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Fresh Daily

Good music, dope flows, fresh tees and kicks define the personal style of Brooklyn native Fresh Daily, a rising lyricist who is taking an impressive multifaceted approach to . As an emcee, graphic designer, this artist’s persona and prowess make it hard to disagree with his self-proclaimed title of himself as “the New Jack of Brooklyn boom bap”. Of his moniker he says: "Fresh Daily just fits me right, I stay fresh all day, every day, with the rhymes, with the style". Under the former name, Ill Tarzan the lyricist gained notoriety on the NYC underground circuit.

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A State Of Mind

There are at least two projects using the alias A State Of Mind: 1) A State of Mind is a Polish Trance/Progressive producer team comprised of Michał Grzybek, Piotr Augustyniak & Dawid Stróżycki. 2) The one with the following introductory text: "ASM stands for A State of Mind, and ASM productionz is an independent label doing its best to pro- mote a new positive state of mind in hip hop and to explore the various creative tangents that have branched off from it, as well as those from which it originated.

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Agent X

There are multiple artists by the name Agent X. 1) An underground Hip-Hop artist from Los Angeles, California.
http://agentx.bandcamp.com/ 2) A British record production, songwriting and DJ team, originally founded as a duo in London by Music College classmates Greg Bonnick and Leon Price, adding Hayden Chapman and Peter Renshaw to the collective in 2009. The music genres include Dance, Urban and Pop. 3) 80's hard rock band from Hollywood, CA

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There is more than one artist with this name: (1) Pedestrian (AKA The Pedestrian) is the pseudonym of rapper James Brandon Best. Possibly the least well known of anticon's co-founders, his first release, the 12" "The Toss & Turn", wasn't issued until 2004, though he had made several appearances on compilations and was part of one-off groups Stuffed Animals & Object Beings. Pedestrian's full-length debut, Unindian Songs, Vol. 1, came out in 2005. Asides from guest spots on records by other anticon accomplices such as Telephone Jim Jesus and Themselves, he has not released anything since.

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Task Force

1) These two brothers from Highbury Estate in North London form one of the bigger names in UK Hip-Hop. Chester P and Farma G are the two emcees you'll hear on their series of albums entitled 'Music from the Corner' (aka MFTC), currently in its 4th incarnation. The two work closely with DJ Louis Slipperz and others such as young artist remus (10 years old when he first appeared on a Task Force album). The music is known for its dark production and melancholic themes, accompanied by intricate lyrics.

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Humble the Poet

Appearances can be deceiving, and Toronto based artist Humble The Poet has used every misconception and assumption about him to amplify his message to the masses. Humble The Poet has the ability decompose heavy concepts and articulate them clearly and creatively without sacrificing the essence of the message. His first public release, Voice for the Voiceless, is a social commentary on the Taboos of the South Asian community, and has been the subject of acclaim and reference during public discourse on topics ranging on domestic abuse, violence in the community.

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