ex-Anthrax and Nuclear Assault bassist Dan Lilker. Brutal Truth was one of the pioneers of grindcore who enjoyed world wide success, particularly in Japan and Australia. Originally signed to Earache Records, on which they released two albums, 1992's Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses, and 1994's Need to Control, as well as an EP entitled Perpetual Conversion, and a 7" single for the song "Godplayer".

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Ravenface are a Heavy Metal Band from Northern England.
In early 2007, founded by James Denton (Vocals) and then being joined by Dom Rodriguez (Drums) and Billy Dowdall (Bass), Ravenface was formed.
After getting a loyal following in their region, they expanded to gigs throughout the UK. The summer of 2007 saw the release of the first Ravenface EP 'Isolation'. In late 2008, the band recruited William "Rod" Collins who went on to play lead guitar in 2009 with Jack Ormound-Prout joining the band on rhythm guitar and completing the line up to present day.

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Goat is the name of more than one artist: 1:Chris Gates, better known as goat, is a video game remixer who has many many power metal and synth metal remixes of songs from Castlevania, though he has also remixed several other games including Final Fantasy 4 and Super Metroid, and he has created some originals. His website hosts copies of most of his songs, including his recently finished project "Unchosen Paths", which remixes the entire soundtrack of Castlevania 3, and also its prequels in two bonus medleys.

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