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Heath is a self-titled solo project from X JAPAN's bassist, Morie Hiroshi , a Japanese artist born January 22, 1968, in Amagasaki, Japan. When Heath was a member of X JAPAN he released two solo albums: "Heath" (1995) and "Meikyu No Lovers" (1996). Аfter the disbanding of X JAPAN he presented the third album "Gang Age Cubist" (1998), and the singles "Crack Yourself", "Treasure Land " and "Traitor".

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Heavy Metal
United States of America (Hollywood, California) Line-up:
Vocals - Jill Janus AKA DJ Penelope Tuesdae
Bass - Eric Harris (ex Skeletonwitch)
Drums - Carl Wierzbicky (ex Darkblack)
Guitar - Blake Meahl (Professor)
Guitar - Ian Alden (Professor)
- Back from the Dead to Kill (Single 2007)
- Off with Her Head (EP 2010)
- Eight of Swords (Single 2011)
- Spell Eater (Full-length 2012)

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Aborted Jesus Milkshake

Aborted Jesus Milkshake Taking entertainment to unwelcome and unpleasant new realms. Australia’s premiere Brutal North Coast Blackened Deathgrindslamcore band, Aborted Jesus Milkshake, want you to witness firsthand the death of all things resembling enjoyment. Heralded as simultaneously the best Brutal North Coast Blackened Deathgrindslamcore band in Australia, they are also largely believed to be the worst overall band in Australia, beating many other popular contenders for the title, such as Short Stack and The Veronicas.

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Three artists record under the name Vaccine. 1) Christine Vaccine is an electronic music producer from the United States 2) Vaccine is a band from Massachusetts, made up of current and former members of Think I Care, Glue, Relics, Failures, Orchid and Ampere. 3) Vaccine were an alternative rock band from Germany (active 2001-2009) - follow-up projects of its members: VXHLL, Starpost, Reste von Gestern

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Muscles is an electronica songwriter/producer/DJ/performer from Melbourne, Australia. Muscles' debut album Guns Babes Lemonade was released in Australia on 29 September 2007. The album entered the Australian ARIA Album Chart at #14 on 8 October 2007, reaching #3 on the Australian Artist Chart and #1 on the Dance Album Chart in its first week. October 2010 Muscles released his new single, 'Girl Crazy Go' and new 5 track EP named, 'Younger & Immature'.

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Make Do & Mend

This melodic pop punk band hailing from West HArtford,CT mixes a blend of faithful lyrics and truthful pop-punk riffs...this band composes of Tim
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Roderick Anthony Burton II (November 25, 1987 – May 18, 2009), better known by his stage name Dolla, was an American rapper. Originally part of a group group called Da Razkals Cru with friends Scrappy and Sas, a 12 year-old Dolla rapped in showcases around his Atlanta, Georgia hometown. Eventually, the group caught the attention of both Missy Elliott and P. Diddy. However those two weren't the only executives interested. By 2001, the trio signed to Elektra Records where Dolla met then unknown singer, Akon, who was producing for the label.

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Big Z

There are 3 artists using this name: Big Z (a.k.a BigZam) is a japanese hip-hop artist. He's best known as part of the super crew Nitro Microphone Underground. After two discs with his posse, he released his first full length solo album in 2005 titled "Westside Far Eastside".
Big Z(UK) are a Scottish rock band.
Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, vocalist Andy Graham and guitarist Stephen Watson recruited drummer Bob McBride and later bassist Danny Kerr to solidify the lineup of Big Z in late 2010.

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