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Muzyka prezentowana przez Oszibarack jest bez wątpienia oryginalnym zjawiskiem na rodzimym rynku. Brzmienie grupy skupia w sobie zarówno delikatne dźwięki fortepianu, jak i charakterystyczne brzmienia syntezatorów oraz akustyczno-elektryczną sekcję. Oto po Skalpelu i Husky kolejna formacja z Wrocławia godna polecenia osobom szukającym nowych brzmień. Muzyka grupy Oszibarack nie jest łatwa do sklasyfikowania, ale z pewnością krzywdzące byłoby włożenie jej do worka z tzw. muzyką klubową, która to nazwa zaczęła być u nas lansowana, mimo że powoli wychodzi z mody.

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There are multiple artists with this name:
- progressive rock band from Poland
- rock/worship band from New Zealand,
- Two rock bands from the US; one is based in Sacramento and the other one is based in Los Angeles!
- jazz group from Zagreb, Croatia
Satellite is a Polish band formed in 2000 ,led by drummer, composer, and lyricist Wojtek Szadkowski and featuring most if not all of the members of another well-known outfit from that country, Collage, Wojtek included.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) ZEUS was founded in 2003 by singer Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, drummer Paul Jansen and guitarist Roy Jansen. Soon after, bass player Bob Gerritsen completed the band. The objective was clear and simple: to make heavy, groovy rock music the way it was meant since 1969. Influenced by Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Karma to Burn, Transport League, Goatsnake and the wave of nineties grunge and stoner, ZEUS developed their sound.

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There are four artists with the name Chico: 1) CHICO are a band from POLAND, fusing rock with Hardcore and enhancing their music with a Silesian drum n' bass, ragga and jazz flow.
Their debut album is called "One Big Alternative". Sites:
www.myspace.com/chicomusic or www.chico.pl
2) Yousseph "Chico" Slimani (born April 2, 1971) is a Moroccan pop singer who rose to prominence in the United Kingdom after reaching the finals of the 2005 series of the talent show The X Factor.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Apteka is a Polish psychedelic rock band formed by Jędrzej Kodymowski in Gdynia in 1983. 2) Apteka is a Chicago rock band that has written and/or performed the following tracks- Indigenous, Bombs Awake, Headlights, If You Were Here, The Sheet, Where You Sleep, Dark Waves, Edie Sees, Order is Here, and Orange Sky Suicide. Visit http://apteka.bandcamp.com

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Calm the Fire

Calm the Fire is a band from Poland (Bytów, Elbląg, Gdynia) Originating in 2003; consist of five members: Krzysiek Paciorek - vocalist;
Wojtek Brozis - guitar;
Olek Dąbek - bass guitar;
Kuba Leszczak - guitar;
Tomek Piaskowski - percussion. Calm the Fire already played with Die Last, No Heaven Awaits Us, Faust Again, Sunrise, 100 Inch Shadow, Fall Behind, Against Me! and other cool bands. Calm The Fire is working on now for first album.

Read more about Calm the Fire on Last.fm.

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There are twelve different artists under this name: 1. Catharsis was an band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, releasing their albums through the CrimethInc. collective. Their singer, Brian, was editor of the political fanzine Inside Front and later went on with other ex-members of Catharsis to form the band Requiem. 2. Catharsis was a French band who released albums during the 1970's. Their first album, "Masq" (1971), was a mixture of formless chanting, hypnotic melodies, prominent percussion, Arabic styles, and experimental songcraft.

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