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Stasiak (real name ?ukasz Stasiak) is a Polish artist and producer. His first appearance on production was featuring on P?omie? 81 song "Nasze Dni". Stasiak, Ten Typ Mes and Pjus created in 2001 hip-hop squad called 2Cztery7. In 2010 he finally released his solo album "P

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1. A polish progressive rock/metal band. In December 2007 Marcin Kicyk, Jakub Żytecki and Rafal Biernacki met to form a band called DISPERSE. Fascination with artrock, fusion, metal and jazz contributed to setting the project music of which would abstract from common musical patterns and advance listeners’ imagination. During the first half a year of its existence, the band makes four songs and in March Szymon Balicki, drums, joins the band.

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3 bands are named Cholera: 1. Cholera is a band from Cleveland Ohio. Signing to Compton Records in early 08, they released an EP called "The Answer To Infection". Now, a few drummers later, Cholera is back in the studio, recording new music for pressing. Johnny Appleseed? 2. Cholera is a Industrial Black Metal/ Dark Ambient band from Finland formed in 2005 and has released a demo in 2005 called Kolkko then later in 2005 released a full length titled Kolkko II - Soundtrack of Oppression.

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Wojciech Alszer (Fokusmok, Smok, Fokus, Fo, Fikus) is a rapper born in 1980 in Katowice, Poland. He went to the same high school with Piotr Łuszcz (Magik). Thanks to him, Wojciech became interested in hip-hop. In 1996 he wrote the song "Powierzchnie Tnące". When he performed it in 1997 the idea of forming a band which would later become Paktofonika was born. He formed it together with Magik, who left Kaliber 44, and Rahim who left his former group 3 X Klan.

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A delicious and addictive mix of rock, electro and pop, SpiderBaby is weaving its web from the depths of Brighton all around the world. Their debut single LoveBuzz received critical acclaim and the accompanying video has become a cult classic, sought after by a number of prestigious TV channels. Their EP "The Death of Spiderbaby" was released in 2008 and is available to purchase via iTunes. In 2009 they will be writing and recording an album which should be available towards the end of the year.

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Monika Brodka was born on 7.02.1987 in Twardorzeczka, Poland. She won the 3rd edition of Polish IDOL, and since then has recorded pop and adult contemporary music. She was the second female winner of the show, and as of 2006, is the youngest of the four. Her single "Znam Ci? na pami??" debuted at #5 on MTV Poland's "The Interactive Chart". She recently voiced Karai in the Polish version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Discography: 1. Album (2004),
2. Moje piosenki (2006),
3. Granda (2010).

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