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Thomas Fehlmann

Now that his work with The Orb has earned him a place in electronic music history, Fehlmann is afforded the artistic license to transcend all previous boundaries. His musicality and experimentalist drive converge with exceptional grace and system-bumpin' appeal. Granular hip-hop grooves and exotic chord structures interface with bold, synthetic finesse, while his housier inner child locks down some precision dance-floor cuts immersed in fluidly manipulated filtration.

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Electro-dance-slide-didg-slide guitar-flute-drums. I just heard these guys live at the Newtown Festival, Sydney, for the first time ever this weekend. They came down from the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane, where the tropical heat has obviously had a good influence on them. Sometimes dreamy and slow, sometimes upfront crowdpleasing pumpers - these guys rock! With four studio albums, OKA shows a wide variety in their music. Absolutely mind blowing. OKA is also a pop group from Finland.

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Ryan Green - drums Paul Gross - vocals/keyboards Zane Smythe - guitars/keyboards Nate Perry - bass/backup vocals Believe it or not, Manic didn’t want to get signed to Suretone, the new label of ex-Geffen president Jordan Schur. Not because they had something against them but they didn’t want their creativity stifled by a corporation. This band, who crafts lush, layered pop rock, wanted to do things on their terms and to be the masters of their own destiny.

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To some, it must seem like this young electronic producer came out of nowhere. Emancipator (Douglas Appling) played his first live show in July 2009, opening for Bonobo at the Roseland Theater (cap. 1500). Since then, he’s toured with Bassnectar, drawn crowds at festivals like Trinumeral and Symbiosis, and closed out Sound Tribe Sector 9’s late night parties in Denver at the request of the band.

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Chet Faker

Shrouded in secrecy, hidden behind an alias and disguised by a beard, Chet Faker is an artist that enjoys the mystery. Hailing from the tight-knit deep disco scene in Melbourne, Australia and taking elements from an acoustic past, Chet Faker has carved out his own style that fuses personal stories of love and loss with an electronica soul, which reaches far beyond his homeland. Chet quickly came to everyone’s attention when his cover of 'No Diggity' hit number 1 on the worldwide indie music aggregator, Hype Machine.

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Château Flight

Château Flight is a duo formed of complementary Parisian producers I:Cube (Nicolas Chaix) and Dj Gilb'r (Gilbert Cohen). DISCOGRAPHY

2007 Body Language Vol. 5
2006 Les Vampires
2004 The Meal
2002 Chateau Flight Remixent
2000 Puzzle

2006 Baroque EP
2004 Les Antipodes - Versions Spéciales (with Bertrand Burgalat)
2003 Cosmic Race
2001 One Remix By Peter Kruder & One Previously Unreleased Track
2001 Two Remixes and One Previously Unreleased Track

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