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Colonel Red

Straight out of Birmingham, Colonel Red shows us the perfect fusion of broken beats and soul. Blue Eyed Blak is the best example for his talent. But thats not the only good track on his album. Save a Prayer, Meet me in the Middle or Nightwalker are wonderful songs.
Check them out !

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Plutonic Lab

Highly revered & sought after producer from Australia. Plutonic Lab's music has provided the backdrop for a huge amount of artists including Renee Geyer, Fatlip (Pharcyde), Esoteric (7L & Esoteric), Pegz, Eternia (Canada), Taskforce (Lowlife) Urthboy, Hilltop Hoods, Lotek (Big Dada), The Grouch & Eligh (Living Legends) to name a few. Plutonic & his groups have performed numerous shows in Australia and Asia. Opening for

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Paul Mac

Paul Mac is the name of two artists: 1. A UK techno DJ aka Paul Souter.
2. An Australian electronica producer musician, born Paul McDermott 1. UK Paul Mac: After following the seemingly amazingly familiar UK path of electro/hip hop/acid house/techno it has now been nearly 21 years since Paul Mac started dj’ing and he has been producing for nearly 14, having recorded for over 50 labels including Sino, Intec, Ingoma, Kb Records Inc and Kanzleramt to name only a few and with nearly 120 release’s to his name its probably fair to call him a veteran of the scene.

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London-born and Vienna-based musician SOHN drops The Wheel EP in November 5th, 2012 via new label Aesop.
S O H N has created a sound that blends his haunting vocal stylings with a backdrop of analogue drum machines and synths, mixing the worlds of old and new together to create a foundation for his tracks. Aside from emphasising the soulfulness of his voice, S O H N's lyrics play upon the space that exists within language, twining his vocals around the gaps between sentences, and reclaiming the importance of words.

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Kronos Quartet, Kimmo Pohjonen & Samuli Kosminen

Uniko is a seven-part work composed by Pohjonen and Kosminen which had its World Premiere concert with Kronos Quartet at the prestigious Helsinki Festival in 2004. Subsequent Uniko performances took place in Moscow, Norway and eventually led to its North American Premiere with three sold-out concerts at the BAM NEXT WAVE Festival in New York in 2007. Uniko was recorded at Avatar Studios in NYC immediately following the BAM concerts with production by Iceland’s Valgeir Sigurdsson, known for his work with Björk and others.

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There are 11 artists using the name "Manifest": (1) Norwegian technical-thrash/death metal band.
(2) heavy/power metal band from the USA.
(3) Russian rap artist.
(4) Korean-American rap artist from Virginia.
(5) Manifest is also the alias of a Dutch drum 'n bass dj.
(6) Hardcore punk band from Romania
(7) Death Metal band form Switzerland
(8) Death Metal band from The Netherlands
(9) Hip-Hop band from Slovakia
(10) All-Male Chorale group from the USA

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Luke Hoskins has been making this particular sort of music under the name of dRillbit since 2003.
He has appeared on numerous compilation cds and has also released 6 of his own official dRillbit releases: Facebreaks album 2005 (Noise Machine : NOISE:005),
The extreme ultra violence EP (Noise Machine : NICE : 002
The Cheap Arse Shitcore EP Or The Shit Arse Cheapcore EP(God Rekidz : GOD103)
DRILLBIT is SHITHEAD Album, 2006 (Noise Machine NOISE : 008)

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Dnte is a Berlin based hungarian musician, producer.
His music generally develops linearly - with new elements such as violin,viola, guitar...has atmospheric textures, with hard swing rhythm and some sweet electro – synths with live instruments.
His style is build up a wide range of different music styles. Debut EP "Dnte - Wake me Up" released 10.20.2011 by Resistant Mindz records. Soundcloud -->

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