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This is an incorrect tag for Александр Порфирьевич Бородин (Alexander Porfiryevitch Borodin). Please adopt the spelling in the artist's own language and character set by clicking on "Suggest a correction", at the bottom right-hand side of this page, and vote for the correct spelling for this track. For more information read this.

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Este artista usa as músicas parecidas com as que o Blind Guardian toca no filme Senhor dos Anéis (The Lord of the rings). Achei legal quando escutei. Sds.

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Hillfolk Noir

Travis Ward and Co. have gone through many iterations, Hill Folk Noir is the latest, and quite frankly, the strongest incarnation yet. From the early days of Travis doing solo shows (and opening for Train) to The Junkyard Bandstand to it's present form. Travis has consistently improved his feel with every album. A strange mixture of blues, bottleneck, psychodelia and Americana, Hillfolk Noir covers a broad spectrum.

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Part Timer

Originally a member of electronica duo clickits, John McCaffrey moved from Accrington in the North West of England to Melbourne, Australia and started a solo project as part timer.
Concentrating on a mixture of delicate folk flavours and electronic augmentation, part timer has released albums on moteer, flau and lost tribe sound. Collaborations with multi-instrumentalist Aaron Martin have been released on mobeer and under the spire.

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The Polar Dream

The polar dream is an instrumental-ambient ensemble , that consists of Hans (drums) Elihu (Accordion, keyboard), Arts (bass) Oby (keyboards, guitars) & Kosmo (Guitars, Keyboard, Glockenspiel & accordion). the band were formed by Oby and Kosmo in 2005 .The Polar Dream hail from México, and they bring you the beautiful landscape of aurora’s borealis with their music. Was named one of the fifteenth promises of Mèxico by Sonorama Magazine in 2007.

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