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Mr. Lif

Mr. Lif (born Jeffrey Haynes) is a Boston rapper who is currently signed to New York independent label Definitive Jux. Besides his solo career, Lif is also a member of the hip hop group The Perceptionists with long-time friends and collaborators Akrobatik and DJ Fakts One. Mr. Lif grew up in the neighbourhood of Brighton in Boston, MA. For two years he attended Colgate University, dropping out after becoming enamored with the hip hop music being produced at the time.

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Kwest is a producer out of Queens, N.Y. who has been Influenced by many genres like Hip-Hop, Techno and Electonic. His Music can best be described as a blend of these different tastes all wraped up into 1 experimental trip for the mind. His Debut double albums 13 Beats 2 Die 4 and Electro-Magnetic Convulsions are available now as a free promotional download.

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Handbook real name Jake Brown is an unsigned DJ and multi-instrumentalist from York, England. With influence spanning from Rock to Reggae, Classical to Dubstep, Hip-Hop to Soul he produces addictive and unique sounds and captivating, atmospheric songs.

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Paul Mac

Paul Mac is the name of two artists: 1. A UK techno DJ aka Paul Souter.
2. An Australian electronica producer musician, born Paul McDermott 1. UK Paul Mac: After following the seemingly amazingly familiar UK path of electro/hip hop/acid house/techno it has now been nearly 21 years since Paul Mac started dj’ing and he has been producing for nearly 14, having recorded for over 50 labels including Sino, Intec, Ingoma, Kb Records Inc and Kanzleramt to name only a few and with nearly 120 release’s to his name its probably fair to call him a veteran of the scene.

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Low Budget

There are 2 artists/bands called Low Budget. 1. Low Budget (Hip Hop, AUS) Since their emergence in 2005, Low Budget has established an enduring presence on the fickle Australian hip-hop scene. Following the widespread buzz generated by their self-released mixtape in 2005, the group

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Pirate Soundsystem

Pirate Soundsystem are a DJ and production duo who mix rave, ragga, breaks, bass, pop and grime with the irresistable energy of two skirvy London boys with attention deficit disorder.

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